Brooke Catches Thomas and Hope in the Throws of Passion and RJ’s Defensive With Ridge About Eric’s Needs

Mon Sept 18 recap of B&B: RJ feels protective of his grandfather and Brooke is incensed that Hope and Thomas were making out.

Friday’s B&B recap: Thomas and Hope Have Sex After He Agrees to No Strings and Eric Calls Ridge Out For Having a Huge Ego

In the Forrester CEO office, Brooke doesn’t want any tension between RJ, Ridge and Eric.

RJ argues that there’s no reason his father should be concerned.

Ridge appears at the door and brings up how he just learned his son is working with Eric.

He’s so happy he’s designing. The men embrace and Ridge wishes his son luck.

rj happy that ridge approves of him

Brooke leaves the designers alone after kissing Ridge goodbye but RJ isn’t sure he wants to be known as a designer.

He feels lucky his grandpa is taking him under his wings and that his dad’s happy for him.

Ridge is happy he’s following in his footsteps.

He’s also worried about his father.

rj unsure why his father is concerned about eric

He thinks the man should take a break but RJ defends Eric. The man has a vision! A great one.

Why does he want him to retire so bad?

Ridge just wants his happiness and says he’s made a mark and thinks it should be enough.

RJ says it isn’t. And Grandad isn’t ready to retire. “Not even close.”

Ridge can see that. He admits RJ has more talent than any of them and he’s proud.

rj defends eric

At Eric’s, he tells Donna he hasn’t felt fulfilled this much in a long time.

She gives him a look and he laughs. He’s talking about business only.

eric and donna canoodle at home

They hug and she asks about his visit with Ridge.

Carter shows up before they can talk.

He has the paperwork from the Paris deal that needs his approval and notices his collection all over the room.

He questions why his boss is doing this all by himself.

Eric relays news that he’s working with his grandson.

carter questions why eric i s working alone

Carter says it’s his job to ensure that everything is cohesive within the company.

Eric thinks that means he believes the younger generation should take over. Carter doesn’t believe that. Nobody’s doubting his expertise.

It’s a risk starting a new couture line that competes with Ridge’s concerns him.

Eric starts barking about the leap of faith he’s taken and if he trusts it, so should Carter.

He’s doing it alone and his son is going head-to-head with him on the runway.

donna shocked at eric

Later, Carter takes off and when asked, Eric says he hasn’t told Ridge about his hand tremors.

He refuses to. Donna professes her love for him.

Eric calls her an inspiration and says he means so much to her. He reiterates that she’s his muse.

She’s beautiful, smart, funny and sexy. He can do anything with her inspiration. He vows they’ll win.

Donna cries as she professes her love and kisses Eric.

donna is excited for eric's line

Donna and Carter look stunned and reveal how concerned they are about him putting pressure on himself.

Eric is confident his line will prevail.

In the design office at Forrester, Hope and Thomas loll around on the sofa, kissing.

She hopes she locked the door.  Thomas says this office will never be the same.

He can’t believe this is happening and they agree it was worth the wait.

They make out and she sits on him. He calls her beautiful.

hope and thomas after sex in design room

He never knew it could be like this. Hope just wants to ensure he knows where her head is at.

“It’s not love for me yet. I mean, I’m not ready and want to ensure you understand.” 

He knows. 

She says, “It may never be…” 

He knows and is fine with it as long as she’s in his arms. They kiss and dress.

thomas and hope make out after sex

She feels like something has lit up inside her and calls it freeing.

He’s glad to help her explore that.

He takes her in his arms and leans her over the desk as they make out.

brooke walks in on hope and thomas again

Brooke walks in with some samples and sees the duo making out and gasps. “Hope!”

Thomas wipes his beard and Hope wipes her mouth as Brooke gapes.

Hope’s annoyed that her mother keeps finding her with Thomas.

She has to work on her timing. Brooke says they’ve work to do.

She didn’t expect to find him kissing Thomas “and whatever else it was you were doing.”brooke shocked to walk in on hope with thomas

Hope scoffs. As if she and Ridge haven’t done the same thing.

Hands on her hips, Brooke says they don’t have the same history.

She demands to know where things stand between them and wrongly assumes Hope’s in love with Thomas.

Hope isn’t but he knows and they’re on the same page.

Brooke asks Thomas how he feels and then wonders how Liam would feel.

Brooke claims she knows Hope misses him and their life together.

brooke is stunned finding hope in thomas' arms


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