Y&R Spoilers Nov 6 -10: Daniel Gets Romantic and Things are Tense With Summer and Sharon

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Coming up on Y&R the week of November 6!

Victor’s angry when he learns that Adam’s been talking to a shrink while Adam is none too happy when Nick exposes Adam’s plan, which doesn’t make it look good for Adam, who genuinely was worried for his father. 

Victor summons his family to his side.

Victor makes a shocking decision.

Danny keeps the peace.

Summer makes a confession.

summer hopes they can be adults about divorce


“Ever since Aria got fitted for her hearing aids we’ve been waiting on pins and needles for them to come in,” says Mariah.

Teriah talk about aira's ears

“And now that they’re here and Aria can have them put in…” adds Tessa.

“We’re terrified,” concludes Mariah.

“The time has come to tell you all the truth,” Victor announces to his family who have gathered in his office.

victor ca ls family meeting

While sitting with Christine, Nina gets a call from the hospital. “Yes, I’m his mother. How bad is it?” she asks, worriedly.

nina bad news about chance


Monday, November 6

In Monday’s recap, Mariah and Tessa areas so thrilled – Aria can hear!

Nikki doesn’t talk to Claire about her feelings.

Claire almost cries. 

Claire keeps a secret from Nikki.

Claire is into Nate.

Nate spills the tea about Victor to Victoria.

Victoria confronts her dad. 

Mariah and Tessa are tested as parents.

Tuesday, November 7

In Tuesday’s recap, the family is rocked when Nate is fired.

Devon questions Nate’s sincerity. 

Lily experiences mixed signals with Daniel.

Daniel tells Lucy she can move in while waiting on an apartment.

Lily and Devon agree to extend an olive branch to Nate.

Victor tells his family the jig is up. He fires Nate and everyone’s agog.

Sally’s sick of herself and tells Chloe she’s bucked up.

Chloe admits it was a mistake to go to Marchetti.  

sally and chloe talk work

Wednesday, November 8

In Wednesday’s recap, Nate feels betrayed and  Chance is shot.

Danny keeps the peace between Phyllis and Christine.

Phyllis agrees to be kinder to Christine and considers taking up meditation which Danny encourages.

Chance catches Nina off-guard.

Chance is hospitalized and she and Christine dash to the hospital to see him.

Victor yells at his family and tells them the truth, that he has been stringing them along.

Nate yells at Victoria and takes off, then messages Devon to meet.

nate pissed at victoria

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Thursday, November 9

In Thursday’s recap, Summer makes her feelings known for Chance.

Victoria and Nate share a difference of opinion.

Victoria wants Nate back but he needs time to think.

Danny learns Chance was shot.

Danny asks Christine out.

Christine sets boundaries with Danny.

Sharon sees Summer holding Chance’s hand as he wakes up.

Nate and Devon decide to make amends.

nate and victoria talk about his firing

Friday, November 10

In Friday’s Y&R recap, Chance wakes up and Sharon notices Summer has a thing for her boyfriend.

Phyllis weighs her options.

Phyllis and Christine have a tense moment.

Everyone visits Chance who wakes up.

Nina asks her son to quit his job. 

Sharon and Summer stand their ground.

Daniel romances Lily.

daniel and lily look at pictures

Young and Restless week of November 13!

Victor gives his family an ultimatum.

Nick finds himself at a crossroads.

Jill confronts Tucker.

Mamie goes to bat for Nate.

mamie says tucker bad news

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