Salemites Had a Heartbreaking Week, Except Kristen Who Did The Audience a Favor

It’s been quite the week in Salem. Exciting, dramatic and heartbreaking for many. Never a dull moment with all of the crazy goings on. And how about that cliffhanger? Here are a few rants and raves about our show. Feel free to comment with your own thoughts in the comment section.

Allie and Tripp

Allie and Tripp have some chemistry, and they’re cute but they both have the same sweet temperament that I find it difficult to root for. Not only that but their history makes it difficult for many to get behind them as a couple. For the longest time, I was saying that I might be into them if it was a year down the road when the rape story wasn’t so fresh that they got together. Hey, I’m able to overlook a lot in order to find entertainment in the soaps. But this is still creepy and they keep bringing up the rape accusation, which kills anything I might feel for them. A man overlooking a rape accusation and dating the girl right after, telling her he’s totally okay with her ruining his life is something I don’t ever see happening. And a woman wanting to date the man she thought raped her… no.

On the other hand, I like the promise of a couple working at University Hospital together and ducking into those on-call rooms for sex, ala old school Grey’s Anatomy. But these two… I mean she hasn’t even had therapy. It’s all overlooked for romance. With the ratings so low and the show still not being renewed, I don’t understand how these types of stories are overlooked.

This thread on Twitter says it all…And most of the posters are men. I love it. The soap viewer demographic is mostly women and it’s wonderful to hear from the men as well. I recommend reading it.

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Philip smiled a few times this week. He had something to smile about. He almost took Gabi to bed. I was into it but sadly, she’s still pining over Jake, which has never made one iota of sense to me since they weren’t even dating when she left Salem for a time. I agree with Jake that she’s having a hard time getting over Stefan and if Jake wasn’t his twin, she’d be over Stefan and in PhillyK’s bed. And that’s where I want her to be.

philip kisses gabi days ofour lives

Gabi’s tough love

I love Gabi and Abigail together again and not as friends. This frenemies stuff is giving me life. Having Gabi give Abigail tough love about how perfect Abby’s life is and how her situation really isn’t a big deal was amazing. She’s right. Except that Gwen had abdominal pain and lost her baby girl and we know that Gwen will blame Abigail for that tumble. This is excruciating for Chabby fans. Angst is great but what the hell, CIN and Chabby fans are beside themselves right now. So many are not even fans anymore because it’s just too much!

gabi hears gwen pregnant days of our lives

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Xanel’s schemes

Xander and Chanel’s scheme didn’t last and neither of them reaped the rewards of trying to take Paulina for a ride since Paulina ripped up the check for 100 grand. All Paulina’s talk about suddenly making Chanel get a job and saying that she doesn’t have 10 million dollars makes me think she might be having money issues. I was torn between feeling bad for Aunti P, and how funny Chanel and Xander were in their useless attempt to extort cash from her. I loved how Paulina made Chanel clean up her own mess. It was tough love and should provide Chanel with some depth. I loved how she cracked and yelled at Xandy for a divorce. So many were worried that these two would have a love affair, and they may still, but it never seemed that way to me from the beginning. It doesn’t even look as though they’ll be friendly. It was perhaps a means to an end. Seeing Xander sit alone drinking, thinking of Sarah afterward was heartbreaking. It also hopefully reminded some viewers of what this story is about. I’ve heard so many upset about “why they made Xandy bad again.” Frankly, Paul Telfer does well with any story, but I can’t help but think that these are far more fun to act out than him being in a stable relationship. And I don’t see what happened as the show “making him bad,” but showing how devastated Xander is after heartbreak. He’s going back to his roots, which is just good writing.

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Ciara, Ben, Theo, Claire

There isn’t much that I have new to say about Ciara, Ben, Theo and Claire this week. Ben had a really difficult time not kidnapping Ciara and somehow forcing her to remember him, he didn’t beat Theo’s head to a pulp, and he let her go. There may be hope for him yet. I’m glad Ciara and Theo are gone. I needed a break from this whole story. Ciara will return in the summer and Theo will be back at some point, according to Ron C. But I saw the way Claire looked at the flowers Ben gave her and how she wrapped her hand around his head when they hugged. That’s not just friendship. Ya don’t hug your male friends that way!

Highlight: That Ben said he had nothing going on without Ciara. He didn’t know what to do without her. I think he should read a self-help book on being codependent.

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Nicole is in love with Rafe?

I didn’t understand why Jan told Nicole that she’s in love with Rafe. Does Jan even know that Nicole and Rafe are friends? Why would she make that assumption? I haven’t missed any episodes so I’m baffled by that exchange. It would have been more apt if Ava was the one to have shared that scene with her. I really disliked Nicole, even more, when she treated Ava, her supposed friend, like garbage after Ava shared that Rafe kissed her. True, Ava killed Uncle Shawn Sr., and she raped Steve, but Days of our Lives has so many characters who have done the same or worse and if we are going to continue to watch, we can either hate-watch, which is only fun for five minutes, or we can move on and enjoy the story. That’s what I’m doing. I’m letting that go and am enjoying Rafe and Ava’s chemistry. What I’m not enjoying is that we’re supposed to believe that Nicole is in love with Rafe. Sure, I’ll buy that she’s attracted to him and missing Eric but love? It feels a bit soon for her to be feeling that. So plot-driven.

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Lucas’ tumor

I know I should feel bad for Chloe that Lucas is lying to her about his brain tumor but I just don’t care. I know how terrible that sounds but I like how messy this is. I’m far more enjoying Sami and Lucas’ machinations. I’ll feel bad for Chloe when she learns the truth. She’s sweet but I don’t know how that green drink was supposed to help a tumor and if I were Lucas I’d have tossed it down the sink — not in the fireplace!

lucas with chloe talks tumor days of our lives

Sami vs. Belle

Belle wrongly assumed that Sami set her up to take the fall for Charlie’s murder. It was a little out of left field. As Sami reminded her little sister, she hasn’t done anything nasty to her in years, even if she did try to sell her on the black market when she was a baby. Sami calling Belle a “wet noodle” was a highlight. Their sibling rivalry was fun to watch once again.

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Kristen and her masks

It’s far past the time when these mask storylines have gotten on people’s last nerves. At a crucial time when Days is desperate to get renewed, this is what they’re airing. It’s truly shocking. They’d have been better off balancing this more with romance and some illness for a main character to raise their ratings some. This is what people are asking: Does Kristen have a room in the DiMera tunnels filled with masks for every resident of Salem? Okay, that’s what I’d like to know. Everyone else wants to know how they’re making the masks without a mold of the face and how does she get the voice right? And most confusing, how does she get her body type to change? At least Kristen dumped Jake, but how weird was it to have Roman immediately force himself into the situation and ask if Kate was ready to reunite? It was literally two seconds later. I want Kate with Roman but give it time.

kristen breaks up jake as kate days of our lives

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