Bold & Beautiful Comings and Goings: Dan Martin Returns as Deputy Chief Baker

The Bold and the Beautiful comings and goings for winter and spring 2024.

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Bold and Beautiful Comings and Goings for February 

Dan Martin’s back on the scene

Dan Martin returns to Bold and the Beautiful as Detective Bradley Baker, Friday March 1.

Whenever Baker’s called in it’s usually about something dastardly that’s happened.

Check out the spoilers to see a little more about what’s happening in this episode. baker has news BB

Amanda Kloots of The Talk makes a special appearance

Amanda Kloots (Lucy) and Elvis Cordero (Danny): The co-host of The Talk and her real-life son are slated to make a B&B appearance on February 21. 

Bold and Beautiful Comings and Goings for January 

Adain Brady returns to B&B

Adain Bradley returns to Bold and Beautiful as Xander Avant. He’ll be seen first on December 28. 

Bradley hasn’t been seen on the CBS show in some time. For those needing a refresher on who Xander is, he is the son of Claude and Maisie, and Julius (Obba Babatundé) and Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford) were his aunt and uncle.

Karla Mosley portrayed Maya Avant and left the show in 2019 with the rest of the entire Avant family.

There is no word how long the actor will appear.  

adain bradley returns to bold and beautiful as xander

Susan Flannery appears

Susan Flannery appears on Bold and Beautiful as Stephanie Forrester, or the ghost of Stephanie, that is.

When Eric is in ICU, fighting for his life, he sees the light and heads into it, surprising Stephanie.

Read the full B&B recap December 15.

stephanie appears to eric as he dies soaps spoilers susan flannery is back on B&B for a short time

Two doctors appear while Eric’s hospitalized

Ruben Gundry appears as a doctor on Bold and Beautiful on December 13. This doctor will be working on Eric’s (John McCook). Along with Gundry is Adela Paez who will portray Nurse Clarissa.

chos as eric forrester brought to hospital bold and the beautiful


Bold and Beautiful Comings and Goings for November

Justin Davis

Justin Davis returns to B&B once again as Dr. Colin Colby on Wednesday, November 29.

dr colby

Hayeong Jang

Hayeong Jang will be appearing on Bold as a Forrester model named Lilah.

She is seen modeling a dress in the Tuesday, November 28 episode. 

eric rj and lyla model

Stars of Big Brother, Cirie Fields and Matt Klotz, will guest star on Bold and Beautiful.

The duo have taped their scenes on November 13 and will be seen Wednesday, December 20.

james from big brother on bold and beautiful

Cirie portrays Dr. Martin and consults on Finn (Tanner Novlan) and Dr. Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones) on a patient they’re treating. Are we to assume it’s Eric Forrester (John McCook)? Maybe they can help work magic and ensure Eric sticks around.

dr martin consults, from Big Brother

James will portray James, an employee of Forrester Creations who will work with RJ (Joshua Hoffman), Luna (Lisa Yamada), and Zende (Delon de Metz).

cirie and matt from big brother star on bold and beautiful

Bold and Beautiful Comings and Goings for December

Winsor Harmon & Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones (Bridget Forrester) will return to Bold and Beautiful on Wednesday, December 6. 

With Eric dying and only months to live, TV Insider reported that Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester) is also returning on Tuesday, December 5.

winsor harmon returns to bold and the beautiful as thorne forrester

With the news that the patriarch of the family is dying, Eric (John McCook), with only months to live, it looks like the family will be at his side, though the show has not yet declared that McCook is actually exiting the show or the character he originated in 1987. 

Jones posted a selfie on Instagram, saying hello from her dressing room at Bold and Beautiful.

“Love being back at it with my favorite work family ever. And to you that never stop asking for Bridget — they hear you! Been a very busy couple weeks. Want to tell you everything soon! Lots of stuff to shoot today!”  


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A post shared by Ashley Jones (@ashleyaubra)

In addition to the two actors returning, Casey Kasprzyk posted on Twitter (X) that they were filming 10 shows this week and it’d be emotional for everyone. This doesn’t sound good for Eric Forrester.

Bold and Beautiful Comings and Goings for September

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

As we reported below, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood exited Bold and Beautiful as Steffy Forrester on September 7. (See below)

Wood is returning the week of October 30 in scenes with Finn (Tanner Novlan), after Liam called to tell her what was going on with Deacon and Sheila in the October 20 episode.

steffy leaves finn


Diamond White & Delon de Metz

Diamond White is back on B&B as Paris Buckingham, along with Delon de Metz as Zende Forrester Dominquez.

