B&B Spoilers Sept 18 – 22: Deacon and Sheila’s Affair Takes a Turn When She Realizes Exactly What He’s Done

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, Sept 18 to Fri September 22.

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What’s coming up on B&B the week of September 18?

RJ, Eric and Donna share a secret.

Brooke busts Hope and Thomas again.

An unexpected person plays Cupid.

brooke catches hope in bed thomas

Monday, September 18

Monday’s early B&B recap: Brooke walks in on Thomas and Hope

Brooke gets an eyeful.

Brooke is angry Hope’s with Thomas again.

Hope explains she and Thomas aren’t together, that it’s a fling.

Brooke worries for Liam.

Carter is concerned.

RJ defends his grandfather.

Ridge is proud of RJ.

thomas and hope wipe off their lips

Tuesday, September 19

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Douglas wants his parents to reunite

Hope and Thomas almost kiss when Douglas strolls in.

Carter teases Ridge about the showdown.

Ridge asks RJ what changed.

Donna and Katie tell Brooke they never heard of a fashion showdown for Forrester and what’s more, Katie’s head of PR and should know.

Douglas makes a heartfelt plea to Hope.

douglas has a question for his mommy

Wednesday, September 20

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Hope arrives at Deacon’s while he’s with Sheila

Sheila thinks Finn is finally going to choose her.

Deacon tells Sheila that Finn loves Steffy. He’ll choose his wife and family first.

Li knows that Finn has already let Sheila into his heart, though he tries to deny it.

Li advises Finn to get rid of Sheila once and for all.

Li finnegan sneering

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Thursday, September 21

Thursday’s B&B recap: Douglas parent traps his parents

Douglas listens to Thomas telling him to be patient but ignores him.

Douglas delivers a romantic surprise.

Separately, Finn and Sheila make a decision about the other.

Hope and Thomas are surprised when their kid parent traps them.

Deacon is almost caught by Hope and decides again to end it with Sheila.

Sheila is fine with the dumping.

Finn agrees not to let Sheila into his life more.

sheila eavesdrops on hope and deacon

Friday, September 22

Friday’s early B&B recap: Deacon’s the one that got Sheila released  

Deacon and Sheila’s love affair takes an unexpected turn.

After they say goodbye, Sheila sees Deacon sitting with the judge who freed her.

Hope revels in Thomas’ love and affection. 

Douglas finishes dinner and leaves his parents alone.

Li wonders to Finn what else Jack could have kept from her.

Judge Scott (Michael Corbett) returns and a secret alliance will be outed.

deacon and judge chat about sheila


What’s coming up for Bold and Beautiful week of September 25?

An eavesdropper hears a shocking secret being revealed.

RJ faces a dilemma about Eric.

Finn leans on Taylor.

More Krista Allen appearances on B&B

taylor and brooke talk wanting to keep their friendship


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