Nikki Believes Diane and Jack Robbed Her, Elena’s Suspicious of Audra’s Intentions With Nate & Summer Fights With Kyle

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Summer and Kyle fight over his schemes, Nick shoots Victor down, and Traci realizes Diane and Jack are having sex now. In the previous episode, Nikki had suspicions about the robbery, and Victor and Kyle barter over what to do about Adam.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for January 20, 2023 episode airs in the USA January 23. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Audra gets a tour of Newman Media from Nate.

She’s ready to hit the ground running.

He tells her to speak up and share suggestions.

She admits she’s brimming with ideas.

nate smug Y&R recaps

He’s determined not to treat his employees the way Devon treated him.

She has ideas and spills a few. He thinks they’ll make a great team. Elena appears.

She questions why he’s a team with Chancellor-Winters IPO consultant.

elena confronts nate Y&R recaps

They set her straight and she apologizes.

Elena stopped by for lunch but Nate says he’s far too busy for that.

Audra steps in and tells him to go. She’ll do research instead.

audra new job Y&R recaps

At Newman, Nikki tells Victoria that she finds it amazing that there was only one strand of jewelry stolen from the safe.

She also thinks Diane Jenkins stole it.

She explains that the cops arrested Stark, who came to Genoa City to target Diane.

vicky surprised diane stole jewels Y&R recaps

Why would he go to Chicago and steal one necklace from her? Nothing else was taken.

Victoria agrees it’s strange. They wonder how he knew they had an apartment in Chicago and that it’s where she kept her jewels.

Nikki says she didn’t pull it off without Jack’s help.

Talk turns to Katie’s ballet recital and that she had to endure a pizza party with Chelsea. 

nikki doesn't believe stark robbed her place Y&R recaps

Jack and Diane snuggle in bed after sex.

She regrets her dishonesty and that she hid so much out of shame.

He kisses her head. She’ll never betray him again. They kiss. 

diane and jack sex Y&R recaps

They get out of bed and find Traci downstairs.

She teases them, realizing what they were up to upstairs.

He tells his sister to expect to see a lot more of Diane. Traci finds this fascinating.

traci finds jack with diane after sex Y&R recaps

Jack says they’re romantically involved and he doesn’t intend on keeping it a secret.

Traci congratulates them. She notices the security detail is missing. Jack tells her the danger is over.

Traci suggests he get someone to tell Ashley the news while she’s in Paris so she can blow up there, instead of here.

They laugh and she goes to a meeting. Diane balks at telling everyone they’re a couple.

She worries about what they’ll say. He’s loved and respected.

She’s not. He doesn’t care about his reputation. He knows Kyle will need time to work through this though. She, on the other hand, wants to take things slow.

diane worries that people will not like that she and jack are a couple Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

At Jabot, Summer learns of Kyle and Victor’s scheme to get Adam fired and isn’t happy.

She wants to stop all the lies and schemes. 

Kyle argues that Victor hasn’t done anything criminal. “Not yet,” Summer says.

summer kyle yelling about adam Y&R recaps soapsspoilers


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He tells her to hear him out and lets her know she doesn’t get to tell him what to do. She’s not trying to.

He wants Adam gone before he can cause damage to their company and wonders how she can disagree.

She knows there’s no real place for him but doesn’t like him taking risks. He tells her not to worry.

He’s laid down ground rules if they do work together. He wants minimal involvement.

And it can’t affect Jabot. Plus, Jack can’t know he was involved.

Summer’s not reassured. He should just let Adam fail on his own. “As he inevitably will.”

Kyle says there’s more to it than she knows. He fills her in on gaining control of some warehouse. 

summer and kyle argue about jack learning abaout his scheme Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

At Society, Nick drinks and thinks about Sally’s confession that she’s pregnant.

Victor turns up and notices his son is in deep thought. What’s going on? He assumes it’s about Sally (“the carny”).

Nick doesn’t want to discuss it but Victor says something is about to happen with Adam that will cause issues if he stays in a relationship with Sally. 

nick thinks of sally Y&R recaps

Nick asks what his father’s up to this time. Victor says he has word that Adam will lose his job and he’s sure he’ll come back to Newman.

Nick scoffs. Victor says it’ll happen and when it does, he wants his sons to get along.

Sally’s name is brought up again and Nick says to leave her alone. She’s going through enough.

He says they’re getting closer and she’s hurting nobody. He takes off.

victor finds nick morose Y&R recaps

Sharon greets Audra with kindness which surprises the brunette.

Sharon says her issues with Noah are in the past and she always tries to treat her customers kindly.

Audra gloats about Nate hiring her at Newman Media. Sharon’s shocked, calling it a leap from a temporary position.

She impressed Victoria, she admits. “Congratulations are in order I guess,” Sharon says.

Audra promises that Noah’s not on her mind. Sharon’s sure he and Allie will appreciate the space.

Audra sashays out of the coffee shop.

audra and sharon trade barbs Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

At Society, Nate and Elena discuss Audra’s job at Newman Media. He calls her a shining star.

They discuss her surgery this morning where she saved the life of the patient she’s been working with.

He congratulates her. She loved seeing the look on the family’s face after they learned he was going to make it.

Nate wants to celebrate with something tonight. “Champagne, the works.”

elena and nate dine and talk about audra Y&R recaps soapsspoilers


At Newman, Nikki says goodbye to Nick While Victoria notes he seems conflicted about something.

nikki and nick newman Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She questions him and he reveals that he and Dad got into it about their brother. Victoria finds it ridiculous.

Nick says he has a plan to bring Adam back into the fold. They agree it’ll spell disaster. He knows their dad is up to no good.

 Audra and Nate are back at Newman Media. She had an idea for a showcast idea and spoke to a contact about it in Milwaukee.

She’s leaving for Asia after tonight so they need to pounce now.

He’s in. Once she’s gone, he calls Elena to cancel. She’s disappointed but gets it.

audra good ideas Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

From Society, Victor video calls Jill to take a meeting about Sally Spectra.

“There’s something you need to know.”

jill meeting with victor newman Y&R recaps


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