Days of our Lives Spoilers July 11-15: Belle’s Hurt Knowing EJ Still Loves Sami & EJ Confronts Kate

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, July 11 to Friday, July 15.

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Monday, July 11

EJ is displeased when Johnny informs him it’s Lucas and Sami’s wedding day.

EJ trashes Lucas to Johnny.

Johnny’s ready for his mother’s wedding — wearing that red devil suit.

Allie presses Nicole about her feelings for Eric.

Will notices Lucas’ hand is cut.

Lucas makes a confession to Will. He got drunk and his hand was cut. He doesn’t know how.

lucas confesses days of our lives

Chad tells Kate that Clyde threatened his whole family.

Kate has a slip of the tongue with Chad.

Eric tells Roman that he and Nicole are done. He believes in the sanctity of marriage.

Marlena and Sami share scenes when Sami goes to her mother’s to get prepared for the wedding.

EJ and Johnny talk about Chanel’s feelings and how she hasn’t yet reunited with him.

EJ tells his son he’s glad he’s fighting for the woman he loves. He thinks EJ’s still in love with Sami.

hot eric days of our lives

Tuesday, July 12

Allie and Johnny bicker over Chanel as they prepare the church for the wedding.

Sparks fly between EJ and Sami as they discuss her pending nuptials.

Lucas and Sami’s wedding begins. Lucas looks as though he’ll vomit from keeping his secret.

Sami is so happy she’s almost in tears.

Eric oversees the wedding.

Chad has a stunning realization about Abigail’s murderer.

Chad is comforted by Will when he recalls how much Abby loved weddings.

chad stops wedding days of our lives

Lucas breaks down crying as he and Sami exchange rings.

Kate looks like she’s feeling terrible about her secrets as she watches the wedding.

Chad stops the wedding by grabbing Lucas by the lapels. Everyone screams!

Chad says Lucas killed Abigail because she found out that he’s the one who kidnapped Sami.

eric holds lucas back days

Wednesday, July 13

Lucas and Sami’s wedding takes an unexpected turn.

Chad accuses Lucas of being behind Sami’s kidnapping and of killing Abigail.

ej devastated days of our lives

Lucas doesn’t deny and then outs himself.

chad upset abby killer days of our lives

Sami’s world is turned upside down. She’s shocked that Lucas betrayed her.

Belle and EJ commiserate with each other.

Belle and EJ have sex.

Chad makes a stunning accusation.

eric holds lucas back days

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Thursday, July 14

Kate comes clean with Roman.  

Nicole is stunned by Eric’s news about Lucas and Sami.

Sami finds Belle’s bra in EJ’s bedroom and assumes it belongs to Nicole.

Belle hides in the closet as EJ tries to get rid of Sami.

allie feels sad non wedding days of our lives

Will and Allie discuss their parents non-wedding.

Allie wonders if Lucas killed Abigail. She doesn’t believe it’s possible.

Sami and EJ have an explosive encounter.

Chad demands answers from the latest suspect in Abigail’s murder. Lucas.

Chad presses Lucas’ wound, causing pain as he demands Lucas confess.

Rafe breaks up Chad and Lucas.

chad wants answers days of our lives

Friday, July 15

Sami tells her mother that EJ and Belle had sex.

Marlena’s astounded with the news.

Roman goes to EJ to tell him that Kate knew about Lucas being the kidnapper since January.

Steve and Kayla are back in Salem from Beyond Salem 2.

Sami gets revenge.

Steve and Kayla come to Shawn’s aid.

steve talks tripp days of our lives

Lucas wants to plead guilty to kidnapping.

Kate is unhappy when she learns of Lucas’s plan.

Brady and Chloe give Belle advice about Shawn.

Belle is hurt knowing that EJ’s still in love with Sami.

marlena shock belle ej sex days of our lives

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