GH Spoilers Sept 18 – 22: Drew is Targeted, and Spencer Regales Trina With Plans for Their Trip

Full list of spoilers Monday, September 18 to Friday, September 22, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Martin in the hot seat, Liz and Finn weighing in on Gregory’s care, and Molly getting welcome news.

In the weekly spoiler video, Valentin and Nina are aghast at what they discover and Sasha, Sam, Dante and Cody look for a way to prove that Dr. Montague has been drugging her.

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Monday, September 18

Monday’s GH recap: Valentin is shocked by the surveillance reveal

Gregory finds Esme still at work, late and she explains she doesn’t want to go home yet.

Esme admits she thought she found a family when she didn’t. 

BLQ tells Chase she was fired and lost her best friend, Maxie.

Alexis and Finn go to an AA meeting together. 

Valentin asks Nina for the video footage of outside of Anna’s suite. 

Valentin gets a shock.

Anna is rattled by the mess someone made her room.

Martin is in the hot seat.

Brook Lynn makes a confession.

Marshall is concerned and goes to Stella about selling The Savoy.

Nina offers assistance.

blq tells chase she lost her job and Maxie as a bff

Tuesday, September 19

Tuesday’s GH recap: Charlotte broke into Anna’s place

Marshall is adamant.

Marshall won’t sell to Wu.

Eddie books a gig at The Savoy.

Portia feels left out of Curtis and Trina’s gaming date.

Sonny cautions Dex.

Dex helps Sonny with Hume’s visit.

Anna gets a visitor. Charlotte.n'neka and portia at the savoy

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Wednesday, September 20

Brook Lynn rebukes Tracy.

Lucy and Maxie clash.

Nina treads carefully.

Cody apologizes.

Liz and Finn weigh in on Gregory’s care.

lucy tells maxie someone is out to bring them down

Thursday, September 21

Thursday’s GH recap: Charlotte’s security video goes “missing”

Drew updates Carly.

Willow gets the tox report back.

Diane meets with Robert.

Anna hits a dead end.

Anna gets the sweetest gift from Robert.

Sam asks Willow for a favor.

Sam and Willow are shocked by the drugs in Sasha’s system.

Olivia and Eddie share a moment.

Valentin seeks out Dante.

Anna and Olivia search for the security footage.

drew on the phone with carly while cyrus watches

Friday, September 22

Friday’s GH recap: Molly hears her surrogate is pregnant

Curtis voices his reservations.

Spencer and Trina are filled with anticipation.

Trina and Spencer make out and he tells her about their trip.

Drew is targeted.

Drew is badly beaten and found by Cyrus.

Kristina makes a new friend.

Molly gets welcome news. 

alexis hugs molly

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