They will be first seen again during the fashion show on October 27.

zende paris doing numbers

Elsa Esnoult

Elsa Esnoult will be seen starting October 25 as Fanny Greyson, a French singer with a love of Forrester couture. Fanny will be seen in three episodes and is a crossover storyline with the French soap opera she works on, The Mysteries of Love, and Bold and Beautiful, which over there translates to, Love, the Glory and the Beauty.

 It is a crossover with her character Fanny, from the French soap “The Mysteries of Love” and B&B, which is called “Love, the Glory and the Beauty” there. Fanny is a fan of Forrester Creations and wants her dream gown designed by the team at Forrester.

The actress will be in scenes with Eric, Brooke and Ridge.

Elsa Esnoult as fanny greyson
Fanny Greyson

Darin Brooks

Darin Brooks announced his exit from Bold and the Beautiful today on his Instagram feed.

The actor, who has portrayed Wyatt Spencer for 10 years, was last seen on the soap in scenes with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) in the September 8 episode.

wyatt talks about liam wanting steffy back

He told fans, “Until we meet again… So, many of you have seen that I am no longer in the credits on @boldandbeautifulcbs and after 10 amazing years, it’s time for me to say ‘Until we meet again…’ to Wyatt Spencer…(Doesn’t mean its the end, just… bye for now…🙂)”

Brooks has barely been seen on the show in recent years and hasn’t enjoyed his own storyline for quite some time.

Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) and Wyatt were engaged, but viewers haven’t seen Flo in a few years. He was thankful and appreciative of his time on the soap saying, “Honestly, I have to thank the big man, Brad Bell, for having me, you seriously changed my life man! Love and appreciate you, always! 🫶❤️ The experiences, the trips, the memories, the friendships… All will forever hold a special place in my heart!!

To the Spencer men, Scott and Don, you’re like family to me in real life so I’ll see ya soon (off set) 😉 Haha To all the cast and crew, too many people to mention but just know… I LOVE YOU ALL and thank you for everything!!! ❤️ A HUGE Thank you to @cbstv for letting me be apart of your daytime family!!

And to the many, MANY fans around the world watching this show… THANK YOU!! For always watching and enjoying what I LOVE TO DO!! You all touched my heart just by tuning in everyday and being apart of our Bold and Beautiful family!! ❤️🫶

Time to see what’s around the bend… 😉🤙😎”

We wish him all the best.


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A post shared by Darin Brooks (@theedarinbrooks)


Hollis W. Chambers

Hollis W. Chambers returns to B&B as Hollis the bartender at Il Giardino.

Look for Hollis on October 19 in scenes with Sheila and Li.

hollis wonders where the hot redhead went deacon liked B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Tracey Bregman

Tracey Bregman heads over to B&B as Lauren Fenmore in a five-part fashion event that starts on October 25.

Lauren brings along with her, Esther Valentine.

lauren fenmore tracey e bregman

Kate Linder

Y&R vet, Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) will be making an appearance on Bold and the Beautiful starting on the October 25 episode.

Esther has always wanted to own a Forrester Creations Original and is a guest of Lauren Fenmore (a department store owner and buyer) to the upcoming exclusive fashion show for Ridge and Eric who premiere their couture designs.

kate linder esther valentine

Marie Osmond

Singer Marie Osmond makes her debut on Bold and Beautiful on October 27.

The ex-Donny & Marie host was supposed to make the debut in 2011, according to People Magazine.

Osmond’s character, Countess Von Frankfurt travels to LA to see the new collection.

She’ll be there for the Forrester fashion showdown between Eric (John McCook) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye).

marie osmond to bold and beautiful

Romy Park

Actress, producer and writer, Romy Park, joins Bold and the Beautiful as Poppy, Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) mother and Li’s (Naomi Matsuda) sister. She is first seen in the October 6 episode on a phone call. 

luna's mom poppy calls her

Bold and Beautiful Comings and Goings for September

Justiin Davis

Justiin Davis will be appearing on B&B as Dr. Colin Colby.

He will be seen in two episodes, first appearing on October 3.

Viewers should expect him in scenes with Eric (John McCook) and Donna (Jennifer Gaeris).

