General Hospital Comings & Goings: Adam Huss, Rafael Cabrera and Mike Peebler Appear on GH

Who is returning, who is out at General Hospital 2022? Find out what’s coming up for your fave Port Charles residents this winter/spring.

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GH fall and winter 2022 comings and goings include Liz’s parents.

Adam Huss

Adam Huss is back on General Hospital starting November 14 as Nikolas Cassadine.

We last saw him on September 29th, once again taking over temporarily for Marcus Coloma.

nikolas locks esme in general hospital adam huss


Joshua Benard

Joshua Benard is back to GH as  PCU student Adam.

A reminder, this is Maurice Benard’s (Sonny) son in real life.

joshua benard adam GH


Rafael Cabrera

Rafael Cabrera will be portraying Gavin, who is an associate of Victor’s (Charles Shaughnessy).

Mike Peebler

Mike Peebler, if some are wondering, debuted as Agent Whitten, the official who took over the investigation into Anna’s (Finola Hughes) alleged shooting of Lucy (Lynn Herring).

agent whitten general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Jacqueline Grace Lopez

Jacqueline Grace Lopez appears as Blaze, Chase’s (Josh Swickard) new singing partner.

chase and blaze GH

William Moses & Denise Crosby

William Moses and Denise Crosby are coming to General Hospital starting October 31 to portray Liz’s parents for a short time. Her exit happens the week of November 7. Details in the link.

liz with parents general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Michael E. Knight

Michael E. Knight returns to GH as Martin Grey on Friday, October 14 in a scene with Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy).

martin returns to lucy GH

Linda Purl

Linda Purl exits General Hospital as her role as Peyton Honeycutt comes to an end when Carly (Laura Wright) returns to Port Charles.

payton honeycutt linda purl GH

Alley Mills

Alley Mills, who plays Pam Douglas on Bold and Beautiful, is joining General Hospital as Heather Webber. 

The actress will debut October 28.

There is no word if she has left her B&B role, but we assume she will return as Pam at some point, though the actress is not on contract with the CBS soap.

pam honey bold beautiful


Briana Lane

Briana Lane will reprise her role as stand in for Amanda Setton’s Brook Lynn for one episode on Thursday, October 6.

She was last seen in 2020 during Setton’s maternity leave. 

new brook lynn

Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen could be returning to General Hospital as Dr. Griffin Munro, Ava’s (Maura West) ex-lover and Duke’s (Ian Buchanan) son.

The actor posted an Instagram post showing a paper with the words, “GH Crew” on it. Whether that means he’s returning as Griffin or he’s working on sets remains to be seen. 

Cohen hasn’t been in Port Charles as Griffin since March 2019. Some may remember him in roles on Supernatural, or How to Get Away With Murder.

He also has been seen on Holiday Date, and the actor has also done a little directing. He directed an episode of Supernatural, the short film, Mama Bear, and a handful of episodes of Cowgirl Up.

matt cohen returns dr munro GH ABC


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Ellen Leyva

Ellen Leyva, who is a real-life reporter for KABC in Los Angeles, portrays Tara, a reporter who interviews Carly (Laura Wright). Leyva will be seen on GH on October 5.

Cyrus Hobbi

Cyrus Hobbi is back as Yuri once again as Terry’s potential new partner on Thursday, October 6.

terri flirts yuri GH

Avery Pohl

Avery Pohl returns to GH once again as Esme, the week of October 3. She’s alive this time and on a mission.

ava confronts esme GH

Chloe Lanier

 Chloe Lanier returns to GH September 6. Read the GH recap for details. 

chloe lanier nelle benson ABC

Max Decker

Max Decker is back once again as Johann, the week of September 26. 

johan gun GH

Johnny Wactor

Johnny Wactor is out as Brando Corbin on General Hospital.

Wactor has been on the show since January 30, 2020, as a recurring character, bumped up to contract status on September 3, 2020.

