General Hospital Spoilers July 11 – 15: Laura Has to Leave Port Charles, as Sonny Asks Nina Why She Wants to Run Metro Court

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, July 11 to Friday, July 15, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? Michael and Willow are derailed, Esme notices something is off, and Trina goes to trial. More!! Two weeks of GH spoilers July 18-22 here.

Check out this week’s GH spoiler video as Trina and Rory get close on a picnic, Valentin demands some answers from Victor, and Carly vows that Esme will regret the day she missed with her kids as the trial kicks off.

Monday, July 11

Monday’s GH recap: Spence catches Rory and Trina kissing

It is July 4th in Port Charles, and the fireworks are about to begin.

Valentin goes to Nina, but is surprised by her reaction.

Valentin has a suggestion on how to change her villainess status.

Olivia attempts to help a friend in Carly but Carly refuses to let her buy Metro Court once again.

Sonny confronts Spencer, making him realize something.

Spencer finds Trina kissing Rory.

With Sam, Dante and Cody reminisce at the pool until he spots a new arrival of interest.

Cody pushes Britt into accepting a date.

Spinelli’s not happy that he’s been blackmailed by Cody into getting him a date with Britt. Cody says he won’t reveal that Spin is behind the dating app.

Britt’s the third wheel to Austin and Maxie’s romantic picnic in the park when Spinelli arrives.

Michael and Willow get derailed.

spence won't listen sonny GH

Tuesday, July 12

GH was pre-empted for ongoing news coverage.

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Wednesday, July 13

In Wednesday’s GH Recap: Carly lashed out and refuses Nina’s offer.

Sonny committed to Nina.

Sasha refused to go to rehab.

Carly receives an unwelcome visitor.

Trina finds herself distracted as her trial is set to begin.

Drew, Olivia and Sonny wonder what exactly happened.

Sasha’s more concerned about the fallout, but Brando tries to convince her she needs help.

As Portia worries about Trina’s mental state, Curtis and Marshall continue to seek evidence to exonerate her.

sonny makes out nina general hospital

Thursday, July 14

Thursday’s GH recap: Valentin saves Laura’s life

With an unexpected change in defense the morning of Trina’s trial, Laura, Portia and Joss support her as she’s forced to make a big decision.

Nikolas tries to reconnect with Ava.

Curtis and Marshall try to track down a lead.

Esme notices Spencer seems shaken.

ava kisses nikolas again on general hospital soapsspoilers

Spencer promises Esme a surprise.

Esme tells Nik she’s worried about her and Spence. She hugs him.

Rory runs right into Spence and almost sees the fake DNA test.

Rory tells Spence to stay out of his relationship with Trina.

fake dna test general hospital soapsspoilers

Angry at Valentin, Victor takes matters into his own hands.

Laura is almost shot but Valentin saves her.

guy wants shoot laura general hospital soapsspoilers

Friday, July 15

Friday’s GH recap: Laura leaves Port Charles

Laura is concerned about leaving her family in order to tend to her mother.

Laura will leave for several weeks as the actress, Genie Francis, is on holiday.

Joss urges Trina to come forward with her alibi.

As they wait, Curtis and Marshall discuss more about his past.

Esme is caught off guard.

The guy Esme bought the burner phone from comes to her place.

Esme taunts Ava about her thing with Nikolas though Ava doesn’t have a clue.

Nina and Olivia argue about her owning the other half of Metro Court.

Sonny questions Nina’s motives.

Carly experiences a difficult goodbye.

Carly says bye to Metro Court. Drew helps her get her things together and she gets flowers from Olivia, while Nina watches.

olivia upset nina bought metro general hospital soapsspoilers

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