Phyllis Agrees to Tucker’s Offer, Diane Urges Jack to Can Billy, and Audra Tells Kyle to go Back to Summer

Thurs Sept 21, Y&R day ahead recap: Jack tells Phyllis she’s dead to him, Diane worries about directionless Kyle, and Billy gets fed up with Adam being coy.

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Audra was forced to fire Kyle, and then dumped him, while Jack considered cutting Billy loose, and Billy reached out to Tucker.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Sept 21, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Sept 22. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Tucker bumps into Audra in the jazz lounge.

He’s been thinking of their last conversation.

tucker bumps into audra in lounge

As they sit, she says they only had an energetic hour as old friends.

It wasn’t an invitation to revisit anything.

audra tells tucker it was only an hour

He’s been thinking about her on a more karmic level. She’s almost intrigued.

McCall reminds her about possibly jumping ship and asks how confident she is at Newman.

Nikki isn’t making her optimistic.

tucker talks audra karma

She has no reason to walk away right now…but what would he see her doing at Jabot if he took over?

He hasn’t come up with any specific job titles. The takeover is really just vindictive. He doesn’t care to run the company.

She admires his creativity but not his ability to pull this off. He knows they can see him coming but he has a secret weapon: Billy.

Audra is confused.

tucker and audra scheme

Phyllis startles Jack in the park as he walks through the park looking at his phone.

phyllis shouts out to jack

He has no desire to make small talk with her. They are miles past any kind of reconciliation.

There is nothing left between them since she destroyed the relationship between their children.

She knows she screwed up but is trying really hard to change.

phyllis tells jack she's changing

Jack says that’s the least she can do. But he doesn’t see any signs she’s trying.

“I’m going to make it happen,” she says. Jack says it doesn’t mean anything to him.

As far as he’s concerned, she’s still dead.

jack tells phyllis she's dead to him

After he walks off, Daniel arrives and says that was pretty rough. He admits she had that coming.

She’s not sure she’s ready for everyone treating her like that.

It hurts her feelings.

Her son suggests she find something positive and asks about her job.

She doesn’t have one.

daniel tells his mom she deserve dit

Phyllis is tired on defending herself. Daniel reminds her people have listened to her claims to change for decades.

If she wants to prove herself, she needs to do something.

She’s been searching for the money Stark stole from her.

Everyone keeps looking at her like the town pariah. Maybe she should have just left town?

phyllis' feelings are hurt

Her son says she wouldn’t be better off and neither would her kids.

He forbids a pity party and then tells her she has a new job.

“Come work with me at Omegasphere,” he suggests.

Moved, she tells him he doesn’t owe her any favors.

daniel tells his mom not to have a pity party

He makes it clear it’s not a high level job and he doesn’t want to hear any whining.

Once she gets a salary, she should be able to work out a payment plan with the insurance company.

She flashes back to making a deal with Tucker and then thanks her son for this opportunity, adding she’ll have to think about it.

phyllis complains to daniel

He suggests she also think about when she will stop getting in her own way.

When she’s left alone, she flashes back to the deal Tucker offered her.

She decides she has no choice but to agree to it.

“After this, never again,” she swears.

phyllis decides to take deal

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Billy saunters into Society and invites himself to sit with Adam. He heard he lost his job again and commiserates.

billy corners adam at society

Adam wonders what he wants.

When Billy asks for help, the Newman chuckles.

adam and billy banter

Billy reminds him he offered him damaging information on Tucker.

He needs some idea of what it is before he knows what it’s worth.

The Newman isn’t sure he wants to get involved in this. He’s gone modest and wants to work his way up from the bottom.

This makes Billy burst out laughing. He assumes it’s a con and will never happen.

billy tries to make deal with adam

He’s sure that Adam will never change so he might as well quit posturing and name his price.

He decides this isn’t worth the headache he’s getting from watching Adam play coy and heads out, bumping into Tucker on the way.

Tucker thought they had a meeting. Billy changed his mind.

Adam asks McCall about his honeymoon.

Tucker says he’s overplaying his sarcasm.

tucker runs into adam at society

Sitting down, he asks about the tension with Billy.

Adam is evasive and assumes Tucker is after the Abbotts.

adam sarcastic with tucker

As Adam keeps prodding, Tucker keeps refusing to bite.

They agree they have no animosity toward each other.

tucker and adam chat

When he gets a text from Phyllis asking to meet, Tucker quickly exits.

As Kyle jogs out of the Abbot house, Diane stops him, noticing he’s not in his suit.

He admits he was fired.

diane corners kyle about job

She assumes his fling with Audra cost him his job.

Diane drags him inside and tells him she’s sorry it didn’t work out. What now?

He doesn’t know. Maybe he’ll enjoy some leisure in the Caribbean.

kyle jokes about moving

His mom tells him not to hide from his pain. She knows he needs some direction.

Kyle claims that doesn’t matter right now.

She’d love him to come back to Jabot.

He’s already told Jack he would only return to replace Billy. His mom tells him not to pack for the tropics yet.

diane thinks kyle needs direction

Jack arrives and they inform him about Kyle losing his job.

As long as his son is okay, Jack is okay.

jack and diane talk kyle losing job

The only thing he asks is if this means he’s ready to return to Jabot.

Kyle will only return if he can be Co-CEO again.

kyle wants his old job back

Jack is thrilled by the idea of him returning but things are not resolved with Billy yet.

Kyle has no patience for this and takes off.

Diane tells Jack that if lets Billy go, they can work with their son again.

So what is there to consider?

diane tells jack to dump billy

Billy bumps into Audra at the GCAC and starts quizzing her about Tucker’s agenda.

billy urges audra to avoid tucker

She claims it has nothing to do with her.

He urges her to do all she can to protect herself if the situation with McCall blows up.

Sarcastically, she thanks him for caring.

audra sarcastic with billy

After she gets a table, Kyle walks in.

He spots her and flashes back to her firing and dumping him.

kyle spots audra

He walks over and they have some awkward chit chat.

He claims he’s good and she lets him sit.

kyle corners audra at gcac

She asks if he blames her for what happened. He doesn’t, knowing she had no choice.

audra and kyle talk at gcac

Audra detects some edge in his voice and doesn’t appreciate it. He’s just impressed by how fast she turned off her feelings.

She doesn’t think it was a storybook romance.

Just some fun and now they move on. She’s sure his heart is fine.

When she reminds him Summer is the love of his life, he snaps that there is no hope for them getting back together.

kyle and audra talk relationship

She’s sorry to hear that and suggests he admit he still loves Summer more than he’s willing to admit.

audra tells kyle he loves summer

Phyllis wanders in, bumping into Billy.

Tucker arrives at the same time and heads upstairs.

Billy stands outside and watches her head to McCall’s room.

billy sees phyllis go upstairs to tucker

Once she joins Tucker, Phyllis pulls out a laptop and asks for a million before she hacks into Billy’s account.

Next week on Y&R!

“Well, the gang is all here so what’s the big mystery?” Adam asks.

adam asks what victor wants this time

Victor announces that he will be Nate’s assistant. Nate is shocked.

victor wants adam as Nate's assistant

“I’m glad that we’ve had this time together but, truth be told, this reunion is not really the only reason I’m in town…there’s a matter of some importance that’s brought me here,” Mamie says to Traci and Jack.

mamie tells jack why she's back

“I hate that I put you in that awkward position but I would be lying if I said I was sorry that I kissed you. I can’t stop thinking about it,” Adam tells Sally.

sally takes adam's apology

“You look like you just lost your best friend,” Danny tells Phyllis.

danny returns to genoa city

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