Unpopular Opinion Time…Loving Xanel & Phabi, Nicole Should Always Hate Kristen — & Ben’s Obsessivness

Days of our Lives Opinion…This week we’re touching base on who killed Charlie, Sami forgetting that this isn’t her first rodeo when it comes to cheating, that I find assertiveness and self-awareness sexy, why Nicole should continue hating Kristen, and why Theo deserves a break. This week is filled with unpopular opinions. I’d love to hear your own in the comments! No judgment.

Tink didn’t kill Charlie Dale

Sure, John saw someone in a red coat with a hood shoot Charlie, and Belle’s missing her coat button. But let’s look at the facts:

Jan suddenly awoke from her coma the week we’re to learn who killed Charlie.
Jan told Belle she was missing a button on her coat.
Jan told Claire she was raped as a teen and that rapists deserve death.

Could Jan have been awake the night Charlie died? Could she have stolen Belle’s coat, went to kill him, and returned it, then to her hospital bed? It’s not as though the hospital has good security. We all know that!

john hypnotized days of our lives

Jack needs to take a step back

I hate that Jack seems completely on Gwen’s side over Abigail, which is ludicrous but I’m also loving the hell out of the drama it’s bringing us. Gwen actually looks as though she isn’t sure she wants to be pregnant though she is a huge manipulator so who knows if that’s put on. And Abigail offering to drive her to abort her baby is giving me life. So shocking! So hilarious — yeah I said it. Hilarious. And why? Because this is real (crazy) family drama, Days of our Lives style, that I’d been craving.

I still wonder if Gwen might have been turkey basted with a Stefano clone. Yep. I said what you’re all thinking.

gwen pregnant days of our lives

Sami forgot grief sex with EJ

Sami’s life was defined by walking in on her mother and John Black having sex on the conference room table at Basic Black in 1993. Over the years this was referred to often and Sami maintained that she would never cheat because of it. But she cheated on Rafe years ago with EJ when they had grief sex after they learned Johnny was “dead.” EJ was married to Nicole at the time. It’s shocking that Sami would forget that. It’s burned into my memory. It was toxic and abusive yet oddly hot. Ejami was hot. Ejabby was hot. Ejole was hot. (EJ was hot!) But I’m hoping we get a little more Lumi (again, hot) before they likely part ways. I’ll take what I can get. They’re so much fun even just scheming. I’m grateful they’re on the screen again. The old-school Days of our Lives references are excellent. Sami rushed in to grab Lucas at the mansion and Kate congratulated her on not being a murder suspect. She said, “Yeah, that’s probably because you weren’t planting evidence,” referring to years ago when Kate planted the gun in Sami’s hand that Lucas shot Franco with, which put Sami on death row.

sami lucas work together days of our lives

Nicole should keep hating Kristen

More unpopular opinion…Some viewers found it distasteful to watch Nicole urging Chloe to tell Brady her feelings because he’s with Kristen. It’s disrespectful of Brady and of Brady’s relationship with Kristen. I don’t deny that. But…who the hell cares? Honestly. Kristen wore a Nicole mask to rape Brady countless times and wound up pregnant with his kid. I love that she still hates Kristen. Nicole should never forgive her. It’s more dramatic and interesting that way. So often in soaps, the villains are redeemed and everyone loves them like one big stupid Kumbaya storyline like how everyone is BFFs with Ben Weston. This isn’t it. So as much as I want Nicole in her own story, I can’t fault her for trashing Kristen.

The big questions of the week: Does Kristen make her own jewelry? Are the gloves stained or tie-dyed? Is she wearing Grandma’s afghan?

kristen disguise worries days of our lives

Assertiveness is sexy

Chloe’s usually so meek so seeing her assertiveness was sexy. To me, at least. I love assertiveness. I don’t always see her chemistry with Brady but it shone when she told him how she felt about him and she also mentioned that she saw signs that he’s into her, too. We all did. And then Brady ran away, which was expected and obvious that he shares at least some of the same feelings with her. Otherwise, he’d have shot her down. What bothered me this week about him is that he saw “Kristen” once and thought their connection was lost. After one visit. I don’t like how conveniently that played too easily into Chloe’s confession. It’s too easy. Too forced. If we thought Kristen was obsessive now, just wait. Now that she has Sami on her “side” so to speak, all bets are off.

