Douglas Urges Hope to Reunite with Thomas as a Family, and Brooke Argues with Her Son and Sisters About Eric’s Line

Tues Sept 19 recap of B&B: Katie wants an update on the competition, Carter teases Ridge about the showdown, and Ridge asks RJ what changed.

Monday’s B&B recap: Brooke caught Thomas and Hope in the throws of passion and RJ was defensive with Ridge about Eric’s needs.

In their office at Forrester, Thomas and Hope discuss their brilliant recycling ideas.

She brings up the fashion showdown between his father and Eric.

hope and thomas discuss the showdown

It doesn’t make any sense to him when Couture is doing well and HFTF is blowing up.

thomas and hope talk recycling

As they work on a sketch, their hands touch and they nearly kiss.

Douglas rushes in.

douglas interrupts his parents

He wants to talk to his mom alone.

He can see that Liam moving out has made her sad.

She says that’s life and he doesn’t need to worry about her. She’s the mom.

douglas asks hope about family with thomas

Douglas wonders if they can be a family again…with Thomas.

He promises his dad didn’t put him up to asking this.

douglas has a question for his mommy

She reminds him of how much work his father has done on himself and how he has changed.

Douglas just hates seeing her sad and knows that his dad loves her.

They have a chance to all be happy together if she gives him another chance.

She loves that he cares so much and appreciates his support but he doesn’t need to worry about her.

In the main office, Carter and Ridge discuss the competition with Eric.

There are still a lot of logistics to work through.

carter asks ridge about the showdown

Carter asks how he feels about RJ working with Eric. It must be kind of a blow to him.

Ridge admits he always wanted his sons to work together and is sure that RJ is talented.

Once this little battle is over, he can do that.

Carter urges him not to count out the great Eric Forrester.

ridge is feeling confident with his designs

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At Eric’s, Brooke asks her son if he is ready to go through with the showdown. He’s excited about it.

rj tells his mom he's feeling good

She’s a little nervous about it.

While she certainly believes in the talent that he and Eric have, she worries this preview will pit father against son.

brooke worries to rj about competition

RJ admits it feels weird to be competing against his father, but Ridge did assure him he was proud of him.

Donna and Katie barge in and Katie is not happy to be the last person to hear about this showdown, especially since she’s the head of PR.

She needs to stay on top of how to spin this.

katie wants to know about the showdown

They discuss Eric not believing that Ridge has been supportive enough and how innately talented RJ is.

RJ says his grandfather’s passion has taught him that he has a passion too and he will do whatever it takes to make this happen.

rj has passion for fashion

After RJ heads out, Brooke admits to her sisters that she’s worried that this competition could cause more friction in the family.

Donna explains that Ridge has made Eric feel like he’s being put out to pasture.

Katie agrees with her that Ridge should just let Eric have the collection.

donna makes eric's case

Brooke reminds them that Ridge is CEO and makes the decisions.

Donna reminds her that Eric built the company and his work is iconic.

brooke defends ridge

Brooke knows but she agrees with Ridge that it’s time for his father to put his pencils down.

Why should he risk his legacy on a last act?

Forrester may have been defined by Eric but now it is by Ridge. Donna sneers.

donna and brooke argue about eric

RJ arrives at the main office to get some supplies.

Thomas and Ridge are there.

ridge and thomas chat with rj

He asks his brother if he really thinks this fashion showdown is a good idea.

Maybe they should just focus on what’s working.

RJ thinks that his grandfather is doing really exciting work but his brother suggests that it may not have much to do with the direction they want to take the company.

thomas tells rj about directions

RJ reminds them that whatever “direction” they are going is based on Eric’s legacy.

rj on the eric legacy

After Thomas is asked by his father to exit, RJ tells his father how great Eric’s work has been and claims it’s degrading he’s being forced to compete like this.

rj and ridge argue about line

If he supported him, it would be the right thing to do.

Ridge says they will settle it on the runway.

He wonders why his son suddenly changed his tune about working in fashion.

RJ flashes back to Eric telling him about his arthritis and explains to his father that he just wants to help his grandad any way he can.

rj just wants to support eric

When Thomas returns to Hope and Douglas, he listens in the doorway as the boy tells his mom that they would make a great family and could make her sadness go away.

thomas locking eyes with hope

As they hug, she looks over her shoulder at Thomas.

hope looks at thomas as douglas hugs her

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