B&B Spoilers Nov 6 – 10: Ridge Puts His Foot Down, Liam Again asks for Steffy to Reunite and it’s Li Versus Poppy

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What’s coming up on Bold and Beautiful the week of November 6?

Steffy gets an eyeful when she walks in on Thomas and Hope half-naked in the design office.

She’s not a fan of the couple and is surprised at how far things have gotten since she’s been gone.

Coming up in December, Thorne and Bridget return

steffy shocked to see sheila

Monday, November 6

In Monday’s recap, Sheila gets a black eye.

Donna and RJ make a promise to Ridge.

Eric is set up in his old office by Ridge.

Eric’s appreciative of his stapler being returned.

Steffy gets in Sheila’s face.

Steffy makes a surprise move on Sheila.

sheila gets hit

Tuesday, November 7

In Tuesday’s recap, Liam boasts he can make Steffy happy.

Liam and Bill discuss Liam’s love life.

Liam tells his father that he believes he can give Steffy a better life than Finn can.

Ridge yells at Donna for not telling him about his dad dying.

Ridge begins a new chapter in his life with Eric at Forrester Creations.

Finn and Steffy enjoy a few minutes of fun with the kids and the babysitter.

Finn and Steffy discuss Sheila and how Steffy cleaned her clock.

Finn and Steffy have sex.

kids with steffy and finn

Wednesday, November 8

In Wednesday’s recap, Steffy is shocked to see Hope and Thomas half nude.

Ridge mediates in an exchange between Brooke and Taylor.

Thomas and Hope make out and get half nude in the design office.

Taylor and Brooke discuss Thomas and Hope’s relationship. 

Ridge and Steffy have a reunion. 

Steffy learns the truth about Thomas and Hope’s relationship and she is not happy about it.

thomas buttoning up

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Thursday, November 9

In Thursday’s recap, Taylor warns Sheila.

Ridge gets upset and tells Taylor and Brooke to let Thomas and Hope figure out their own relationship. 

Thomas walks in on his parents’ argument.

Taylor issues a dire warning to Sheila.

Steffy confronts Hope about playing with her brother’s emotions and finds Hope now gives as good as she gets during arguments. She doesn’t back down from Steffy while Steffy’s sure not backing down from Hope.

Steffy asks if Hope’s becoming Brooke and Hope’s not terrified of that anymore. 

thomas joins his mom in office


Friday, November 10

In Friday’s B&B recap, Liam asks for Ridge to help him get Steffy back

Poppy visits her daughter, Luna, at Forrester.

A confrontation ensues when Li finds Poppy at Forrester.

Liam makes a startling request of Ridge.

Liam wants Ridge’s help to get Steffy to dump Finn.

Steffy tells her mom she and Finn celebrated their love.

Liam visits Steffy at home.

poppy, luna's mother bold and beautiful

What’s coming up for Bold and Beautiful week of November 13?

Liam lays his love on the line to Steffy.

Deacon makes a heartfelt request to  Finn.

Ridge shares the truth about Eric with  Steffy and Thomas.

ridge tells eric he understands

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