Douglas Parent Traps Thomas and Hope as Sheila Accepts Deacon Breaking Up With Her

Thurs Sept 21 recap of B&B: Li convinces Finn to let go of Sheila while Douglas parent traps Hope and Thomas and Sheila accepts that Deacon has to dump her.

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Hope Shows Up as Deacon Tries to End Things with Sheila, and Distraught Li Orders Finn to Cut the Cord with Sheila

Deacon and Sheila worry when Hope shows up at his apartment unannounced, calling his name and turning the handle on the doorknob.

deacon freaks out when hope comes over while he's with sheila

Deacon bustles Sheila into the bathroom and lets Hope in.

Sheila eavesdrops as he lies that he was going to jump in the shower.

Hope is just checking in. The kids want the merman over for dinner soon.

He’d love that and misses everyone. He also wanted to see how she was doing with her marriage ending.

She calls Liam a good father and says they’ll co-parent.

sheila eavesdrops on hope and deacon

He thinks that sounds sterile and though it’s not what she wanted, you have to take what life throws at you.

Deacon’s there for her and nobody will get between them. Hope gets a message and calls it important.

They embrace and she runs off before Sheila slips out of the bathroom.

hope checking in on deacon

Deacon says that was too damned close. They can’t do this anymore.

He’s playing with fire. But he chooses Hope and whatever they’re doing ends today. “That’s it?” She asks. He’s sorry. There’s a part who doesn’t want to let her go.

He loves being with her and calls her unique, mesmerizing and deliciously dangerous but he finally has the respect of Hope and doesn’t think of himself as a loser.

deacon dumps sheila again

Sheila understands that and that he can’t risk it for his grandkids. She doesn’t want this to end but is grateful for every moment with him.

He’s incredible. “I don’t just mean in bed.” She chuckles. She’s proud of him.

They both tear up and Sheila is more determined to have a good relationship with Finn. She smiles. She can feel it.

sheila lets go of deacon

At the cliffhouse, Li knows she raised a man smarter than Finn.

If he doesn’t cut Sheila out of his life, he’ll lose Steffy and the kids forever.

She’s blessed to have him as her son and says it’s upsetting that his father’s affair brought “that psychopath” into their lives.

Finn feels guilty but she says he’s innocent and calls it natural to want to know where he came from. It’s his father’s doing by betraying her.

li and finn talk about getting sheila out of his life

She gripes about Steffy having to traipse across the world to get away from her.

Finn vows not to allow Sheila to keep him from his wife and kids any longer. 

Li thinks Finn’s the only one who can get through to Sheila and end her madness.

Finn won’t let Sheila ruin anything for him.

But Li knows she has a hold on him and he needs to break it.

li and finn talk about sheila at length

She won’t leave until Finn vows that Sheila is out of his life for once and all.

He tells her he can’t sleep without Steffy and wonders what happens if Sheila won’t let go. Li recalls as a kid when he’d look for a weak spot in his school work — to think outside the box.

He’s always found a solution and he will to this, too. He realizes his mama’s right. He’ll figure it out.

finn listens to Li, his mother's advice


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New B&B comings and goings

At the Forrester CEO office, Douglas is in awe of his father’s sketches.

He asks if the three of them can have a picnic and watch the sunset.

His mom’s happiest when the family is together.

thomas with douglas ceo office

Thomas tells his son they love him but sometimes they don’t always get what they want and need patience. “Mom’s going through a lot right now.”

Douglas is getting a ride with Aunt Donna to hang out before she drops him at his mom’s.

Thomas reminds him everything will fall into place if he and Mom are meant to be together. Douglas agrees.

douglas wants his parents reunion

Thomas arrives home to find a candle burning and his place tidy. He grins and Hope arrives.

She got his message. Thomas didn’t text her and says she texted him.

They turn and see Douglas in the kitchen door. “Oh hey guys,” he grins.

douglas plays matchmaker

They realize they’ve been set up and Thomas says he is a Forrester and they know how to set a romantic scene.

The men high five but Thomas reminds his son he asked for patience.

Douglas thinks together, they make each other better because that’s what family does.

They all grin at one another.

douglas matchmaking parents

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