If Daviis looks familiar, you may have seen him on episodes of The Boys, The Equalizer, NCIS: New Orleans or Madam Secretary

justiin davis as dr colin colby

Taylor Hale

Big Brother Season 24’s Taylor Hale makes her way back to Bold and Beautiful on October 4. We’ll see her in scenes with Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) who dresses her to model some of his designs.

Taylor Hale, Monty Taylor, big brother BOLD

Michael Corbett

Michael Corbett will be making a return to Bold and Beautiful as Judge Evan Scott, who *TEASER* has a secret alliance with someone. Look for him on September 22 and 25. 

Corbett was last seen Monday, July 24 in a three-day stint when he freed Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) from prison. 

michael corbett to bold and beautiful ex-david kimble Y&R comings and goings

Naomi Matsuda

Naomi Matsuda appears on B&B as Dr. Li Finnegan in scenes with Finn (Tanner Novlan) on September 20 and 21.

li finnegan appalled that liam wants steffy back

Henry Joseph Samiri

Henry Joseph Samiri returns to the fold once more as Douglas Forrester. He’ll be in scenes with Hope (Annika Noelle) and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) beginning September 19.

douglas hugs thomas at forrester creations on bold and beautiful

Krista Allen

Krista Allen will be seen again as Dr. Taylor Hayes on September 27, 28 and 29.

She will also air early in October, according to SoapHub.

We reported last week (below) that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is exiting for maternity leave as Steffy Forrester.

Steffy told Liam (Scott Clifton) that she was leaving with the kids on September 7 and meeting her mother in Rome. There is no word if we will see the Rome scenes in late September or October.

As for the reason behind Allen not being seen regularly, B&B often brings in their cast and gives them chunks of time off to write for other characters when the storyline dictates. 

krista allen temporary exit bold and beautiful

Oliver Bell

Oliver Bell comes to Bold and Beautiful as Ginge, a new Forrester Creations intern. Look for RJ (Joshua Hoffman) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to work with him starting September 14.

Alexis Gaube & Riley Rasmussen

Alexis Gaube, (seen below) along with Riley Rasmussen return to B&B as Petra, and Sloane who will model some Forrester duds starting September 12.

petra models for forrester creations


Lisa Yamada

Lisa Yamada has joined Bold and the Beautiful as Luna, in a contract role.

She will portray a college fashion student who arrives at Forrester Creations with a secret. 

Yamada will start on September 13. 

Some will remember Yamada from a role in Cruel Summer, and she has also worked on All Of Us Are Dead, and Little Fires Everywhere.

lisa yamada joins bold and beautiful comings and goings


Don Diamont

Don Diamont is back on Bold and Beautiful as of the Friday, September 8 episode.

bill learns that hope kissed thomasa

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood exits Bold and Beautiful as Steffy Forrester — temporarily! Did Jacqueline MacInnes Wood have baby number four? We updated our original report from September 1 with baby news! 

In an Instagram post, baby mommy wrote, “August 27th our baby boy 𝙑𝙖𝙡𝙤𝙧 𝙅𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙨 𝙍𝙪𝙨𝙥𝙤𝙡𝙞 was born. Our hearts are so full. Thank you for all the messages. Just been taking this time to slow down and soak in this moment.”

She will be on maternity leave starting on September 7. 

Wood has three other children with her husband Elan Ruspoli, Rise, who was born March 2019, and Lenix, who was born February 2021, and Brando, born May 2022. 


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B&B spoilers updated

B&B comings and goings


The actress announced baby number four on Monday, April 17 episode of The Talk, when she promoted the 9000th episode of Bold and Beautiful.

She celebrated her birthday on the show and let them know she was expecting baby number four.

“I’m pregnant again… Every time I’m here I’m always announcing that I’m pregnant. All I wanted for my birthday was just to eat and sleep. But let me tell you, when I’m not pregnant, I’m a good time.”

jacqueuline macinnes wood having her baby number four

Her most recent post on Instagram showed her baby bump and was captioned, “In my element….🤍”

Friends, former Bold and Beautiful co-star Courtney Hope (Sally, Young and Restless), Jennifer Gareis (Donna), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Tamara Clatterbuck (ex-Alice, Young and Restless) all posted loving comments.


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A post shared by J A C Q U E L I N E W O O D (@jacquelinemwood_1)


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