Devon Goes Nuclear on Lily and Jill as He Rejects Their Offer and Threatens to Take Them to Court, and Tucker Urges Phyllis to Pitch Daniel’s Project to Him

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Phyllis worries about Daniel’s project, Chelsea pitches a new podcast to Billy, and Victoria wonders what Tucker is scheming. In the previous episode, Nikki believes Diane and Jack robbed her, Elena was suspicious of Audra’s intentions with Nate, and Summer fought with Kyle.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for January 23, 2023 episode airs in the USA January 24. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Abby drops Dominic’s vitamins off at Devon’s penthouse. She senses something is up.

He says it’s just work stuff. She reminds him he doesn’t have to go through this alone.

abby talks to devon about his sister Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

They sit and hold hands. He explains Lily is on her way over.

Lily shows up and offers to leave when she sees Abby is there. Devon wants her there.

He explains that he’s made up his mind and is rejecting the offer that she and Jill are making him.

She wants to discuss the options but he doesn’t want to hear them. He has no interest in starting from scratch and wants his company back with no strings.

lily talks to devon Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Lily thinks he’s asking exactly the way Nate accused him of.

He offers to pay his way out within reason. That’s the only option he sees.

“That’s the nuclear option,” she says, saying Jill won’t go for it.

“Then we go to court,” he announces, accusing her of forcing him to do this.

devon talks to abby about lily and his company young and restless recaps

She doesn’t know where he learned he doesn’t have to keep his word but it wasn’t from Neil. All he’s doing is damaging his legacy.

He refuses to let the company go into the hands of people he doesn’t know or trust.
Lily is sorry it’s come to this and walks out.

He apologizes for having that fight in front of Abby and asks if she thinks he was wrong.

She points out how ugly this could get. This reminds her of when he was willing to take her and Chance to court for access to Dominic.

They got through that because she and Chance agreed with him. But that kind of outcome is no guaranteed.

There’s a lot at stake here. Is he prepared for what it could do to his relationship with Lily.

They hold hands and she points out how hard it has been for Adam to get past his grievances. What if Lily doesn’t forgive him? Is he prepared for the fact he might lose?

Daniel finds his mom sitting at Society. She wonders if he’s there to tell her she’s crazy again.

phyllis and daniel at society Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He was just trying to give her advice, and urging her to let go of her vendetta against Diane so she could focus on their work.

He loves the idea of them working together but he needs to know she can let go of that fight.

She tells him he can have 97% of her but he wants it all. His platform needs her child-like enthusiasm. He reminds her of the purpose of his game to turn dark into light.

This project his him taking control of his life and figuring out where to go after his family left him.

If the wind doesn’t start blowing in their direction, this ship could be dead in the water.

She guesses something is amiss with Chancellor-Winters. There are no guarantees here. Cash and job security are bigger than faith. She’s not going to let the company dump him as a risk.

He tells her it’s not in her hands. She offers to fight for him and says she’s moving on from Diane to throw all her attention into Omegasphere.

phyllis and daniel discuss work Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He hopes she means that. She’s determined to get them out of corporate limbo and find a back-up plan.

Phyllis suggests they could take it to Nate or go to Asia. He thinks they are getting ahead of themselves and should just move ahead on the assumption they will be with Chancellor-Winters.

She tells him they need to think outside of the box. He has a contract and faith Lily will keep it on track.

Lily walks in, looking upset. He guesses that’s about Devon and wishes she wasn’t dealing with that.

Phyllis asks if this is about the company. She’d hate to think that Daniel’s project is dead in the water.

Sitting down, Lily admits that everything is up in the air. There are growing pains and she hopes she can rely on their patience and understanding.

Daniel is cool with it but Phyllis is skeptical. After some back and forth, Phyllis takes off.

Lily tells him he doesn’t need to apologize for his mom. It makes him miss her own parents.

She explains that Devon refused any negotiations and things are about to get nasty.

They gets drinks and she says her dad would be horrified by what Devon is doing. She’s sorry he’s in limbo but thanks him for being positive.

Jill calls her and she steps away to talk. Daniel looks out the window pensively.



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Y&R comings and goings


Tucker sits in his suite and morosely remembers being in bed with Ashley before she walked out on him for betraying her.

tucker throws a glass and smashes it Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

After downing his drink, he smashes the glass against the wall.

Tucker runs into Victoria when he stops by Crimson Lights. She tells him it’s dinner time in Paris and Ashley must be basking in escaping him.

victoria taunts tucker with thoughts of ashley Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He’s flattered that Victoria has been thinking of him so much.

She says she can’t help thinking of an “invasive species” like him and notes he has no reason to stay.

He wouldn’t deny himself the pleasure of sticking around to one-up his enemies.

She confronts him about his connection to Audra.

“Secrets have a way of not staying secret for very long,” she says.

“Ahhh… I’ll have to remember that one,” he says, claiming he’ll have to adapt as an “invasive species.”

Billy shows up and warns him not to mess with his family.

Tucker says he’s just there for the ambiance and wanders off.

Victoria tells Billy that Tucker seems to be looking for a battle. They can’t understand why he’s sticking around. What does he want?

Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Billy wonders if she’s feeling spread thin because of Johnny and Chelsea. He tells her that Johnny is planning another family event.

“C’mon,” she complains. This is hard on her.

Billy says that Johnny adapting so well is a testament to her parenting. She’s giving an incredible gift that can’t be repaid. He will always be there to do whatever is necessary with the kids.

After he tells her she’s the boss, he exits.

Tucker pops up again and tells her that if Newman is going to be the last victim, she’ll be the last to know.

tucker talks to victoria crimson lights Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Phyllis drifts in, calling Nate and leaving a message, asking if she can come and pitch to him.

phyllis talks to tucker Y&R recaps

When she turns around, she’s startled to see Tucker sitting there. He guesses her son isn’t going well at Chancellor-Winters.

It may not be any of his business, “but it could be, and it definitely should be.”

McCall tells her she build a wonderful hotel and he knows she can separate business from the personal. He urges her to see the big picture.

Don’t shop Daniel’s project around when she can just talk to him.

tucker talks to phyllis about her job Y&R day ahead daily recaps

Billy goes to visit Chelsea, who is feeling inspired after listening to a podcast about suicide.

chelsea tells billy she has a podcast idea Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

She suggests that they create something like that. They can use their stories and voices to help people feel less alone.

He asks if she’s ready for that. “It’s all a journey,” she says, admitting she’ll have to talk to her therapist.

He agrees this is very exciting.

billy and chelsea talk about work Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He’ll support her if her therapist supports her. They talk about the logistics and she asks if he really thinks this idea is okay.

He understands she wants to turn lemons into lemonade. She thinks it’s important and wants to do it right.

He thinks it would be fun to work on something together again.

billy talks podcasting young and restless recaps

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