Hope Shows Up as Deacon Tries to End Things with Sheila, and Distraught Li Orders Finn to Cut the Cord with Sheila

Wed Sept 20 recap of B&B: Li reminds Finn he has to keep Sheila out of his life, Deacon reminds Sheila of what she could cost him, and Douglas urges his parents to get together.

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Douglas urged Hope to reunite with Thomas as a family, and Brooke argued with her son and sisters about Eric’s line.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas walks in on Douglas telling his mom that they could be a happy family if she’d give his dad another chance.

douglas urges hope reunite with thomas

She suggests they get something to eat. He wants to bring his dad.

hope listens to douglas' urging

Douglas turns and sees his father. He asks if he heard all he said.

Thomas thanks him. Hearing that he can see he’s become a better person means a lot to him. Hope smiles at them.

hope watches thomas thank douglas

Getting on his knee, Thomas tells his son how much he loves him and how important it is that he believes in him.

Douglas thinks he’s a good dad.

He’s asked Hope to find some forgiveness to him so they can be a family.

douglas tells his dad he's good

He hates his mom is so sad because Liam left but they can fix that.

The parents look at each other.

thomas looks up at hope

Thomas loves that his son thinks he can make Hope happy but he doesn’t want to put any pressure on her.

Hope assures her son she would never dismiss his desires and gives him a hug.

hope hugged by douglas again

She gets a ring reminding her of an appointment.

Leaving, she tells them both they will always be a family and gives a little smile.

Li drops by the cliff house to check on Finn.

She asks about his wife. He calls them as much as possible and misses them so much it hurts.

finn chats with his mom about family

She complains this is all because of Sheila.

He admits it’s been hard to have a serious conversation with his wife on the phone with the kids around.

His mom tells him he better make the time and remember that any contact with Sheila will drive Steffy away for good.

li checks in on finn

He’s assured his wife he will cut Sheila out and told Sheila the same.

Li doubts that she will walk away unless he takes matter into his own hands.

He has to shut her down so Steffy will be guaranteed that she will never have to worry about Sheila again.

li tells finn he needs to do something

She reminds him he already gave up his opportunity to let Sheila die.

He insists that would have made him a monster.

finn says letting sheila die would have made him a monster

His mom says it would have made him a hero.

He needs to take action or he will lose his wife and children forever.

Li orders him to try harder and quit just using words.

Sheila will destroy his life just like she destroys everything.

li tells finn to cut the cord

That woman is not his real mother, she is.

She’s the one who took him to soccer and held him and helped him become a doctor.

Taking her hand, he assures her will never minimize what she is.

She is his mother and he loves her.

finn assures li he loves her

Getting more distraught, she insists his love belongs to her.

She can’t understand why he would let Sheila in and call her “mom.”

The realization that Sheila will be back makes her sick.

She urges him to dig deep and cut the cord with Sheila forever.

li keeps freaking out about sheila

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At Deacon’s, he and Sheila make out.

He leaps away, saying they can’t do this.

She knows he’s trying to be a good boy but likes him better when he’s naughty.

They make out more and then settle on the couch.

She understands the dilemma he’s in.

sheila likes deacon naughty

Deacon has something to lose for the first time in a long time but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her.

“You mean so much to me,” she coos.

He worries that he could lose his daughter if anyone finds out about them.

She understands his feelings for Hope because they are like hers for Finn.

He thinks there are some significant differences. She shot Finn and his wife.

Sheila says that was an accident and her son will realize how much she loves him. She’s determined to be in his life.

sheila insists she will be part of finn's life

With Steffy out of the picture, there are no obstacles. He suggests she actually listen to her son and realize she can’t be in his life.

Sheila claims she can see the love he has for her every time she looks in his eyes.

Deacon is sure he’s conflicted but he will always choose his wife and children.

deacon urges sheila to listen to her son

She refuses to accept that and insists that Steffy doesn’t love him the way she does.

He doesn’t need to fight for his wife’s affection when he has his mother’s.

sheila insists finn loves her

Sheila is confident that she is close to a breakthrough. She lists all his qualities.

deacon tries keeping sheila calm

When the topic of Hope comes up again, he repeats that the stakes are high again.

He could lose Hope and the restaurant.

Would she want him to lose all that?

deacon tells sheila what he has to lose

Sheila doesn’t want that for him. “What are you saying, daddy?” she asks.

As they start kissing again, Hope starts knocking.

Deacon gasps as she twists the door knob.

hope knocks at the door

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