Jake’s Getting On Viewers’ Nerves — & Lucas and Sami’s Schemes are Must-See Old School

Days of our Lives opinion for this week includes some love, some unpopular opinions, and even a little annoyance at what our beloved Salemites have been up to this week. Feel free to leave a comment with your own unpopular opinions.

Sami and Lucas scheming

I don’t know who is writing for Lumi but they’re killing it. The banter for these two hasn’t been this good in years. Having Sami convince Lucas to seduce Chloe was ridiculous and perfect and of course, Lucas went along with it. Because that’s our Lucas. I like how easily Chloe fits into their plan since they have history. The brain tumor was recycled from Chad telling Abigail that he had a brain tumor in order to get her back. It worked and then it backfired and uh now look where they are. Of course, Lucas isn’t interested in Chloe and though this too will backfire, it’ll sure to bring the comedic element that I love so much on the show. If you haven’t been watching, this is old-school must-see!

Everyone’s opinion is worthwhile. Certainly not just mine and with that in mind, I should point out that not everyone is as happy with this as I am. Some find it horrible, repulsive, and unforgivable. An insult to people surviving cancer.  sami lucas argue days of our lives


Jake is getting on my very last nerve

I still wish that somehow they’d turn Jake into Stefan. Though I enjoy his friendship with Ben, Jake is getting so tiresome that I could barely stand to see him on screen this week. He’s still jealous of Gabi and Philip. Maybe he should take a trip to a desert island and figure out what the hell he wants. He actually thinks that being jealous of Gabi doesn’t mean he has feelings for Gabi. Jake, honey, that’s exactly what it means.

For weeks, Kate’s been accusing Jake of still having a thing for Gabi and after hearing this, she should have stood up and said, “Then go be with her.” Kate doesn’t sit around mooning over a man who wants someone else. This writing is obviously being plot-driven. And all it’s done is succeed in turning me off wanting Jake to have a romance with anyone, certainly not my Kate or my Gabi, who deserve better. (Unpopular opinion, but I don’t care!)

So Jake, drink your warm beer, watch your sports, scratch your groin, talk in a loud nasally voice and let my Gabi find love with PhillyK while my Kate finds love with Roman.

Mr. and Mrs. Kiriakis

I’d like to see more time dedicated to Xanel a week. Xander quickly came around to being Chanel’s husband when he learned that with their combined scheming expertise that Paulina could make them both wealthy. I love Chanel and Xander’s bizarre relationship, the dialogue and their differences make them fun to watch. They play well off each other. I was shocked to hear that Xandy was broke. I wish they had hinted at it only slightly before he came out with it, but I did love that he explained the reason behind it. And that he was so desperate to bargain down with Paulina from 10 million dollars to the 100 grand she gave him. How hilarious was it that Chanel outed her role in the shakedown? Oy!

mr mrs kiriakis chanel xander days of our lives

Papa Don’t Preach

Kayla put on her gynecologist hat and gave Gwen confirmation that she’s pregnant. Then Gwen decided to keep her baby. Hey, her body, her decision. Kayla even kept her confidentiality, which was stunning for her or any soap doctor.

Some viewers think Gwen wants to keep the baby to destroy Chabby’s relationship while others think it’s a Stefano clone baby (Come on, it’s Days. It’s not as far-fetched as you might think! Hello Gemini twins?) and one or two actually think it’s Charlie the rapist’s baby. The Stefano clone holds interest for me. The DNA would match Chad’s when a test was run, but if Rolf had her impregnated, I guess I assume that she’d know about it.

Gwen does seem to sincerely not want to cause Chad and Abby more harm at least from my perspective. And Chad’s. Maybe she is sincere right now but my guess is that she’ll fall down the DiMera staircase and lose the baby and then get back to what she does best. Scheming against Chabby once again. Because this is how this show goes. At least they won’t think of using the pregnancy as a catalyst for turning this bad girl good. I’d hate that!

