Young & Restless Spoilers May 9-13: Sally and Adam Have a Plan and Victor Gives Michael a Dangerous Assignment

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The Abbott’s receive a surprise guest – Allie. 
Nick and Sharon see a ghost from their past. 

Kyle gives Diane an ultimatum. 
Victor supports Victoria in her time of need.

allie meets summer young restless

Monday, May 9

Y&R recap Monday May 9: Victoria confronts Billy for exploiting her and Allie comes to Genoa City.

Victor restores confidence at Newman.
Victor and Nikki talk about whether to tell the kids that Diane is alive and in GC.

Vicky confronts Billy airing dirty laundry.
Billy lies to Victoria’s face.

The Abbotts demand answers from Diane.
Diane tells the Abbotts everything they want to know and Kyle’s left unsure of whether to let her into his life.


abbotts hate diane young restless

Tuesday, May 10

Y&R recap: Nick lashes out at Diane when he sees she’s alive, Allie breaks down in tears, and Kyle shocks his mother with his plans.

Nick and Sharon reconnect with Diane.
Nick’s not happy that Diane is back and his mother went through hell for nothing.

Nick offers to go to Miami with Sharon.
Nate and Elena share a romantic evening.
Billy admits Victoria accused him of being The Grinning Soul.

Elena sees a new side of Nate.
Jack receives a surprise visitor in Allie.
Kyle tells his mother he’s heading back to Milan.

Y&R opinion: Rey’s Lack of Memorial Disappointing

billy back old office young restless young restless spoilers recap

Wednesday, May 11

Wednesday’s Y&R recap! After Rey’s funeral/memorial, Chelsea wonders if she and Rey could have had a future together, and meanwhile, Michael has a big reaction to Diane’s return.

Michael is shocked to see Diane.

Phyllis witnesses a surprising encounter. She sees Michael with Diane.
Lauren shares her concerns with Michael about his new venture.

Lauren and Michael dish on their trip to France.
Chelsea struggles to find closure.

Chelsea wonders if she and Rey would have gotten together.
Chelsea goes to the memorial for Rey with his family.
Allie explains to Jack that her mother was in L.A. and that it didn’t go well when she saw her.

Sharon says goodbye.
Tessa and Mariah are there for Sharon and offer to go to Miami with her.

tess and mariah at home after memorial young restless

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Thursday, May 12

Thursday Y&R recap: Sally and Adam come up with a scheme to get Victoria and Ashland back together. 

Ashland attempts to make amends.
Sally offers a drink to Victoria.

Nick faces an ethical dilemma.
Sharon’s back from Miami.

sharon tells kids about rey service young and restless

Nikki tells Victoria she understands why she can see Ashland might truly love her.

Sharon tells the kids about Rey’s memorial.
Sharon gives Tessa and Mariah a sweet gift to pamper themselves before the wedding.

Nick talks to Sharon about his dilemma and Sharon tells him to take the 250 million for New Hope. Rey would have wanted it.
Nikki does damage control.

ashland with billy at the hotel young restless

Friday, May 13

Y&R day ahead recap: Nikki puts Ashland on notice

Things to know about Allison Lanier – nu-Summer!

Victor gives Michael a dangerous assignment.
Victor wants Locke gone, permanently.
Tessa’s past catches up with her. Her sister, Crystal (Morgan Obenreder) returns to Genoa City.

Nikki gives Ashland his marching orders.
Victoria is manipulated by Sally.
Sally manipulates Locke.

nikki barks at ash young and restless

Crystal and Tessa spend the night pampering each other before the wedding.
Mariah goes home the night before the wedding to Sharon’s.
Faith breaks down in tears because of Rey.

cute crystal returns young and restless

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