The character of Brando was attacked by the serial killer with a hook. He’ll exit the week of September 19.

brando angry at smoltz general hospital

Cosette Abinante

Cosette Abinante joins General Hospital in the role of Scout Cain.

She’ll first be seen on September 14 in scenes with Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco).

Before Abinante joined the role, Ella Ramacierci was in the role as Scout, a role she’d been playing since 2019.

drew visit scout GH

Linda Purl

Linda Purl (Payton Honeycutt) makes her way to General Hospital on September 15 in scenes with Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) in Jacksonville Florida. 

Look familiar? She was Pam’s mother Helene Beesly from The Office and portrayed Elizabeth Gaines in Homeland, and for those who watched Port Charles, she was Claire Wright, amongst other tv and film credits.

A bit of trivia, she is married to Patrick Duffy (Stephen Logan, Bold and Beautiful, Bobby Ewing, Dallas).

payton honeycutt linda purl GH

Robert Adamson

SoapsSpoilers confirmed that Robert Adamson would be portraying Michael Corinthos as a temporary recast of Chad Duel while he wasn’t available to tape.

Adamson started airing June 1. Chad Duel returned to his role as Michael, though it turns out that Adamson is back in the part on July 7. Duel will return and Adamson will once again be seen for two more episodes, one which will air the week of August 29.

Adamson’s well known for his role as Noah Newman on Young and the Restless.

robert adamson michael general hospital
John Paschal/JPI

Samuel Wang

Samuel Wang will be appearing on General Hospital as Li, Selina’s (Lydia Look) bodyguard.

Emma Samms 

Emma Samms is back as Holly!

Emma samms covid general hospital


Vanessa Mathison

Cameron Mathison’s (Drew) real life wife Mia returns to GH as the executive coach. She’ll be in scenes with Drew and Carly (Laura Wright).

mia on gh

Cynthia Zitter

Cynthia Zitter returns to General Hospital on Wednesday August 3 in scenes with Smoltz (David Lautman).  She hasn’t been seen since February.

sienna with smoltz general hospital

Jamika Pessoa

Jamika Pessoa will make her debut and guest star on General Hospital as herself on August 5.

chef jamika pessoa general hospital
Jamika Pessoa

Nathanyael Grey

Nathayael Grey debuted last week on GH as Mason, who is Austin’s (Roger Howarth) cousin, who wants him back in Pautuck.

austin meets cousin austin nathanyael grey GH

Lexi Ainsworth

Lexi Ainsworth will be returning to General Hospital after several months away. She’s been taping since June and we’ll see Kristina back on our screens during the week of August 1, according to Soap Opera Digest. She’ll share scenes with Maurice Benard (Sonny).

kristina is not okay GH

Genie Francis

Genie Francis will be leaving for her annual summer holiday as Laura leaves Port Charles to handle a family emergency. Francis will be back to GH soon!

genie francis back to general hospital fall abc
Craig Sjodin/ABC


Jennifer Field

Jennifer Field returns to General Hospital as ADA Jennifer Arden. She’s back in court with Trina’s trial.

ada calls esme

Asante Jones out Real Andrews in

Once again, Asante Jones will fill in for Real Andrews the week of July 11 while the actor is out. He will be gone once the week is over. Real Andrews will  be back as Taggert.

Jill Johnson/

Finn Carr

Finn Carr debuts as Rocco Falconeri on General Hospital on Tuesday, July 5. The actor posted “First day on the new job!” on his Instagram page 7 weeks ago. Little did we know at the time, which role he would find himself in next. The actor has been seen in the past in Hot in Cleveland, Fuller House, Alexa & Katie, in addition to iCarly.


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Morgan Fairchild

Morgan Fairchild will be guest starring on General Hospital coming up within the next few weeks. She’s already taped her scenes as Haven de Havilland, host of the Home & Heart show.

The actress tells Soap Opera Digest, “My character is very fun and over-the-top — my usual over-the-top thing! And a little bit mean, which I can play falling off a log gat this point in my life.”

