Sheila Discovers That Deacon is Responsible for Her Freedom, Li Wonders What Else Jack Hid From Her

Fri Sept 22 recap of B&B: Li vents to Finn about Jack and Sheila, Douglas’ parents thank him for the pizza, and Sheila and Deacon remind themselves of why they are splitting.

Thursday’s B&B recap: Douglas parent trapped Thomas and Hope as Sheila accepted Deacon breaking up with her.

At the cliff house, Finn repeats to Li that he won’t let Sheila cause any more damage to his family. Taking her hands, he tells her what a great mom she’s been.

finn has something else to tell li

He’s sure it hurt her when he called Sheila “mom.”

But there’s zero mistake in understanding who made him who he is and that’s her.

finn tells li she's a great mom

They both choke up about that and he assures her he will never see Sheila again once he finally gets through to her.

She can’t stop thinking about the impact his father’s affair with Sheila had on their lives.

She wonder what else Jack could have hid from her.

li tells finn to dump sheila again

Li adopted him knowing he was part of a “sleazy” affair. He’s sorry. They hug.

li vents to finn about jack

He says that he will do whatever it takes to protect her, Steffy, and the kids. She asks if he had second thoughts about saving Sheila.

Finn reminds her he’s a doctor.

He had to. His mom says his convictions are stronger than hers.

li and finn talk about safety

At Deacon’s, he and Sheila agree to end their relationship so she won’t jeopardize his relationship with his daughter.

She wants the same kind of relationship with her son.

sheila tells deacon she wants in son's life

Although she knows their situations are very different, she remains determined to find a way to be part of Finn’s life.

Neither of them want their relationship to end but see it is necessary.

She doesn’t want to live in the shadow of Forrester paranoia anymore.

deacon and sheila breaking up

Although he doesn’t doubt her, he doesn’t see how she can make her way back to her son.

She tells him not to doubt her bond with Finn.

deacon won't doubt sheila

Once she packs her hat and bag, she guesses this is really goodbye.

He’s been her knight in shining armor and showed her that she has worth.

It was nice to have him to rely on. Tearing up, he says he will miss her and be rooting for her.

After they kiss, she says, “Goodbye daddy.”

deacon and sheila kiss goodbye

He exits for work and she weeps.

sheila upset

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In Il Giardino, Deacon chats with Judge Scott (played by Michael Corbett) about their past.

deacon and judge chat about sheila

As they laugh about the scrapes they got into, Sheila comes down in her hat and sits across the room at a table, watching them.

sheila in disguise

Deacon tells the judge that he has a lot of history with Sheila.

Given her rap sheet, Corbett understands why he reached out to him and filed motions to make sure that Sheila would remain a free woman.

judge says deacon is reason sheila is free

At Thomas’, he and Hope giggle awkwardly as their son surprises them with a table set for a candlelit meal.

He wanted to show that he loves them and that they love each other too.

douglas surprises his parents

He shows them to their seats and announces they will be having pizza and frites.

His mom tells him how sweet he is for doing this.

douglas tells his parents they're having pizza

As they eat, they tell their son how great the meal is.

He feels his work is done and declares it’s time to leave them for some time alone.

douglas watches parents eat

It would be a dream come true for him to have them all living together as a happy family.

As the three of them hug, Hope and Thomas look into each other’s eyes.

thomas hope and dougls hug

Once Douglas exits, he sends them a text to say there are milk and cookies in the kitchen for dessert.

thomas and hope giggle about douglas

Thomas says their son was right. He does love her, but he understands she’s not there yet. It’s enough for him to be in her presence.

He’s finally matured and promises he didn’t tell Douglas to do any of this.

She figured that out.

hope and thomas talk feelings

“I only want to be with you,” he says. He was the wrong guy in the past but is a new man now.

After reminding her that Liam hurt her, he says that she has another family and that’s with him and their son.

thomas tells hope he loves her

He adds they could have everything their son wants: a family together.

She may not love him now, but when things change, he will be there because he’s always loved her.

She admits it feels good to be with a man who loves only her.

She can feel it and it feels good.

hope tells thomas she likes to be wanted

Hope gets him to tell her she’s the only one again.

He does and they make out.

hope and thomas make out

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