Y&R Recap: Summer Imagines Telling Sharon She’ll Fight Her For Chance, and Phyllis is Accused of Disrespecting Boundaries

Fri Nov 10, Y&R day ahead recap: In today’s Young and Restless, Sharon notices how upset Summer is about Chance, Summer asks her mom not to get involved, and Daniel and Lily hang out.

Thursday’s recap: Summer made a bedside confession to Chance, Elena informed family of his prognosis and Devon and Nate reconciled.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Nov 10. Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Daniel and Lily are eating at the GCAC and he notices she has something on her mind.

daniel asks lily about heather

Suspecting she might be upset with him, he tells her that Heather and Lucy just showed up unannounced.

She tells him to stop babbling. He just wants to make sure Heather moving back won’t be a problem for them.

lily and daniel having dinner

Lily thinks he’s making more of this than he needs to and claims she’s just disappointed she missed his conversation with Sally.

He apologizes and so does she.

lily and daniel finishing dinner

Daniel suggests they go to his place and he can tell her all Sally’s ideas before he gives her a very private tour.

lily and daniel talk design

Daniel and Lily arrive at his place and realize he hasn’t started his electricity.

daniel and lily with no lights

He looks for a flashlight. Both their phones are dead so he finds some candles and lights them.

She thinks this is kind of romantic. They kiss.

daniel lily kiss in dark

They go through Sally’s sketches and she reminds him she has electricity.

He’s not missing that at the moment.

She’s missing a bed or couch.

The floor won’t cut it for her.

daniel and lily look at pictures

Taking her hand, he leads her out.

After Daniel and Lily have sex on her couch, she asks if she’s convinced him she doesn’t care about Heather.

daniel lily sex

He needs some more convincing.

They make out.

Sharon and Nina arrive at the hospital, where Summer is holding Chase’s hand.

summer at chance's side

Rushing to the bed, Nina tells her son that the doctor said he will be fine.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Putting your mother through this!” she sobs.

He can’t stand the crying.

She says this job may not be too dangerous for him but it is for her.

nina worries about chance

As she sits at his side and holds his hand, Sharon and Summer step back.

Sharon glares over at her.

summer and sharon shocked

The chief is sorry he put them all through this.

chance apologizes

He never expected to get shot after a crime.

There was a jewelry store robbery and the robber came back to grab something he left behind.

He let out a few shots before they could subdue him.

chance explains shooting

Chance is sorry for scaring them.

His mom tells him to focus on getting better. He’s grounded when he gets home.

Summer is glad he’ll be okay and had to check up on him.

Everyone says that was sweet.

Nina is sorry about what she went through with her mom.

Sharon adds Summer also lost the love of her life.

Summer says she’s doing better and Chance helped a lot.

After she takes off, Elena comes in and announces the ladies need to leave so the chief can rest.

Sharon gives him a kiss and exits but Nina stays with her son.

sharon nina with chance

Sharon finds Summer sobbing.

All of this has made her realize how dangerous Chance’s job is.

summer sobbing

Sharon says he’ll be out of there in no time and assures her it wasn’t weird for her to come.

summer realizes chance's job dangerous

Meanwhile, Chance expects his mom is about to tell him to rethink his life.

chance tells mom he thought not again

The cop admits the first thing he thought when he got shot was, not again.

He wonders if he’s getting too old for this.

His mom thinks so.

They say how much they love each other.

nian loves her son

She gets him some water and he admits he shouldn’t be making life-changing decisions while medicated with a hole in his chest.

chance thinking of changing careers

Nina really, really hopes he decides not to be a cop anymore.

Elena returns to tell Nina she needs to let her son sleep.

Nina thanks her for taking such good care of him.

elena interrupts chance and nina

Giving her son a kiss, Nina tells him to sleep well.

nina kisses chance

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Phyllis joins Danny at Crimson Lights.

He tells her they will have to reschedule dinner.

phyllis joins danny at crimson lights

Daniel had a last-minute change in plans.

Smiling, she points out they can still have dinner together.

She tells him about the tiramisu at a restaurant by the lake.

danny tells phyllis about rescheduling

He’ll have to take a raincheck. Christine walks in and the women force polite acknowledgments.

christine interrupts phyllis and danny

They fill Phyllis in on Chance getting shot and she worries about Summer.

Christine reminds Danny they have a reservation.

danny and christine talk chance

Phyllis wasn’t expecting an invite and wishes them bon appĂ©tit before smirking.

phyllis no invitation

Sitting alone, she flashes back to her past with Danny and their son’s battle with meningitis.

She worried he’d become a writer and write one of those Mommy Dearest books.

danny flashback

Summer mopes in and her mom asks how Supergirl is.

phyllis and summer hug

Her daughter tells her she just saw Chance at the hospital and doesn’t want to talk about it.

She immediately accuses her mom of grilling her.

Phyllis is confused but her daughter doesn’t want her to get involved.

phyllis says sharon and chance won't last

Summer accuses her mom of not respecting boundaries and says she’s interfering between Daniel and Heather.

Phyllis defends herself and claims she just cares.

When she asks if something is going on with Chance, Summer says he’s dating Sharon.

summer pouting about chance

That makes her mom laugh. She’d like her daughter to find true love and is sure this Chance and Sharon think won’t amount to anything.

Sharon is all about Nick and only about Nick.

phyllis happy daughter moving on

Phyllis admits that she and Sharon will never be friends but they can tolerate each other.

Her daughter does not want to come between Sharon and Chance, but does admit she has feelings for him.

She asks her mom to stay out of this.

summer won't go after chance

Phyllis is proud of her showing restraint. She didn’t learn that from her.

phyllis tells summer not a fan of sharon

Summer is proud of how restrained she’s been too.

Once Phyllis leaves, Summer is about to head out when Sharon arrives.

summer and sharon talk chance

They chat about Chance and Summer flatly admits she’s falling for him. The heart wants what it wants and she won’t back down.

Sharon stares at her in disbelief.

sharon in disbelief

Summer snaps out of that. It was just her imagination.

summer tells sharon she won't back down

Danny and Christine go to Society. Nina calls her to say Chance will be out in a day or two.

christine and danny having dinner at society

He marvels about how hard it must be to be married to a cop and then realizes who he is talking to.

They talk about Chance and Sharon and she adds Nina isn’t thrilled about them being together.

christine says sharon isn't daughter-in-law material

Sharon is not daughter-in-law material.

He says all they can do is follow their hearts. She thinks that’s sweet and corny.

Danny thinks simplicity is great.

danny and christine talk chance and sharon

They toast to being “the poster children for simple relationships.”

christine and danny toast

She admits that even after eating some of the best restaurants in the world, she misses his pasta sauce.

Taking her hand, he says they will have to make it happen again.

christine and danny holding hands

Phyllis arrives at the window and watches them.

phyllis looks at danny and christine

Next week on Y&R!

“You just focus on taking care of your aunt. I know how important she is to you,” says Nikki.

nikki tells claire to go

“There’s something else I should probably tell you about her,” Claire adds.

claire tells nikki there's something she needs to know

“Maybe I shouldn’t leave town at all this weekend with all this family upheaval,” Nikki tells Victor.

nikki is hesitant to go

He wants her to take the trip, reminding her that she’s been waiting to see her sister Casey for a long time.

victor encourages nikki to go

In a house, Nikki tries desperately to get a phone to work when Claire lunges at her with a syringe and jabs her in the neck.

claire injecting nikki

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