The actress was most recently seen in soaps as Anjelica Deveraux on Days of our Lives back in 2017. 

With numerous credits to her name, she may be best known for her role as Jennifer Pace on Search for Tomorrow in the 1970s.

She also portrayed Sydney Chase on The City, in addition to Jordan Roberts on Falcon Crest in the 80s. This isn’t the first time Fairchild has had a role on General Hospital. In fact, she brought back Sydney Chase for a short two day stint on GH in 1996.

morgan fairchild general hospital haven
Crown Media


Susan Batten

Susan Batten appears on General Hospital as a home shopping star named Flora Gardens. Batten was once Luna Moody, no stranger to soaps. She was on One Life to Live during the 90s.

susan battan flora general hospital

Jeff Kober

Jeff Kober is back as Cyrus Renault on June 22 when Laura (Genie Francis) visits him in prison again.

jeff kober as cyrus general hospital abc

Alex Hyde-White

Pascal Evertt returns to Port Charles when Alex Hyde-White plays ELQ’s lawyer during the week of June 20.

Brian Norris

Brian Norris returns as Felty to General Hospital during the week of June 20.

brian norris general hospital felty
Jerry Sandoval

Joshua Benard

Joshua Benard is back for another episode of GH on June 3. If you weren’t already aware, the actor is the son of Maurice Benard who plays Sonny.

Joshua Benard portrays Adam, a classmate of Josslyn’s (Eden McCoy) at PCU.

joshua benard adam GH


Brad Schmidt

The role of Brando Corbin has been temporarily recast for a few episodes with Brad Schmidt since Johnny Wactor is unavailable to tape. Schmidt will begin airing on June 7.

Sonny yells at brando recast general hospital abc soapsspoilers

SoapsSpoilers will update when the show provides more information.

brando sasha not doing well general hospital soapsspoilers

Chris Van Etten

According to Soap Opera Digest, Chris Van Etten, who plays Chet Driscoll has left General Hospital once again. Chet’s story was cut short because Van Etten has moved out of California with his family.

chet driscoll gh


Nancy Lee Grahn

The actress reported on Twitter that Nancy Lee Grahn will exit her role as Alexis Davis on GH for a short time while she recuperated from having back surgery. On April 28, only a few days after the news, the actress said she had returned to work. She will first air May 24.

“It was, I think, the longest I have been off of work since I’ve worked on daytime,” Grahn stated in an Instagram video. “What is also crazy is, when I was a young gal, I had a huge crush on Trapper John, M.D., and today, I had all my scenes with him and it was really fun.” Of course, she’s referring to co-star Gregory Harrison who plays Gregory Chase on General Hospital.


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A post shared by Nancy Lee Grahn (@nancyleegrahn)

Stephanie Erb

Stephanie Erb has been filling in during her time off since April 25. Erb is well known for her roles in True Blood, Ray Donovan, Criminal Minds, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Grahn took to Twitter on May 18 to share more news that could affect her return to Port Charles. Grahn’s daughter tested positive for COVID.

“MY daughter was ONLY server @ top restaurant in LA to continue wearing mask when every other server & patron did not. She just hugged me & then tested positive 4 Covid.

So good on u inconvenienced Americans who don’t follow science. Good chance u’ll see my replacement soon on #gh”

Hopefully the actress does not test positive. If that happens, she will be replaced once again, likely by Stephanie Erb.

Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy will return as Victor Cassadine the week of May 23. He’s been missing since April and tweeted that he was already back at work taping. He will be first seen back on May 25 in scenes with Ava (Maura West).

victor hears esme pregnancy general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Dan Buran

Dan Buran returns to General Hospital on May 17 as Linc. He’ll be in scenes with Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase (Josh Swickard).

dan buran linc general hospital


Evan Hofer

Evan Hofer joined General Hospital and will first be seen May 6, 2022 as Dex, who gets a job from Sonny.

He’s been seen in Fox’s Lethal Weapon, Modern Family and Kickin It.

evan hofer as dex general hospital