Jan Helps Trask Find More Evidence Against Belle and Ciara and Theo Leave Salem

Wednesday, April 28, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, in Days Tuesday recap – Belle reacted to John’s accusation. In today’s episode, Nicole and Ava argue, Trask summons Rafe, and Theo leaves Salem with Ciara.

Nicole sits at the square and remembers Jan telling her that she’s in love with Rafe.

Ava and Rafe share a kiss in his kitchen. She stops things and says, “Rafe…” He tells her, “Don’t say anything,” and they resume their kiss. Things get passionate and they break apart when Nicole shows up. She talks about the murder case and Rafe says he doesn’t believe Belle did it.

At SPD, Jan taunts Shawn that it must be hard to accept that the love of his life is the murderer. Shawn denies that she is a murderer. Jan asks how he explains the button found at the scene of the crime? Jan noticed that her coat was missing a button when she saw her at the hospital. Jan claims Belle was terrified. Shawn breaks the pencil he’s holding and yells at Jan that there isn’t enough to convict. DA Trask will drop charges. Trask walks in. “Like hell I will!” Trask doesn’t like that he’s denigrating the state’s case and thinks he should be out there looking for a way to close the case. Melinda accuses Shawn of not being objective. She’ll get Hernandez to take him off the case. Shawn doesn’t care because she’ll never find evidence to prove Belle did it. There isn’t any. Nearby, Jan recalls listening to John’s hypnosis recording where he names Belle as the shooter. Later, Trask summons Rafe.

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At the townhouse, Belle shares her realization with her parents. Sami set her up! “She despises me, she always has.” Marlena calls that ridiculous. She doesn’t hate Belle. “She’s nuts about me. That’s why she sold me on the black market.”

In her room, Sami freaks out at Lucas on a call about him faking a brain tumor. “Who do you think you are, me?” Lucas gets coffee at the DiMera house and says he had to come up with something quick. Lucas reminds her he’s helping keep “your dirty little secret.” Sami says it’s not dirty and he was there for her when she needed it. She’s sorry to have dragged him into this. “What are ex-husbands for?” Lucas says he can’t undo the fact that he told Chloe that he’s dying, just as Chloe walks in.

sami yells lucas days of our lives

Sami appears to John, Marlena and Belle and is shocked that Belle’s accusing her of framing her. She has no reason to. Belle accuses Sami of killing Charlie. Sami was on a flight. She didn’t do that and if she was to do it she’d “pick someone more credible, not a wet noodle like you.” Sami takes off. John and Marlena agree they need to keep the hypnosis to themselves.

sami belle discuss charlie murder days of our lives

Back at the mansion. Chloe tells Lucas that Harold let her in. She brought him Green Juice. Chloe asks him to tell her the truth. Why did he tell Sami? Lucas says she’s the only one who knows aside from Chloe. They decided not to tell the kids. Chloe likes that idea. She wants him to see Dr. Dunn. He’s the best. She touts all of the new cancer therapies out there. Lucas panics. He tells her he’ll think about it but they have an appointment, she tells him. “Let’s go.” Sami arrives in time to stop Lucas from telling Chloe the truth. Chloe explains that Lucas is stopping him from seeing a specialist. Lucas yells that he’s not dying. Sami does a fake cringe and lies that she called the doctor who warned her that Lucas’ behavior would be like this. Chloe asks her to push back the appointment. She’ll handle Lucas. Chloe wishes her luck and goes to call the doctor. Once she’s out the door, Sami snaps that she’ll kill Lucas herself if he tells Chloe he’s not dying. Sami shoves Lucas into a chair and when Chloe returns, Sami says he almost passed out. Chloe agrees to cancel the appointment. Sami has to go be with Belle who was arrested so she takes off. Lucas tosses the Green Juice in the fireplace and Chloe returns and offers to take him upstairs so he can lie down.

lucas calls sami days of our lives

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Ben comes upon Theo and Ciara at the hospital. He remembers Claire warning him not to kidnap Ciara and he hands her the washer. Theo tells Ben to get out but Ciara says he already tried to give her this. She doesn’t want anything to remind her that she was insane enough to remember marrying him. “Then take it for your dad,” he says. He explains it’s from his bike and as Ciara takes it from his hand, their hands touch and they lock eyes. Ciara and Theo leave Salem.

Back at Rafe’s, Nicole helps him get “a little jam” off his lip before he goes to work. Nicole can tell Ava’s got something on her mind. She admits she and Rafe shared a kiss. Nicole doesn’t look happy. She realizes it wasn’t jam on Rafe’s face. Ava isn’t sure Rafe knew what he was doing. He was excited to see Hope since she was set to return but she’s off to South Africa. Ava was comforting him and he kissed her. Nicole doesn’t think she should have done that. Ava thinks Nic’s mad at her but she claims she isn’t. Ava admits she thinks her and Rafe might have something. Nicole isn’t very welcoming. She thinks they’re like oil and water since he’s a cop and Ava’s a mobster. Nic doesn’t get why she’s still living here. Ava is broke, she tells her. Nicole thinks Rafe’s a White Knight type and Ava finds that condescending. She thinks Rafe likes her. Nic argues that he asked her to stay because she’s alone. Ava realizes Nicole wants Rafe for herself. Nic reminds Ava she’s married. Ava says Eric’s forgotten. Immediately, she apologizes. Nicole is upset but they both apologize. Ava swears she won’t take advantage of Rafe.

ava tells nicole she kissed rafe days of our lives

Rafe arrives at SPD. Jan overhears as Rafe and Melinda argue about him not finding evidence to lead to the killer. Rafe will go back to the scene to search for evidence but he’s not going to fake it. He goes and Jan tells Trask she’ll help her nail “that bitch.” Trask takes her into the interrogation room and Jan explains that she heard John saw Belle Brady shoot charlie Dale at Marlena’s room. Trask laughs. She’s heard that Jan waged a terrorist operation against Belle’s family and that she lies like a rug. She tells Spears that this is hearsay and “crap.” Jan explains she saw the recorder on the desk. Trask will get a search warrant but Jan refuses to give a statement. She worries John Black will kill her. Trask won’t need a statement if she can get the recording. She goes and Jan smirks to herself.

trask and jan days of our lives

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Shawn arrives at the townhouse. He tells everyone that Trask took him off the case. Belle tells Shawn her thoughts on being set up.

shawn off the case days of our lives

Rafe returns to SPD. There’s no new evidence to link Belle to the murder. Trask hands him a search warrant and says there is new evidence. “Get right on it.”

Rafe arrives at the townhouse with the recording from Marlena’s office. He plays it for John, Marlena, Belle and Shawn and tells John he needs to take him to the station for questioning.

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