Viewers are angry at Chad for believing Gwen’s sincerity when he never believed anything that Abigail has ever said. It’s disheartening. But in this case, this child is his. It’s not surprising that he’d want to be there for the baby. I agree with what Soaps Spoilers’ Wayne-Daniel Berard said. He felt that Chad was “trying to be reasonable in an unreasonable situation.” As painful as it is. And yes, I’m still Team Abigail. This one tweet sums up what most viewers are thinking:

chad learns he'll be a dad days of our lives

Ciara’s bombshell

We didn’t see Theo and Ciara discussing her going to South America with him. It might have hit us as hard as Ben when she laid that on him, but the spoilers gave it all away as usual. I’m not a fan of this story at all. Ciara’s been all over Theo but if she only remembers Claire climbing naked on Tripp, why isn’t she demanding answers from Tripp? Because he’s too busy with his own bland Carrie and Austin style story, I guess.

We know Ciara and Ben are codependent so without Ben, she’s leaning on Theo just as he’s leaning on Claire. But Ciara’s personality also seems off to me. That’s not surprising. Who hasn’t had amnesia and had their personality change? Just me? I digress. Ciara has regressed somehow to a kid and that’s all I see when she’s with Theo. Two kids watching cartoons. It’s not entertaining to me. It doesn’t seem as though Theo has enough self-respect not to do anything about his feelings for Ciara which is a shame since this really isn’t who Theo has ever been. Writing for the plot instead of for the characters on this show does long-term damage.

I’ve been saying this for weeks. As soon as Ciara’s in the air, Ben will be in Claire’s bed. I had a lot of fans angry with me for even mentioning it as a possibility. I’m guessing they are in denial, are stans, or just haven’t paid attention to soaps other than what their ships are up to in order to know that this is where the plot always goes in these situations. Let me assure readers, I don’t want it. But we know it’s going to happen.

Though I can’t tell from the way Ciara’s acting, I’ve been almost assuming that she has a feeling of connection for Ben that she’s trying to cover up by running away with Theo. I’m sure it’s easier than facing up to her fear that she’s into a serial killer. I mean Ciara never once mentioned divorce. If she really didn’t want Ben to be her husband she would have told Justin to get the papers drawn up. Instead, when she said goodbye to Ben, she was crying. I’d like to see her with Theo in South America, fighting her feelings for Ben.

ben devastated ciara days

She’s boiling bunnies obsessive

Co-dependent Claire needs therapy. Or to go to South Africa for a few months and give us a bloody break from her. She can’t go one day without talking about Ben and Ciara’s connection or their marriage. She’s obsessed with them. We’re talking boiling bunnies obsessed. It’s annoying. She needs her own bloody life and the show needs to stop using other characters, legacy characters, to prop the Ben and Ciara saga. With Ciara leaving again, we’ll get sad Ben again. It’s too much! I’d rather serial killer Ben. Anything but to watch him whine for another few months about losing his wife and then have sex with Claire in an attempt for comfort. Couples need angst in soaps but who has the attention span for this?

theo leaves salem days of our lives

Odds and ends

Good thing Tripp starts rounds soon. It’ll mean Kayla could get a break at work. Maybe she could have lunch now. Or let go of one of her many hats.

Our Dumb Bae, Brady, is staying true to himself. He can never seem to stick to one relationship for long. He’s an addict. It’s probably why he jumps from relationship to relationship, looking for the next best thing. And this is why I can’t root for him with anyone. It never lasts.

I loved Kate realizing that Susan was Kristen. It was pure soapy goodness. And their civil discussion afterward was fun. Shame Kristen had to pop Kate over the head. We know what’s coming. Kristen will break up with Jake as Kate. And I’m okay with that!

Brady and Sami haven’t been in a scene together since maybe 2018. I’m guessing. But it was good to see them together again. It’s also hard to believe that Brady would stay with a woman who hurt his family so much. I’ve said this before.

brady loves chloe days

Best lines:

Sami, “Did you profess your undying love?”
Lucas, “Well, I wouldn’t say undying.”

Lucas, “You’re pimping me out to my ex?”

Xander to Chanel, “You know so much about getting a job. Spruce up your resume. Call a headhunter.”

Xander to Chanel, “You’re not gonna unload me that easily.”

Abe, “He kidnapped Nicole and her baby and held her in a cage.”
Paulina, “Cage? What he just happened to have one sitting around?”

Chanel, “I’ll annul our marriage based on the grounds that ‘Little Xandy was a no show’.”

Paulina as Xander looks at the check, “It’s not gonna get any fatter from you just staring at it.”

paulina refuses xander 10 million days of our lives