Highlights: I loved Kristen’s reveal and Sami and Kristen’s scenes. They should never like each other. I can’t believe Sami asked Lucas to get Chloe to fall in love with him again. Classic and hilarious!

chloe admits feelings brady days of our lives

PhillyK’s self-awareness – totally hot

I’m enjoying Philip with Gabi. Philip’s so self-aware and I find it really hot. He’s observant about others too which is a turn-on. He doesn’t even judge.  It was fun watching Gabi and him share their histories a little. “Why aren’t you in jail?” PhillyK asked her at one point. “Because I’m smart,” she retorted. While I loved Stabi and Jabi, I’m into Phabi right now. I’m never going to latch on to one over the other because I know these writers won’t let us keep one for long. Eventually, I imagine Jake will reunite with Gabi.

gabi moves in on philip days of our lives

Xander, the big old dumb piece of scrap metal

Xander’s story with Chanel was the highlight of the week for me. The dialogue was amazing, the delivery was perfection, it’s pure unadulterated fun. If you haven’t seen it yet, check the NBC app for April 13. It was so good that I can’t write anything that would do it justice.

Sarah’s not around right now and Xander needs a story. It’s plain to me that Sarah will return at some point and reunite with Xander, but until then, this marriage should provide more entertainment for us which will give Xarah some angst when she returns.

Many viewers insisted that Paul Telfer’s laugh after Jackée Harry said, “I don’t care if he’s built like a Greek God. Is that an eight pack?” was ad-libbed so I asked the actor. This is what he said below

Ben, a man in love or a man obsessed?

Ben giving Ciara the serum is getting mixed feelings. Ben tried to jab her while she slept, without her consent. That’s messed up. But I understood where it came from. He’s a man in love. He’s also impatient and reckless, obsessive, super intense, and short-sighted. And I’m not even judging. I still like him.

ben inject ciara memory serum days of our lives

It’s been a few days and he can’t wait until Ciara gets her memory back. In his shoes, maybe we’d feel the same. I don’t know. I’ve been in Ciara’s shoes. I can’t blame Ciara’s off-the-hinges reaction to Ben trying to inject her. What would have worked better for me is giving Ben more time to decide on a course of action. For him to be more worried about how Ciara’s doing, how she’s feeling instead of looking selfish and making her amnesia all about him. If he agonized over whether or not to inject her I’d be all in. If you recall, he didn’t want Gabi to inject Jake just a few short months ago.

Theo’s involvement, while soapy, feels forced, like he was brought in just to get between CIN. That doesn’t mean I hate Theo. He’s Ciara’s childhood BFF. He’s sweet and kind. He has feelings for her, which is fine, and he hasn’t been around to learn that Ben has changed, so he still sees him as a serial killer. That’s normal and it’s good! Having everyone singing Ben’s praises is ridiculous. We need a few people like Victor and Theo to still hate on Ben. It adds drama to the story. He didn’t do anything to her. She kissed him. I don’t like that he’s being used as a prop for the couple, but this provides loads of delicious angst for some.

Me? I could have done without the kiss. I’m not sure I even see nu-Theo as Theo yet and have no feelings on the kiss either way.

Best lines:

Paulina to Chanel, “Cover up.”
Xander, “It’s a little late for that.”

Paulina to Eli, “Do you know this slab of beef?”

Paulina, “I thought you were lying in a ditch.”
Chanel, “I was lying in Xavier’s bed.”
Eli, “Who is Xavier?” He looks at Xander, who in turn, looks around.

Paulina to Xander, “You big old dumb piece of scrap metal.”
Paulina to Xander, “I don’t care if he’s built like a Greek God. Is that an eight pack?”

Kristen as Susan, “Are you cheatin’ on my bro… Are you cheatin’ on my beloved son EJ?”
Kristen as Susan, “I’ll tell EJ what a lyin’ dirty hussy you are.”