B&B Recap: Hope Gets in Steffy’s Face — Taylor Warns Sheila Her Day of Reckoning is Coming

Thursday, Nov 9: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon reminds Sheila of why their engagement is a secret, Steffy accuses Hope of exploiting Thomas, and Brooke reminds Ridge she’s there for him.

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Steffy was aghast when she walked in on topless Thomas and Hope, and Taylor argued with Brooke and Ridge about their kid’s stability.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy asks Hope what she was thinking hooking up with her brother in the office.

steffy and hope argue about hooking up

“C’mon, like that’s never happened in here before,” objects Hope.

They were “just having a good time.”

Steffy closes her eyes.

She can’t believe she has to deal with Hope undermining her brother on top of fighting off Sheila.

steffy appalled by hope

Hope says that she’s in control of her life now and living to fulfill her wants instead of other people’s expectations.

Thomas is there for her and she insists she is not toying with him.

She feels like he can read her mind and gives her all she wants.

Steffy accuses her of abusing his feelings.

hope tells steffy world doesn't revolve around her

Hope insists they are transparent with each other but Steffy is sure that she’s treating him “like a sex toy.”

steffy accuses hope of abusing thomas

The topic of Liam comes up and Steffy asks if Thomas is payback for him.

Hope points out the world doesn’t revolve around her.

Steffy’s narrative is not hers and she’s in control of her life now.

Thomas is helping her find out who she is and she’s liking that a lot.

hope says she's finding herself

Having her marriage fall apart was excruciating but she’s done begging Liam given how unforgiving he was with her.

She claims that she and Thomas are just living in the moment.

Steffy thinks she’s becoming Brooke.

steffy thinks hope is turning into mom

Hope used to be terrified of that but not so much any more.

When Steffy brings up Deacon and Sheila, Hope agrees with her concerns.

Neither of them can understand this.

Steffy says Sheila will pay if she tries to harm her family again.

hope and steffy complain about sheila

Steffy refuses to see Sheila as anything other than a murderous psycho.

Thomas joins his mom in the main office as she argues with Brooke and Ridge about him.

thomas joins his mom in office

He understands Brooke’s concerns but he’s savoring every minute with Hope.

His mom wishes she could support this but it’s not reciprocal and a mistake.

He knows everyone has an opinion about this…including his sister.

thomas joins his mom in office

The mothers bicker about their daughters arguing until Ridge stops to remind them all that Sheila is on the loose.

Brooke wonders how Deacon could be so easily manipulated by her while Taylor is shocked to hear Sheila has a job.

taylor argues with brooke

Taylor abruptly takes off and Thomas follows.

Brooke tells Ridge she’s sorry about all he’s dealing with.

brooke comforts ridge as he worries about eric

His dad is dying and he can’t say anything about it, not even to his kids.

He insists that they respect Eric’s wishes and say nothing.

She reminds him he’s not in this alone. She’s there for him. He loves her for that.

brooke there for ridge

He knows that losing your parents is normal.

Stephanie is gone and so is her mom.

His dad is everything to him and he’s not ready to accept losing him.

She’s sorry and repeats that she will be there for him to lean on and help him through this.

ridge not ready to lose eric

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Deacon returns to his apartment and is impressed that Sheila has been cleaning the place up.

deacon sees sheila re-decorated

He’s also impressed she controlled herself when Li attacked her.

She didn’t want to upset her sexy secret fiancé.

sheila and deacon talk li

He assures her it won’t be a secret forever.

If Hope found out right now, it could ruin things between them forever.

deacon reminds sheila of hope

She’s sure things will get worse for him and reminds him of all he could lose.

He has faith that Hope will give him another chance again.

They kiss.

deacon sheila kiss

Taylor bursts in and asks Deacon if he’s lost his mind.

taylor asks if deacon has lost mind

She complains about Sheila driving Steffy and the kids out of town.

Sheila explains that her heart was empty and she was always looking for love.

That’s something she finally found with Deacon.

They are good for each other.

sheila and deacon confronted by taylor

Deacon says people change every day and Sheila will not be a threat.

Sheila reminds the doctor they used to have a nice relationship.

They had a bond.

Taylor reminds her that shooting her daughter broke that bond.

taylor complains about sheila driving steffy out

“Be careful Deacon. I believed in her too,” she warns, ordering Sheila to stay away from her family.

She knows that Sheila is fundamentally unhealed and her refusal to get help means she doesn’t merit redemption, only a day of reckoning.

“You will pay,” she declares.

taylor warns sheila

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