Chance is Shot, Victoria Isn’t Sure She Can Forgive Victor and Nate Can’t Forgive Victoria for Turning Her Back on Him

Tues Nov 7, Y&R day ahead recap: Phyllis asks Danny to teach her meditation, Christine and Nina talk Danny, and Chloe can’t work with Summer.

Wednesday’s recap: Victor fired flummoxed Nate as Lily and Devon agreed to extend an olive branch to their cousin.

(The Young and the Restless Canadian recap for Nov 7, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Nov 8. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Phyllis corners Danny at the jazz club and starts telling him about the magical light outside. He’s distracted.

danny cornered by phyllis

“The bug comes back into town and suddenly I’m the pariah,” she guesses.

phyllis complains about the bug

He tells her nothing has changed. He still admires her effort to turn her life around.

Phyllis is sure Christine has it in for her. Her guard comes up when it comes to the bug.

He asks her to stop calling her that and explains she’s going through a difficult time right now.

danny laughing at phyllis

She offers to lay off of Christine since she knows what it’s like to lose part of your heart.

He worries she might fall back into her old dynamic but she insists she’s just fighting for her life.

Danny can appreciate that and is happy to help her.

Phyllis assures him she’s changing. She’s working hard and will get into meditation.

phyllis says she's changing

He tells her how much transcendental meditation has helped him and she asks him to teach her.

Danny explains you can’t just dabble and need a real teacher.

When he tells her a certified trainer can show her how to train her impulses, she asks him to hook her up.

Phyllis suggests they have dinner. He’d love to but has plans…not with Christine.

phyllis suggests dinner

He wonders why she’s so hung up on he and Christine. He’s having dinner with their son.

Danny urges her to keep away from Heather and Daniel because pushing them together will only push their son away.

She assures him making things up to her kids is her top priority so he suggests she join them.

danny asks phyllis to join

Nina joins Christine at Society. They chat about Chance and how nice it has been to catch up.

christine and nina at society

Christine is glad she’s been able to talk without being judged.

Nina asks if something happened between her and Danny. She relishes the thought of Phyllis being publicly humiliated.

Her friend explains that all that happened was Danny playing the piano for her.

christine and nina talk danny

It sounds to Nina like they still have a special connection.

Christine found herself opening up to him. She’s not sure there’s much to read into this.

They have a lot of history to unpack and she’s not in the best place emotionally.

Nina is sure this is kismet.

nina prods for details

Christine isn’t sure what’s next for her. She doesn’t want to be DA after seeing how people like Phyllis get off.

christine doesn't want to be da

Nina gets a call from the hospital. Chance has been shot.

nina gets off phone

Chelsea joins Chloe at Crimson Lights for a meeting with Summer. Chloe is not excited about this.

chelsea tells chloe to be positive

Her friend knows she’s been butting heads with their boss but is sure this will be positive.

Summer arrives and hopes they can clear the air.

summer and underlings talk work

Chelsea says that creative differences can be very productive and the boss is sure they can strike the right balance.

Chloe doesn’t think that’s possible. This can’t work.

chloe doesn't think this will work

Chelsea wants to talk to her partner in private.

Chloe thinks that Summer is too hands-on and when there are three people, there is one too many.

She feels like she will just be the odd one out and that’s not where she wants to be.

chloe declares this can't work

When Summer walks off to take a call, Chelsea asks Chloe where this came from.

chelsea not sure why chloe leaving

Chloe says she’s just decided it and realized that she is a facilitator while Chelsea is a creator.

Summer can do that for her and she doesn’t need her there.

Chelsea doesn’t want to do this without her but Chloe says she deserves to dig in after all she’s been through.

Chloe is happy and doesn’t need this job.

Summer returns and Chloe tells her nothing will convince her to stay. It’s not a good fit for her.

Chloe adds that she went on a consult with Sally earlier that reminded her of what a collaboration can feel like.

chloe will be fine

It’s time for her to move on.

Summer thanks her for her candor and she confirms she’s walking away.

Sharon comes in and declares Chance has been shot.

sharon says chance shot

Nina and Christine arrive at the hospital.

christine and nina arrive at hospital

As a nurse tells Christine they still don’t know the extent of the damage, Nina goes to see her unconscious son.

chance in hospital

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Michael, Gloria and Kevin back to Y&R


At Newman, Nate is shocked when Victor tells him he’s fired.

victor fires nate damnit

He accuses Nate of planning to send him to a “loony bin.” He talked to the head of the hospital and got all the details.

Victor tells them he had no lapses. He didn’t forget a damn thing and it was all an act to find out who would betray him.

To his relief, he learned that he could trust Adam.

Victoria is appalled that he didn’t trust her. He had doubts about all of them.

victoria feels hurt

He knew she’d been sitting in her chair for too long and even now she is more concerned about her position than what her boyfriend did.

He did what he had to do. She claims she would never do anything like this to him.

It hurts her to see how he thinks she would do something like this to him.

Victor reminds them that he’s built a massive empire and watched it start to crumble thanks to all their in-fighting and scheming.

Nikki wanted to tell her daughter what was happening but she would have taken it to Nate.

Nate makes excuses for himself but Victor starts barking at him, accusing him of wanting to take over.

nate defends his choices

Hastings repeats that he did nothing wrong. His plan was sound and above board and he had no ulterior motives.

Declaring that they did him a favor by firing him, he walks out. Victoria trails after him.

Nikki stares at her husband as he smirks.

nikki defends her choices

Nick tells his father that he didn’t have to put them through all this.

Adam knows they all suspected him. But he gives his father credit for his plan.

nate rails at victoria

To Nikki and Nick’s chagrin, Victor says this has all convinced him that Adam acted in his best interests.

Victoria chases Nate to the elevators and apologizes.

victoria tells nate she's sorry

He can’t believe she didn’t have his back when he was the only doctor in the room.

She claims she’s as angry about this as he is, but he doesn’t think it’s even close.

Victoria hates that things have gone this way.

He points out she sided with Adam and that tells him all he needs to know about her priorities.

nate rails at victoria

She tells him to be angry at her father, not her.

He thinks this was all in her DNA.

When she suggests they can fix this, he says that would mean a step she won’t take.

victoria tells nate it's not her fault

As he gets on the elevator, he says his mistake was thinking she’d have his back instead of showing blind obedience.

Nate won’t make that mistake again.

nate accuses victoria of betraying him

Victoria returns to the others and complains that her father moved too fast to fire Nate.

He reminds her that Nate called the loony bin on him.

victor repeats nate planned to send him to loony bin

Nikki backs this up, sure Nate was maneuvering to get her back in power so he could be CEO.

Victoria still tells her dad that what he did was cruel. His instincts are worthless when it comes to Adam.

victoria angry at father

All he’s done is give him another free pass at the expense of everyone else.

She’s not sure she can forgive him for this and walks out.

Nikki warned him this would happen.

nikki agrees nate was touble

Victor confirms for Adam that he is as lucid as ever. Adam wonders what’s next.

adam asks what's next

Nick can understand how hurt his sister is. Victor hates seeing her hurt too but he has a feeling she knows he’s right about Nate.

Nick is glad Nate is gone but starts bickering with his brother.

Victor tells Nick he needs him back at the company.

Nick warns him that this may have been one betrayal too many for his sister.

nick doesn't think his sister will forgive

Victoria sends Nate a text, begging him to talk.

victoria texts nate

He texts to do Devon instead.

nate texts devon

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