Gwen Miscarries Her Baby, Then Takes A Fall Down the Stairs

Friday, April 30, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, in Days Thursday recap – Kristen wears a Kate mask. In today’s episode, Kristen dumps Jake, Roman asks Kate to reunite, and Abigail and Gwen go at it.

Roman can see that Jake’s nervous as he waits for Kate at the pub. Roman gives him a beer and asks what’s up. Jake explains that Kate went missing last night and when they finally spoke, “she just sounded off.”

At the mansion, Kristen has Kate’s face, voice, and clothes. She tells herself she needs to give the performance of her life or Vivian will make sure she loses everything. She leaves while inside the lounge, Abigail shares that Gabi helped her to realize she needed to try again with Chad. Chad’s shocked. Abby wanted to talk to someone who hates Gwen as much as she does. And yesterday Chad was defending Gwen. Chad doesn’t see it that way. They talk about how Kate ghosted Jake.

At home, Jack calls Jennifer to tell her he moved in his kid. Jennifer’s eyes widen initially in surprise. But Gwen’s his daughter. She worries about how Abby will feel. Jack thinks Abigail will understand…”Eventually.” Jenn thinks he’s deluding himself. He admits she’ll probably flip out. Jack was worried she’d leave town. Gwen has nobody else. Jenn knows it is because of how she lived her life. Jack thinks she’s trying to be a better person. Jennifer tells him to talk to Abigail about this immediately.

jenn advice jack days of our lives

In her room at Salem Inn, Gwen packs and smiles that Jack’s in their corner. She has pains in the abdomen and groans. “Oh God. My baby.” She breathes through the pain and grabs her purse and coat and heads to the hospital.

gwen loses baby days of our lives

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At the hospital, Tripp tells Allie that the Chief of Residency has it in for him. Tripp and Allie lean in for a kiss when Dr. Snyder walks in and wonders what the hell is going on here. They look sheepish and Tripp relays why Allie’s there and that Dr. Johnson helped him examine the baby. The doctors head out for a word in private. Snyder hopes he doesn’t think he’s getting special treatment. He found that what he walked in on was unprofessional and a breach of ethics. “Don’t let it happen again,” he says. Tripp goes and Gwen finds Snyder and tells him she is pregnant and thinks something is wrong with her baby. He takes her into a room and does an ultrasound. “I’m sorry. There’s no heartbeat,” he tells her. She seems upset. Snyder learns she was having periods which is why she didn’t get checkups or take vitamins. Snyder tells her not to blame herself. Miscarriages can happen out of the blue. “Some things aren’t meant to be.” Gwen is angry and he apologizes. She’ll need a D&C to clear the uterine lining. He tells her the baby was a girl and leaves her alone. She looks devastated and clutches her stomach as she cries.

gwen baby has died days of our lives

At home, Claire remembers yelling at Ben not to kidnap Ciara. Ben turns up with an apology and flowers. Claire grins. He’s sorry for being a jerk and yelling. He reveals he didn’t kidnap Ciara. He couldn’t go through with it after everything she’s been through. Claire tears up and learns that she and Theo are gone to South Africa. Claire hugs him and he sobs on her shoulder. He doesn’t know what to do without Ciara. He takes off when Allie appears. She tells Claire about going to the hospital instead of calling her pediatrician today since Henry had a fever. Claire makes it all about how cute Tripp is and Allie blushes and smiles. She wanted to kiss him. Claire thinks they’d have a terrific future. When Allie goes, Claire stares at the flowers Ben got her.

claire hugs ben days of our lives

Kate arrives at the pub and lets Jake hug her. He was worried about her and asks what’s going on. She says she had a crisis of the heart. “I think we need to end this. Right now.” Jake’s shocked. He asks if it’s because he revealed he was jealous of Gabi. “Kate” says yes that was a stupid thing to say. She doesn’t want to wait around to be dumped so she’s ending it now. There’s nothing he can say to change her mind. Jake says this makes no sense but “Kate” snarks that she has a son his age. Jake reminds her that she said it didn’t matter. She lied. She goes home to pack. She’s resigning from DiMera. He grabs her and knows something is going on. “What aren’t you telling me?” He demands. He won’t let go of her and Roman turns up and Jake finally releases her when she tells him Roman will break him in half. “Maybe that’s the type of man I should be with?” Jake knows something is wrong. He takes off angrily. Roman reminds “Kate” he called her and him a good match. Is she thinking about them reuniting? She smiles.

kristen breaks up jake as kate days of our lives

Jack lets himself into the mansion and Abby apologizes for ignoring his texts. He says it’s fine and lets her know he asked Gwen to move in with him. Abigail looks rocked. “Why?” Jack says she’s pregnant and alone. Abigail thinks she planned this whole thing to mooch off of her. Jack explains that if not this, she’ll leave town. Chad’s surprised at that. Abby goes to call Jennifer to rant and Jenn tells her that her father believes in Gwen. “Yeah because she plays him like a poker hand with a stacked deck.” Abby wishes Jenn was here. Jenn tells her kid to put herself in her dad’s place. Jack wants a chance to be a father.

abigail hates gwen moving in days

Downstairs, Chad tells Jack he’s not sure how he’ll fit in with the baby’s life. He’s glad Gwen will stay with him at least. He asks Jack to privately tell him how the baby is. Later, Abby disconnects with Jenn and Gwen turns up in Chad’s room. Abby asks what she wants with him. “Is this about your precious baby?” Gwen says it is. She should probably tell you. Abigail calls her a parasite and thinks the child is a meal ticket. Gwen tells her to shut up. They argue and Gwen tears up. Abby calls the baby an accident and Gwen says “She didn’t do anything to you!” Abby knows Gwen will be a horrible mother, a “lying, heartless slut.” Gwen slaps Abby across the face and Abby tells her to get out of her house. Gwen stomps off to find Chad and Abby grabs her arm at the top of the steps and they struggle. Gwen falls down the stairs and Jack and Chad appear as Abigail puts a hand to her face in shock. Gwen passes out.

gwen falls down stairs days of our lives

Tripp stops Ben at the square. Ben’s drinking and Tripp learns that Ciara left with Theo for South Africa. “She wants nothing to do with me, man.” Tripp heard she had amnesia. He sits and says he knows they don’t have the greatest history but he’s sorry. Ben notices his doctor’s coat and that he treated Henry this morning. Ben asks if he’s okay. Tripp says he will be and that he found out he’s his nephew. Ben’s sorry to hear about his brother. It’s got to be tough. Allie deserves someone better than him. Ben notices Tripp smiling when he says Allie’s name. “What’s going on with you two?” Tripp liked her since they met but isn’t sure if it’ll go anywhere. Ben tells him not to give up. Once Tripp is gone back to work, Jake walks up and tells Ben Kate dumped him.

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