Chance’s Evidence Has Christine Wanting to Kill Phyllis Herself, Billy Tries Not to Judge Victoria and Summer’s Caught Sneaking Around

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Daniel opens up to Lily about his mom, Billy’s not happy to hear who Vicky’s dating and Diane has an apology for Summer.

In the previous episode, Cameron Kirsten returned, and Sharon gets a cryptic postcard she assumed was from him, while Sally and Chloe got a deal, and Phyllis and Summer discussed her seeing Daniel.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 26, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 29. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Lily finds Daniel on a sofa at the Athletic Club drinking coffee. He’s still not sleeping so she invites him for yoga.

He refuses and she tells him he can call if she needs anything. He asks her to his room, saying he needs to talk.

Upstairs in her own room, Phyllis does some work on the computer, trying to clear her name.

She thinks there must be something that Stark has left behind to help her case.

phylis tries to look up dirt on stark

When Lily and Daniel arrive at his room, he has a hard time opening up.

He reveals he has been sworn to secrecy and it’s maddening.

He blurts, “My mother is alive.” Lily struggles to comprehend.

lily freaks out that phyllis is alive

She wonders in what world his mother thinks it’s okay to fake her own death.

Daniel defends his mom and explains Stark used her vulnerability against her and she killed him in self-defense. This isn’t what a mother does.

She’s sorry but his mom is a selfish coward, she yells. They talk about her framing Diane and that Phyllis could go to prison.

Daniel asks how Lily dealt with that. She recalls the accident with Hilary and knew there had to be consequences.

Prison was brutal but the silver lining is she met and helped a lot of amazing women. She’s stronger.

lily calls phyllis a coward

Daniel wonders how he’ll be a family again with his mom since his sister’s so angry with him.

She urges him to try to fix his family. He walks her down the stairs and she vows to keep it quiet but knows there’ll be fallout when it becomes public.

She’s there for him. She kisses him and goes.

lily there for daniel.

Summer sneaks into the Abbott mansion and grabs some keys before Diane catches her.

Summer lies that she’s donating to charity. Diane wishes she could go with her but Summer thinks it’s just as well. She’ll go for a long drive after.

Diane apologizes that her situation is causing stress between her and Kyle. Summer thinks they’ll be fine. Diane cares for Summer, despite the position that Phyllis put them in.

Summer says a terse, “Thanks,” and goes.

summer and diane home and diane apologizes

At Society, Victor approaches Chance to tell him he now has a deeper understanding of what went down between him and Abby.

He apologizes for his reaction and thinks he has just cause to “raise a fist to me.” Chance jokes that he can’t go up against The Great Victor Newman.

When Victor asks if Diane Jenkins really did kill Phyllis, Chance reminds him he’s not able to divulge an open investigation.

victor wants case information from chance

They party ways and Nate appears and sits with Victor and asks what this is all about. Is this a BBQ and is he on the grill?

Victor wants to catch up. He heard about his relationship with Victoria getting personal.

Because of that, he’d like to get to know the man.

Nate likes that.

He admits Victor’s the reason he started writing. He read about his life in his autobiography, “Man and the Myth,” wanting to know more about the man Neil loved.

nate talks about victor's autobiography

Victor says it was a long time ago. He asks what his plans are with his daughter. Nate doesn’t say but talks about becoming a doctor because of his mother and likes Victoria’s support and acceptance of him.

Especially after his family has vilified him. Nate needed people like her in his life.

Victor asks if he knows what she had to endure in her marriage. Nate says he’d never undermine her in the company.

She wouldn’t allow it and he knows Victor wouldn’t. 

victor talks to nate about vicky

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Reylynn Caster back at Y&R

Billy sees Victoria saunter into Crimson Lights and acknowledges that she’s got pep in her step.

She blames the shoes she had flown in from Milan. Billy asks when he can meet the guy.

She admits she’s seeing someone and he knows she went through hell with “he who shall not be named.”

victoria pep in her step

He’s surprised when she admits it’s Nate Hastings. He comments that he’s living with Elena.

Vicky says not anymore. She hopes she’s not about to get a ticket from the Billy Abbott police. He agrees to keep a lid on it.

They discuss the family dinner that Johnny’s been going on about. She’s glad that it went well and says she’s heard Lucy’s name mentioned a few times around the house.

Billy says there was some interest there. Talk turns back to Nate and he tells her he’s happy for her. She reveals she’s pretty happy herself. 

billy reacts to victoria beau news

In Chancellor Park, Chance gets on a call with someone who gives him some news that has him reeling and tells them they’ll get together for dinner.

He calls Christine to meet.

chance gets news about phyllis being alive

Summer winds up in Phyllis’ room at the Athletic Club with the bags. Phyllis digs into one and munches on food.

They talk about how Phyllis hasn’t found any dirt or information that Stark left behind.

They agree the paramedic is probably on a beach somewhere, never to be seen again.

They discuss Diane and Christine’s reactions to her faked death. Summer’s still unhappy with Daniel.

summer and phyllis in her room at athletic club

Phyllis would have liked more time to come up with a plan but she’s fine with it. They disagree and Phyllis doesn’t like her kids at odds.

Summer calls him Danny’s son. His moral compass is stuck at ‘do the right thing’ while there’s is ‘do what you have to do’. Phyllis reminds her kid that they’re a family.  

Summer’s priority is to ensure her mom finds a way back to them, not to fix her relationship with her brother.

They talk about this mess Phyllis made and she blames Stark for manipulating her. 

Phyllis says she got the laptop at a pawn shop and is doing deep dives into Jeremy’s emails and such but she has come up empty so far.

Phyllis is happy about the snacks her kid brought her and apologizes again for all of this.

phyllis talks to summer

Chance meets Christine and says the prints and DNA from the tears are a match for Phyllis.

Christine’s jaw drops in shock at the news.

She’s never wanted to kill someone the way she wants to murder her now.

She asks him not to quote her on this.

christine learns phyllis alive

Chance tells her this is all off the record. Christine can’t believe Phyllis watched her family grieve that way.

She calls her twisted, and narcissistic and did it all to make Diane suffer. Christine knows Phyllis was at that memorial.

They exploited the services of the medical emergency team and made the whole town grieve. She has no idea what she’s unleashed. 

christine vows justice

Diane places a photo of Diane and Ashley’s photo down so she can’t see their faces.

When Billy arrives, she’s a little stir-crazy and says Jack’s out. He offers her a list of podcasts she can listen to.

She talks about being positive that she’ll get free and won’t go to prison.

diane talks podcasts with billy

Nate and Victor say goodbye at Chancellor Park when Victoria appears.

He accuses her of following him. She thinks he was grilling her man. They laugh and Victor calls Nate a good man.

He approves, not that she needs it.

victor and nate at the park

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