Sheila Drugs Finn to Keep Him Under Control and Deacon Gets Taylor to Confide in Him

In the Friday, July 15, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Charlie tries to keep the peace, Quinn vents to Carter about Donna, and Finn demands to see his wife and child.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Sheila held Finn down as he struggled and Quinn confronted Donna.

sheila hurts finn bold and beautiful

At the hideaway, Finn struggles with Sheila who insists that he stay in bed. He demands to see his wife. She tells him that he’s only alive because of her and shows him his death certificate.

sheila shows finn death certificate bold beautiful

“I gave you life just like the day you were born!” she repeats. When he is well enough, he can see his wife. Steffy can have him for the rest of his life. She only has this moment because she’s probably going back to prison.

Sheila begs him to let “mommy” make him well again. He shakes his head in horror and continues demanding to see his wife. She shows him his wedding photo and he starts weeping.

When she shows him a picture of Hayes, he demands to see his son. She tells him he needs to rest now. He keeps barking he needs to see them today.

His mother reminds him he has a spinal injury and he can’t get out of bed.

“I want to see Steffy and Hayes today!” he shouts. She reminds him he’s a doctor and he should know better than to behave like this. “You’re crazy!” he yelps.

Sheila doesn’t like that. She loves him and has been nothing but nice so she whips out a syringe and drugs him.

finn getting drugged bold beautiful

“This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you,” she says. He sobs Steffy’s name until he passes out.

At Taylor’s office, she chats to Dr. Russo on the phone about Steffy’s grieving process. Once she gets off the line,

Deacon pops up and admires her decorating skills. She smiles but claims she has an appointment.

He teases her and just wanted to stop by to say hi. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since their chat at the restaurant. She assures him he’s more than a sad sack and not a loser.


Deacon realizes he should have sought counseling to cure him of Brooke years ago.

The doctor jokes that lots of people could use some of that, including her.

Right now, she’s only concerned about her daughter’s recovery.


Sitting down uninvited, he asks how Steffy is doing. She talks about her daughter’s pain and strength. He goes on about senseless loss and they talk about how great Finn was.

He’s sure it’s hard to have her daughter in Europe.

At least Sheila can’t find her over there. Taylor knows what he daughter is up against to find peace. Part of her just wants to hunt Sheila down and make her pay.

She hates Sheila. He’s not judging her for that.

The doctor can’t understand how she is still on the loose.

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On the rooftop patio, Quinn is appalled to discover that Donna has honey. She explains it was just a gift from Pam and Charlie. Donna was just telling them how understanding she is.

Quinn makes it clear isn’t cool with her sleeping with the man she’s married to.

She guesses Donna thinks that her being back with Carter makes it all okay. Donna points out that it’s not like Quinn was left alone.


Charlie shows up and asks if they are about to kiss and make up. He’s only joshing. The guard points out that everyone knows the dirt between them and true love has won out. Donna thinks Quinn should be thrilled too.

Quinn thinks they need to shut up. Carter wanders out so Donna and Charlie escape.

He tells Quinn to forget about them. They have plenty to be happy about.

She vents about how infuriating and “basic” Donna is. Plus, she has that weird honey obsession.


She can’t wrap her head around Eric choosing a woman who can barely send an email.

Carter tells Quinn how great and intimidating she is.

As she continues mocking Donna, he tells her she’s “cute and sexy” when she’s mad.

She says he’s the perfect man for her. He knows just how to take the edge off. They kiss. Quinn knows she hasn’t been putting her best foot forward but everything happening is for the best. She guesses Charlie was right and true love wins out.

“Don’t ever tell Charlie I said he was right about anything,” she says. He promises and they kiss.

carter quinn kiss outside bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers