Claire Makes a Mysterious Call, Aria’s Fitted With Hearing Aids — And Can Hear, While Victor Goes Off the Rails and Decides to Tell His Family the Truth

Fri Nov 3, Y&R day ahead recap: Claire keeps a secret from Nikki and Mariah and Tessa are tested as parents, while Claire makes a mysterious call.

Thursday’s recap: Billy’s Suspicions of Kyle Are Raised When His Nephew Drops Out of His Fight for Jabot, and Tucker Gives Kyle as Assignment After a Bitter Battle with Ashley

(The Young and the Restless Canadian recap for Nov 03, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Nov 6. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells her “girls” that today’s a big day.

Tessa and Mariah are nervous since the hearing aids for Aira are in.

What if they don’t work? Sharon calls them brave and therapizes them.

tessa and maria afraid of hearing aids

Tessa worries the kid won’t like the hearing aids.

Sharon knows she’ll get used to them.

Mariah worries about her future. Sharon found baby dolls with hearing aids online.

Teriah talk about aira's ears

This perks the women up. Sharon gives them a pep talk, thinking they will do what they can to make Aria comfortable.

Mariah still has concerns that it won’t work so Sharon calls the fear… “Irrational,” Tessa says, knowing how her wife feels exactly.

Sharon asks them to think of the joy on their daughter’s face when Aria hears her moms. They leave for Dr. George’s office for the fitting with Aria. 

tessa worries about aria hearing aids

At Newman Media, Nikki flashes back to talking about how Victor thinks someone’s scheming against him.

Nikki blamed Adam. Claire appears in the door, calling her name.

nikki thinks of her kids

Nikki snaps out of it and Claire questions her.

She shrugs that she’s having family issues still.

She and Victor had a disagreement on how to handle it but she’s sure it’ll resolve itself.

claire close to tears

She thanks Claire for her concern and Claire looks as though she’s going to burst into tears.

She apologizes and Nikki interrupts. She did nothing wrong. Claire leaves looking miserable.

claire miserable

At the Athletic Club, Adaam hopes Nick will keep secrets about talking to the doctor about their father’s mental competence.

Nick’s snide and doesn’t believe that Adam’s on the up and up.

His past speaks volumes. 

Adam reminds Nick he donated a kidney to Faith and he took a bullet for their dad.

Adam has the scar to prove it.

nick worried about adams plan

He tries to get his brother to see he’s being genuine. Nick wonders how it’ll work and makes sarcastic comments that this won’t work.

How does Adam know him? It sounds unethical.

Adam calls it a last resort, knowing their dad won’t do this on his own. Nick agrees.

adam asks nick for one chance

Victoria goes to Victor in his office to let him know that the deal he gave her is not one that he’d normally endorse. She’s talking about Sharon’s merger deal that was done a while back.

He asks if she thinks he’s slipping. She says no but asks him for clarification.

victoria wants clarification

He counters with another question, asking if she finds him incompetent to run the company. He tries to make it look like she’s the one with a problem.

He has a meeting with his son and when Nate walks in and offers to drive him there, Victor blows up.

He doesn’t need them.

victoria chastized

He can drive himself. He leaves, getting into the elevator looking smug.

victor smug

Victoria and Nate talk at length about his weird behavior and Nate asks her to act like everything is fine.

She thinks Adam’s going to screw her father over. Nate sighs.

He promised Victor he wouldn’t say anything but he doesn’t want secrets between them.

nate tells Victoria about her dad asking for help

He confided in him that something is terribly wrong and he needs help.

This shocks Victoria. Nate says he discussed going away for help so that there isn’t a hint of gossip.

He’s not 100% on board, Nate confesses when she asks for her dad’s thoughts.

If it happens, Nate tells her she’ll step in as interim CEO but needs to meet with Adam before making a decision.

This pisses off the brunette who stomps from the room in anger.

victoria worries to nate

He leaves the room and Claire’s there. She seems upset but says it’s nothing.

He pushes and she reveals she asked personal questions of Nikki and pushed too hard.

Nate scoffs. He’s sure it’s fine. She’d have let Claire know if she crossed the line.

claire asks nate out

He talks Claire down and she asks him out after work to give her tips on how to get along at the company.

He decides to tell her now how private they are but doesn’t think he can give her more than that.

Maybe they can grab coffee sometime to talk about how to navigate Newman waters.

He goes and Claire grins as she watches him walk away.

claire and nate talk about private newman family

At Athletic Club, Nick agrees to “be cool” when Victor arrives.

Nick flashes back to Victoria and him discussing their dad’s odd behavior.

Victor takes a seat and thinks they’re talking about building a powerful empire.

nick tells his dad the buck stops here

Adam and Nick are confused and Nick bites out that this needs to stop now.

They need to talk about his memory which is getting worse.

Nick spills the truth about the ambush, that Adam asked a doctor to meet with them and Victor demands answers. Adam explains why he wanted an outsider to see if he was okay.

victor fakes being forgetful with the boys

Victor needs nobody and the fact that Adam tried to trick him tells him everything he needs to know.

He jumps up and moves to leave when Victoria appears.

He bombards her with questions too.

What’s she there for? She doesn’t trust Adam and wanted to see what was going on.

victor yells at his kid

An argument ensues and Victoria starts yelling about his behavior so Victor tells them they’re all going back to the office. Now!


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Michael, Gloria and Kevin back to Y&R

Dr. George meets Tessa, Mariah and Aria in her office at the clinic.

They recap what’s going on and Dr. George gets the hearing aids.

She’s sure they’ll fit but will help show them how to put them in and give tips on how to ensure that Aria doesn’t remove them.

dr george and aria and mariah and tessa

They’ll put them in for short periods of time, and make it a game.

They put the aids in and the women talk to their little girl.

tessa sings to aria in clinic

Tessa sings and when Mariah says her name, Aria glances at her.

aria can hear

The women smile as they keep talking to the baby and she seems as though she can hear. 

aria can hear with hearing aids

Claire strolls into Crimson Lights for coffee. Sharon asks if it’s for Nikki and Claire says it is and she knows Sharon’s her ex-daughter-in-law.

claire talks to aunt jordan

When someone calls she takes off outside and says, “Aunt Jordan.”

She understands and thought she’d have more time.

She’s making progress. “Of course I will. Consider it done. I love you.” 

Back inside, Tessa and Aria arrive with Mariah and give Sharon the good news. Aria can hear!

sharon learns aria can hear

Back at Newman, Victoria, Adam and Nick reassure Victor they’ll get him all the help he needs.

Nate and Nikki meander in and he tells them that it’s time to tell them all the truth.

victor ca ls family meeting

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