GH Opinion: Britt Deserves Better Than a Man Child Dropping Out of the Sky in the Worst Meet Cute Viewers Have Seen in a While

Cody and Other Toxic Men of GH vs the Sexy, Sophisticated Men of Port Charles, Including Valentin

I love General Hospital. I do. I love the ensemble, that they use their rich history. I love that it takes place in a hospital, which gives it the same old school soapy vibes. I love that they have strong female characters such as Anna, Diane Jordan, and Alexis, to name a few. And though I’ve watched it off and on for maybe 15 years, I have missed a lot due to work and this past two years I’ve barely watched. It may skew some of my thoughts on the show. Or not…

Favorite couple?

I’ve been asked who my favorite couple is on General Hospital. Currently, it’s Valentin and Anna. Chase and Brook Lynn came in close second, though the way those two are written for, we may have to wait until Christmas to get a kiss out of them, and things are also progressing too slowly between Spencer and Trina.

Fans have tried to get me to admit whether I was a Jasam or Liason stan and would never believe when I said I wasn’t into either pairing. I was never into Jason. Sure, I’m hot for the muscular bodies, and or a pretty face, but soaps so rarely write the whole package that I already have at home that includes elegance.

Instead, we’re often limited to watching the mobster types or the man child types of Port Charles.

val and anna kiss gh

Meet Cody Bell

Britt is a successful doctor, who deserves a better pairing than what the cat dragged in or in this case, what dropped out of the sky. Meet Cody “Truck Nuts” Bell, some rando who Dante met at some camp when he was 12 or something. Why we need yet another male character in an already bloated cast is bloody beyond me. But this one disinterests me more than usual because he comes off as a dude bro. You know, the ones who pound back the beer, belch at the top of their lungs and scratch themselves as they watch sports on repeat? Maybe some dig that in a guy and who am I to judge? I say like whomever you want but for me, that ain’t it.

We already have the five Jasons in nu-too-happy-to-be-Drew, pretty boy yet no personality Dex? Brando? Don’t get me started on wondering what the point is of Brando and Sasha is.

I digress. I’d rather get rid of all of the extra Jasons and instead, bring Harmony back. I think it was Matt Farris who said she’d make a better right-hand woman than anyone Sonny currently has.

Meet cute of Cody Bell when he dropped into the pool, taking Britt with him.

Britt overacted for two days, which translated into nine full days of viewers watching her caterwauling just because she accidentally was pulled into a pool. Okay, she was made a meme, too but who hasn’t? I love Britt. I do, but this isn’t what I imagine any viewer wants to see. If they were trying to make it a meet cute, it did nothing for me and I know I’m not alone.

josh kelly as new guy on gh

Tell me I heard wrong when Cody called Britt a “washed up woman.” If the writers think that any woman would look twice at a man after he said something like that to her then they’ve never had a successful date in their lives.

britt is a meme general hospital

The case of the two Todds

Dare I even mention Finn and Austin and that I still get these two mixed up since they seem like the exact same character to me Todd from One Life to Live. It’s worse that neither has chemistry with their current pairing and that Britt has loads to spare with them both.

I’d like to see more of her and Austin, but when Britt was looking for a date and she chem tested with them, nothing came of it. Why not? Maxie doesn’t need a man right now. She’s still getting over that dolt Peter terrorizing her and should be focusing on her children.

britt and austin talk maxie on general hospital

And Liz needs to focus on her mental health instead of being paired off with Finn who doesn’t have chemistry with her and doesn’t know how to respect boundaries. Somehow, Liz’s mental health storyline has been all about how Finn feels about it.


finn visits liz GH

In Praise of Valentin Cassadine and 3 Other Sexy Sophisticated Men of GH

These characters give off a sexy, elegant vibe. You know they don’t beat their chests while watching sports, nor do they face paint at the big game. And some of us women really dig that.

Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart):
He’s elegant, he’s a bad boy. He makes us laugh. And best of all, he’s paired up with Anna Devane, who is hot, kick-ass, elegant and intelligent. These two together are smouldering. My biggest beef about them is that they’re so rarely in scenes together because the cast is so bloated. It’s difficult to enjoy any pairing when they’re so rarely written for.

valentin general hospital abc

Shawn Butler (Shawn Blakemore):

So sexy. Look at him! I didn’t know much about Shawn but I’m still smarting that he’s gone since we could have and don’t have that sexy Shalexis paring.

shawn alexis bye GH

Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner):

Curtis is hot but not written to his full potential of leading hottie that he is. Sure, he’s with Portia but I just don’t see the chemistry between the pairing anymore. Instead, I wouldn’t mind if he and Jordan had another go of it. Or send someone else in his orbit. 

curtis rocked bombshell gh abc

Julian Jerome (William deVry):

Who doesn’t like a hot bad boy? And before Shawn came along, I was hot for Julexis. Yeah. Even though they were toxic. But they killed him off and left us with…well…Cody Bell.

william devry abc gh

Leave us a comment about the men of GH, whether you agree or disagree, remember this is only an opinion and everyone’s is welcomed here.