Gabi Kidnaps Stefan, Nicole is Unintentionally Drugged and Makes out with EJ, and Allie Walks in on Chanel and Johnny in an Embrace

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, January 26, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Allie opens up to Alex about Chanel, while Chanel and Johnny discuss their lingering feelings, and Nicole slaps Sloan across the face before getting drugged.

In the last Days recap, EJ fired Li Shin, Stefan spiked EJ’s mimosa and Wendy apologized to Gabi and gave her a pep talk about Stefan that gave Gabi the idea to knock Stefan out.

Johnny looks for Wendy at Chanel’s but since she’s not there, he offers to lend an ear if she wants to talk. She opens up about getting home and finding Alex there and Allie asking for another threesome.

Johnny tries to downplay their almost-kiss but she knows what they were about to do. She wanted to kiss him. She loves Allie and is committed to her but it doesn’t negate that she feels attraction for him.

She loved him once, too. He asks what they’ll do about it. They agree they’ll be careful around each other. 

chanel and johnny at home Days recaps soapsspoilers

Allie walks in on Alex lifting free weights in the Kiriakis living room.

She dropped her kid off to see Will.

She apologizes for last night, asking him for a threesome out of anger at Chanel.

alex works out days of our lives recaps

She tells him what happened between them.

She doesn’t want to cut her brother out of her life and also doesn’t want Chanel to betray her.

Alex reminds her that Chanel chose her over Johnny. He calls her beautiful, smart and funny and way hotter than her brother.

She laughs. He calls her the hottest girl he’s ever been with. She feels better.

allie and alex at kiriakis manse days of our lives recaps

At Brady’s pub, Nicole calls Sloan pathetic for trying to make her jealous by talking about finding Eric’s phone in her bed.

Nicole calls her a “slut” and Sloan claps her hands and snarks about how she’s not progressive to slut shame.

sloan gives eric cell phone outside bradys pub days of our lives recaps

Nicole pretends she doesn’t care who Sloan sleeps with but Sloan knows better.

She asks why she cares. Is it because she has the hots for him still?

She’s with EJ. Nicole says she knows nothing about her or EJ.

Nicole slaps Sloan across the face and Sloan hits her back.

eric and s loan days of our lives recaps

Eric gets between them and Nicole thinks he’s acting out of character because his mother died.

She is sorry for his loss and takes off. Brady asks if Sloan’s okay. She’s fine but could use a mimosa.

They head inside and eat. Sloan hates to admit that she was jealous and provoked Nicole. 

sloan and eric eat brady's pub days of our lives recaps

Gabi apologizes to a knocked-out Stefan and tells him he’ll thank her someday soon.

stefan out cold dimera mansion days of our lives recaps

She drags him to the tunnel and hears EJ’s voice asking if Stefan poured the champagne.

She drags Stefan outside and EJ asks why she’s there.

He’s not happy. Stefan won’t submit to deprogramming. He loathes her.

ej scoffs that gabi won't get stefan back days of our lives recaps

Gabi won’t stop until he’s hers again.

EJ drags her to the front door and she leaves while he runs upstairs calling his brother’s name.

Gabi goes around the back and opens the door to the tunnel and takes him down there.

stefan passed out days of our lives recaps

Nicole returns home and tells EJ that she went to give Eric condolences and Sloan flew in on her broom to brag that she was sleeping with Eric.

EJ grabs the mimosas and hands the one meant for him to Nicole.

He tells her they were meant to toast to him and Stefan being co-CEOs but he left.

ej nicole drink champagne days of our lives recaps

EJ toasts to her and Eric moving on.

Nicole drinks up and bitches about Sloan gloating that Eric was another notch on her bedpost “and then she made lewd insinuations about us.”

Nicole gets more champagne and EJ tries to stop her.

She drops her glass and touches her head.

She’s feeling the drug and moves to EJ and tries to kiss him.

nicole drugged tries to kiss EJ dimera manse days of our lives recaps

He pushes her away and gets her upstairs to her room. She apologizes. She usually holds her liquor better.

He tells her not to feel sorry. He kisses her hand as she lies down and calls Eric a fool who never should have let her go.

Sexy base music plays as Nicole says she doesn’t need Eric anymore.

Not when she has EJ. She kisses him and they start making out.

nicole and ej kissing on her bed Days recaps

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Belle is on a call outside Salem Inn with John, crying about planning Marlena’s funeral.

Paulina stops her, sorry to hear about her mother.

Her sister Tammy, Marlenaa’s old college roommate is devastated and sends her condolences. Belle smiles.

belle cries salem inn days of our lives recaps

They sit together and Paulina says she has to call her lawyer.

Belle perks up and asks what’s going on. P

aulina brings up the wrongful death suit.

Belle offers to help. It’ll get her mind off of her grief.

They decide to have breakfast and strategize.

belle with paulina days of our lives recaps

In the secret room, Stefan wakes up tied to a chair.

He yells for help and Gabi appears, sorry she had to hit him.

stefan in secret room dimeras days of our lives recaps

He tries to play nice and offers to open up negotiations about deprogramming but she sees right through him.

She offers aspirin but he starts yelling. This is why he refuses to get back with her. She’s psycho.

Gabi says the reasons he now doesn’t want her are the reasons he loved her.

Her passion, drive and willingness to fight for what’s hers. “You couldn’t get enough.” Stefan yells that he shouldn’t be forced to feel something he doesn’t.

She promises once it’s done, he’ll see that it was worth it. Stefan asks how she plans on doing this.

Rolf’s gone and Marlena’s dead. She puts tape over his mouth and says she knows someone who knows where Rolf is. She leaves a message for Li to meet. 

gabi and stefan secret room days of our lives recaps

Belle and Paulina interrupt Sloan and Eric’s breakfast at the pub and Belle tells her she’s gunning for her as Paulina’s lawyer in the civil suit.

Paulina smugly looks at Sloan. She can’t believe her brother is dining with Sloan.

Eric can’t believe she’s ambulance chasing. Belle asks where the ambulance is.

Eric tells them that Chanel killed Sloan’s mother. It’s documented. 

Paulina and Belle decide to go to Julie’s Place instead while Eric tells Sloan he likes having her around.

paulina smug days of our lives recaps


Sexy guitar music plays as Chanel and Johnny hug at her place.

Allie arrives and purses her lips at what she sees.

allie sees chanel and johnny hug Sexy guitar music plays as

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