Paulina Makes a Life-changing Decision, While Philip Takes Gabi to Bed

Monday, April 26, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, in Days Friday recap – Lucas faked a tumor. Today’s episode has Paulina hurt, Chanel angry, and Theo saying goodbye to Abe, while Gabi asks Philip to make love to her.

Eli’s on diaper duty at home while Lani tells him that she convinced Chanel to dump Xander, but that he wants 10 million to divorce her. Eli almost falls on the floor in shock. Before Lani heads to see Paulina, Eli wants sex. They make out.

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At Julie’s Place, Chanel outs herself after her mother writes a check for 100 thousand dollars. “That’s only fifty thousand each!” Paulina’s incensed. “You teamed up with this good-for-nothing charlatan to scam your own mama!” Chanel attempts to lie, but Paulina’s not buying it. She snaps at Xander, having heard a few nasty things he’s done. “Sexual assault.” Xander defends himself. He knows she’s referring to the time that Theresa was lying and he’d never lay a hand on a woman that way unless she wants him to. Chanel comes clean. She married Xander for his money and then learned he was poor. Paulina takes the check and rips it out. They get nothing! Chanel is shocked but Paulina says she made her bed, she can lie in it. Paulina goes and Chanel yells at Xander that he’s a loser and she wants out of the marriage. Now! Xander calls her an impulsive little brat. He asks for his ring back and she reluctantly throws it at him. She goes and he drinks alone and thinks about Sarah.

theo leaving

Gabi asks Philip to take her back to his place. “What do you mean exactly,” he says with a grin. She asks if he needs to spell it out. “No, not really.” It’s just that he saw her face when he learned that Jake was going away with his mother. Philip knows that jumping into his bed won’t help. She doesn’t care so Philip shrugs and they take off.

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At the mansion, Jake walks in on “Susan” dragging Kate’s body behind the sofa. He asks who the hell she is and why she’s there. She introduces herself and he realizes she’s his brother EJ’s mother. Why is she there? She had a premonition about him. She says she saw him with a dark-haired beauty. “Kate,” he replies. She corrects him. “Gabi.” He tells her he’s not with Gabi anymore. He gets a drink and “Susan” hides one of Kate’s bags. “Susan” asks what’s in Jake’s heart. She doesn’t think it’s Kate. He tells her that her mojo is a little off. “Susan” says he has to run to tell Gabi how he feels about her. He’s not interested and sees an item Kate left behind. “Susan” urges him to take it upstairs to her. He tells her to get Harold to show her the door. Once he’s gone, she bemoans Kate finding out she’s Kristen and wonders what to do with kate. She’ll have to ‘disappear her the way she did Sarah. That or Vivian forces her back into Statesville. Later, Jake calls Kate. He reminds her they’re almost late and have a plane to catch.

At home, Chloe reads about new treatments for brain cancer patients. She vows to help Lucas fight his cancer.

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At the pub, Abe and Theo talk about Chanel not being the one for him. Abe relays the news that she married Xander. Theo thinks they deserve each other. She’s self-centered and Theo’s glad he saw it. He lets his dad know that he’s moving to South Africa with Ciara. Ben constantly pressures her to remember their marriage when she doesn’t want to. She’s afraid of him, which is why they’re leaving as soon as possible. Abe’s surprised. He’s afraid Theo will get hurt again. Theo knows what he’s doing. Theo has to get back to work. Abe’s proud of the business he’s in with JJ. They embrace. Theo goes and Paulina walks in. She’s upset so Abe asks her to talk it out. She fills him in on the scam with Chanel and Xander. “I’m reaping what I sow. I sowed a monster!” Abe thinks she’s young and will learn from her mistakes. Paulina whips out Abe’s hanky. She got it laundered but then starts dabbing her eyes with it as she tears up. He offers her coffee but she has to make her next move. “I’m leaving Salem.” She has to get things in order and then she’ll move to Salem permanently. Abe’s glad. He’d miss her if she left. “You’re not getting rid of me that easily,” she flirts.

theo leaving town days of our lives

At the townhouse, Chloe calls Brady and tells him Belle was arrested for murdering Charlie. He’s shocked. He was just talking to Sami and she didn’t know, either. He’ll call his dad and will call her back. Once they disconnect, Chloe calls some specialist who she has convinced to come to Salem to treat Lucas. Brady calls her back and invites her to see Belle in the morning. She can’t and explains she has an important doctor’s appointment. Brady’s worried. Chloe explains it’s for a friend. She hopes will have a good course of treatment for them.

As Lani and Eli are getting busy kissing, Theo arrives to say goodbye. He tells her about bringing Ciara with him. Lani asks what will happen when she gets her memory back. Theo thinks he’ll just deal with that when and if it happens. He says goodbye to the twins and Lani wishes he could stay. They hug. He goes and Lani worries about her brother’s heart getting broken. Eli kisses her and shrugs out of his shirt again. They start making out and a knock comes to the door. It’s Paulina this time. “Good lord, give me strength.” She says. “This is an excellent time for me.” She looks at Lani, “For you, not so much.” She won’t stay long. She tells them that Chanel was in on the 10 million dollar scam. She’s headed to Miami for a week or two to get her things in order so she can move to Salem. When Lani and Eli leave the room, Paulina leans in to the twins’ and tells them she has a secret.

Gabi and Philip arrive at his room and start making out. They get on the bed and he asks if she’s sure. “Make love to me,” she orders him. They make out and half their clothes come off when she thinks of kissing Jake. She stops things. Philip was right. She’s thinking of Jake. Meanwhile, he’s having sex with Philip’s mother all over their house. Philip cringes. Gabi apologizes. He hugs her, knowing she likes people to think she’s a callous bitch but she’s really a softie.

philip and gabi almost make love days of our lives

Chanel cries at the square on a bench until Theo walks up and hands her a hanky. She again asks to go to South Africa with him but he refuses her.

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