Young and Restless Spoilers January 23- 27: Daniel Apologizes, Diane Causes Friction, Victor Wants McCall International

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Read the Y&R spoilers from January 9-13 where Diane decided to rob Nikki as a test for Stark, Nick and Sally had sex, and Lily and Billy went to therapy, only to break up right after.

Young and the Restless is celebrating 50 years of being on the air. Check out their newest cast photo and the behind-the-scenes video of them preparing for it from People.

Coming up the week of January 23!

This is Tracey Bregman’s 40th anniversary with Y&R.

Lauren faces her past.

Kyle discovers that Jack and Diane have slept together and Jack confirms it. This isn’t good news for Kyle who freaks out a little.

Diane causes some friction.

Victor calls in a favor with Jill.

Elena’s suspicious of Audra’s intentions with Nate.

Victor conspires with Kyle. 

Lauren gives Phyllis words of wisdom. 

Victoria travels outside her comfort zone. 

Sally makes a confession.

“Let’s hear it. What are you plotting now?” Nick asks Victor.

nick talks Y&R day ahead daily recaps
CBS“It sounds like your son’s venture isn’t going so well at Chancellor-Winters,” Tucker tells Phyllis.When she says it’s none of his business, he answers, “But it could be and definitely should be.”

tucker talks to phyllis about her job Y&R day ahead daily recaps

Michael and Lauren’s son Fenmore (Zach Tinker) is welcomed home.

Fenmore is home Y&R recapsCBS

Monday, January 23

Monday’s Y&R recap: Summer and Kyle fight

Victor retaliates against a rival.

Summer and Kyle go at it when he tells her he’s scheming with Victor.

Jack tells Traci he and Diane are a couple, but Diane doesn’t like it.

Nikki uncovers Diane’s latest scheme.

Victoria gets Nick to open up about his troubles.

Nick shares that their father is scheming again about Adam.

nikki doesn't believe stark robbed her place Y&R recaps

Tuesday, January 24

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Devon rejects Lily’s offer

Phyllis makes a promise to Daniel.

Billy and Chelsea discuss their future.

Devon and Lily struggle to find common ground.

Abby worries Lily and Devon’s relationship will be ruined.

Victoria has a run-in with Tucker and taunts him.

Tucker urges Phyllis to pitch him.

lily pitches devon Y&R spoilers SoapsSpoilers

Wednesday, January 25

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Fenmore brings a guy home to celebrate Lauren’s award

Today is a standalone for Tracey Bregman’s 40th anniversary as Lauren Fenmore receives an award.

There are a lot of flashbacks to more exciting times.

joanna lauren's mom Y&R recaps


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Thursday, January 26

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Tucker pitches to Daniel, upsetting Lily

Tucker makes Daniel an offer. 

Tucker crosses the line.

Phyllis turns on the charm.

Phyllis has a meeting with Audra and Nate.

Audra plays hard to get.

Nate likes Phyllis’ pitch. 

Billy runs into Lily.

tucker and phyllis argue Y&R early recaps

Friday, January 27

Friday’s Y&R recap: Victor wants control of Tucker’s company

Victor strategizes to expand his empire.

Victor encourages Kyle to play dirty.

Nikki interrogates Jack and Diane.

Billy makes a confession to Chelsea.

Victoria pushes Tucker’s buttons.

Audra sleeps with Tucker.

Victoria and Nick invite Tucker to dinner.

Daniel apologizes to Audra and Nate for his mama stepping in for him.

tucker kisses audra thigh Y&R early recaps

Next week on Y&R!

Nate asks Audra, “Are you working Tucker, me, or both of us?”

audra works nate Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Phyllis tells Summer, “I’m going out of town. I’m going to meet Heather and will get her to take your brother back.” 

phyllis tells summer leaving town Y&R early recaps

Kyle happily tells Victor that he’s found something of use to get Adam out of the company.

victor learns kyle found dirt on adam Y&R early recaps

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