Days of our Lives Spoilers April 26-30, Ciara’s Leaving Salem & May Sweeps

Soaps Spoilers is back with all new Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of April 26-30.

Last week refresher!

Charlie Dale’s murderer was revealed, Belle was in the hot seat considering Rafe realized her button matched the one found at the scene of the crime. Chad and Abigail argued about Gwen, and Gwen finally made a decision on what to do about her kid. Abigail had a meltdown and Kayla was there to help her through it. Paulina found out information about her new son-in-law Xander, and Abe gave her a lot of shocking tales. Meanwhile, Theo questioned Ciara about that kiss while Ben filled Claire in on attempting to inject Ciara with the memory serum.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of Monday, April 26 to Friday, April 30.

The unpopular opinion column! And Friday’s Days opinion. Very ranty! Why I’m loving Sami and Lucas and hating on Jake this week!

Victoria Konefal’s summer return as Ciara Brady Weston!

Monday, April 26

Today’s Days recap – Paulina has a secret

Paulina rips into Xander and Chanel.
Xander drinks alone.
“Susan” knocks Kate out and Jake finds her, but doesn’t notice Kate
“Susan” urges Jake to hurry to his room so she can send Kate to the same place she sent Sarah.
Gabi and Jake have a chat that upsets her.
Philip takes Gabi home with the intention of making love to her.

philip kisses gabi days ofour lives

Tuesday, April 27

Today’s Days recap – Belle realizes she has been set up

Belle and John compare notes about Charlie’s murder.
Ava comforts Rafe when he receives disappointing news.
Ciara prepares to leave Salem with Theo.

john accuses belle murder days of our lives

Wednesday, April 28

Today’s Days recap – Nicole is jealous

Lucas and Sami try to sell his lie to Chloe.
Nicole is bothered knowing that Rafe and Ava kissed.
Nicole and Ava argue.
Jan helps Trask find new evidence – the recording of John’s hypnosis.
Rafe learns that there is new evidence.
John is dragged to SPD to be questioned.
Theo and Ciara leave Salem for South Africa, which devastates Ben.

ciara and shawn happy hope is found days of our lives

Thursday, April 29

Today’s Days recap  – Kristen in a Kate mask

Stacy Haiduk out at Days!

Abigail confides in Gabi about Gwen.
Gabi tries to save Abby’s marriage.
Abigail decides to stick it out with Chad.
Gwen is moved into Alice’s house.
Gwen has abdominal pains.
Kristen has another scheme that involves Kate. Wearing a Kate mask and dumping Jake.

kate sees kate mask days of our lives

Friday, April 30

Days recap – Gwen loses her baby

Days column – Kristen did us all a favor

Kristen, in a Kate disguise, will break up with Jake.
Gwen miscarries.
Gwen takes a tumble down the stairs.
Jennifer tells Jack to let Abby know what he did about Gwen.
Tripp and Allie share a moment.
Snyder is out to get Tripp.

gwen falls down stairs days of our lives

No dates:

Gwen gets an ultrasound from Kayla.
Lucas freaks out when Chloe tells him she found a specialist to see about his brain tumor.
Ciara tells Ben she and Theo are more than friends.
Kate learns that Susan is Kristen.
Xander tries to extort money from Paulina with Chanel’s help.
Abigail says if Gwen has Chad’s baby, they won’t survive this.
Ben tries to prevent Ciara from leaving Salem.
Belle accuses Sami of framing her for Charlie’s murder.
Vivian makes demands on Kristen, who finally catches a break in how to deal with Kate and Jake.
Abe becomes a confidant to Paulina.
Lani, Abe and Paulina try to deal with the mess Chanel has made.
Brady reveals his true feelings to Chloe.
Tripp and Allie get intense.
Jan tries regrouping.
Gwen tells Jack she’ll leave Salem.
Abigail and Gwen have a showdown.
Belle is put on notice by Rafe when he learns her red button was at the scene of the crime and she never mentioned being there.
Kate once again has a headache. The second one, which in the soap world can’t be good.
Eric calls Nicole. He’s staying another three months in Africa. This spurs Nicole to make a decision.
Paulina confides a secret to the twin babies.
Jan comes upon her old pal Nicole.
Jake can’t find Kate and becomes concerned.
Sami puts Lucas on blast.
Jake opens up to Ben about his love life.
Bonnie crosses paths with Jan.
Abigail confronts Jack.

May Sweeps!

As mentioned, Theo and Ciara leave Salem, and this propels Ben into Claire’s comforting arms but will this lead to something more? CIN is endgame, but there should be some heartache coming before CIN reunites.

When Kristen breaks up with Jake with a Kate mask on, the real Kate shows up. The break-up might lead Jake to reconnect with Gabi.

Sami and Lucas devise a scheme to let Chloe believe that he wants her back. When it doesn’t work as planned, Lucas tells Chloe he has an inoperable brain tumor and wants to spend his last bit of time with her. Lucas turns to Sami for help as he tries to cover his tracks.

Xander and Chanel divorce and Chanel moves into Eli and Lani’s place. Things don’t go easily as their lives are turned upside down. Xander blackmails his way into a new job and a new environment for him that puts him in touch with people he’s clashed with in the past.

Allie and Chanel know each other from clubbing together in London. Chanel will help get Allie back into having a little fun, and something happens during their reunion that surprises Tripp.

Gwen thinks that there is something wrong with her baby, while Abby and Chad try to get to the point where they can accept that Gwen is having his child. With this story, there are tragic consequences for all players.

The walls start to close in on Kristen and she turns to Xander to help cover up a secret. Meanwhile, Brady will discover Kristen’s switch.

Nicole’s jealous that Rafe and Ava are getting closer. She’s unsettled by her jealousy since she’s married to Eric. When she learns Eric’s not returning for three more months, she does something destructive, like what the old Nicole would do.

Belle, Shawn, Marlena and John try to clear Belle’s name. They learn Jan is the murderer and go after her while Jan is driven to desperate measures to keep her secret. She kidnaps one person and gets two in the process.

Sweeps courtesy Soap Opera Digest.

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