Summer Makes a Bedside Confession to Chance, Elena Informs Family of his Prognosis and Devon and Nate Reconcile

Weds Nov 8, Y&R day ahead recap: Victoria tries to get Nate back, Summer tells Chance her feelings for him and Devon and Nate take great steps at reconciling. 

Tuesday’s recap: Chance is Shot, Victoria Isn’t Sure She Can Forgive Victor and Nate Can’t Forgive Victoria for Turning Her Back on Him

(The Young and the Restless Canadian recap for Oct 19, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Oct 20. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Christine and Nina visit an unconscious Chance in his hospital room.

christine with nina hospital

Nina sobs wondering why it’s always her son.

First Spain, then the bullet he took for Adam and it’s too much.

nina sobs over chance

Sharon finds Elena outside the room and she says the bullet went right through and didn’t hit any arteries or vital organs.

Sharon’s shocked it happened at all considering he has a desk job now.

sharoan worries about chance

Elena’s sorry and agrees to let her see her boyfriend.

Sharon turns up in the room and informs the women that he’ll make a full recovery.

Elena appears and thinks they look exhausted. They should rest.

elena tells the women to go rest

They file out and Summer rushes to Elena to ask how Chance is. She wants to see him.

Elena assures her he’ll be fine and didn’t realize they were so close.

Summer calls them friends and Elena walks her to his room. 

Nate and Devon meet at Neil’s Lounge. Devon asks what’s wrong but Nate calls it personal and doesn’t want to discuss it.

Devon confesses he wants to end their war. He’s not sure how but he appreciates that Nate’s trying to put the past behind them.

They wonder WWND (what would Neil do?) 

devon wants to end the war

It’s time for him to make more of an effort now.

Nate laughs that it’s quite a day of surprises.

nate and devon make amends

Victoria looks around for Nate at the Athletic Club doorway where Nick finds her.

They agree to have a drink.

Nick thinks she took Adam’s side just like Nate but she just wanted to keep things contained.

Victoria and nick drinks club

Now Nate won’t return her calls.

Nick’s sorry she’s hurting but not about him being fired.

While Victoria doesn’t trust Adam, Nick thinks he’s genuinely concerned about Dad.

They talk about her demotion and recap what happened these past few weeks.

victoria and nick talk demotion

She insists she’s on Nate’s side. Nick assumes Nate’s angry that he walked into “the master’s” trap.

Victoria hopes he fights to get his job back and Nick says that’s probably not going to happen.

He recaps to her that their dad’s trying to get him to return to Newman.

nick and victoria drinking talking about her demotion

He wonders if it’s another test. Victoria heads down to the club alone.

Once she’s gone, Victor texts his son about being the only one he can count on.

victor texts his son

Sharon spikes the drinks at Crimson Lights. Nina wants Sharon to tell Chance to quit but Sharon can’t.

They discuss Rey’s death. Sharon says it wasn’t in the line of duty but there’s no feeling worse than one of your kids being hurt, especially when you can’t do a thing to help them.

Sharon knows Chance needs to be in the action.

Nobody can talk him out of wanting to be in the action.nina and christine and sharon drinking


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Michael, Gloria and Kevin back to Y&R

Danny appears and the women look morose.

They fill him in on the shooting and he’s so sorry. How can he help?

Nina says it’s fine. Sharon and Nina get texts from Elena who says they can return to the hospital.

danny talks carpe deim

Nina asks Christine to stay with Danny, who tells Nina he loves her before she and Sharon take off.

Danny is a comfort to Christine. She becomes emotional and she needs to tell Paul.

Danny asks her to wait until the good news is official. They talk about seizing the day and he invites her to dinner.

She agrees as long as it’s not a date. He admits he wrote some great songs when she was in his life.

“Danny!” She gently admonishes with a laugh.

She asks if she can have royalties this time and he chuckles. Later, both are happy when they learn Chance will make a full recovery. Christine starts to get cold feet about their non-date.

Danny knows it’s a confusing time. It’s just dinner. She laughs and chooses a burger for dinner. 

christine date with danny

Back at Neil’s lounge, Devon knows this truce won’t happen overnight but Devon calls them family and they just have to make a choice.

Devon felt sad and dumb when Dominic did something cute that Devon wanted to share with his cousin.

Nate wishes he would have called.

devon wants cousin back

Next time, Devon says he will. Victoria intrudes, wanting to talk. He’s not interested. She pushes and he tells her no.

She begs him not to shut her out and Devon says they can do this another day.

They made progress. Nate agrees and Victoria thanks Devon before he goes.

Nate understood what Victor did and why but when he needed her, she chose Adam because he’s family.

nate and victoria talk about his firing

Victoria denies it. He should have seen that when it comes down to it, the Newmans protect their own.

Victoria admits that’s how she was brought up and her dad always seemed so invincible.

Nate gives him credit for getting around his BS detector. 

She asks if he thought they’d take control but he says not them, just her.

victoria tries to reconcile

He’s not sure he wants to salvage this. He needs time before he makes a decision about his future.

He’s not sure where he fits in with her priorities and Victoria wants to fight for them.

Nate argues that she chose Adam and his aunt Mamie warned this would happen.

It’s a wake up call for him to work on reconnecting with his family, above anything else. He still needs time. 

nate says mamie warned

Back at Memorial, Summer sadly sits by Chance’s side and wonders…what if she never saw him again?

“What if I could never bore you with my problems again?”

She doesn’t think she could have gotten through everything with her mom without him.

He became a good friend when she needed one.

summer mops at chance's side

She needs him to get through this because she can’t bear the thought of losing him.

chance wakes up

Sharon walks in on Chance as he’s waking up and holding Summer’s hand.

sharon sees chance and summer


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