Steffy is Aghast When She Walks in on Topless Thomas and Hope, and Taylor Argues with Brooke and Ridge About Their Kid’s Stability

Wednesday, Nov 8: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Thomasa loves Hope’s new haircut, Brooke and Taylor bicker about their children, and Ridge urges Steffy to be careful with Sheila.

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Donna took Ridge to Dr. Colby, who confirmed there is nothing they can do to save Eric.

Ridge gives Steffy a hug at the cliff house and welcomes her back. She feels good about being back and won’t let Sheila keep her from her family.

ridge welcomes steffy back

She brings up the fashion challenge and granddad and RJ beating him.

She senses he’s “bummed about it.”

steffy glad to be back

Steffy can’t believe she missed it and is happy about how spunky her granddad still is.

RJ will never let him live it down.

steffy and ridge talk competition

Ridge flashes back to learning that he won and then lying to his father about it.

He says he has to fill her in on some surprises but wants to hear about Sheila first.

ridge asks steffy about sheila

His daughter reminds him Sheila is on the loose.

There is not much they can do but everyone is safe.

She told Sheila to get out of town and refuses to live in fear.

She even punched her in the face and it felt good.

He’s sure it did. She won’t let anyone get in the way of her living.

Her dad makes her promise to be careful with Sheila since she has a crew loose.

ridge tells steffy be careful

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In the office at Forrester Creations, Brooke picks up a file and then looks at a photo of herself and Ridge.

brooke looking at herself

Taylor wanders in and forces a polite hello.

taylor spots brooke

They chat about Steffy and the kids.

Taylor is actually looking for her son and guesses he’s with Hope.

Brooke is trying to stay out of it, which makes the doctor chuckle.

They get defensive and bicker about Brooke blaming Thomas for everything.

taylor and brooke argue about children

Taylor blames Hope for throwing herself at Thomas.

That’s why her marriage is over.

After the doctor takes a call from a client, Brooke asks if she’s sticking around.

Taylor has no idea. Right now, she just wants to make sure her son is safe.

He’s still healing and Hope is using him to pump her ego.

Whatever rebellious phase she’s going through could just drag Thomas down.

taylor tells brooke hope is using thomas

Brooke doesn’t think he’s the one who needs protection.

Ridge arrives and welcomes Taylor back.

ridge welcomes taylor back

They chat about Steffy and Sheila. Doc tells him not to worry.

The topic turns to Thomas and Hope.

Ridge points out they are grown people and they can’t interfere.

ridge taylor and brooke argue thomas and hope

Taylor thinks this is not a normal situation and it could unravel all the progress their son has made.

He thinks they should trust him to make the right decision but she worries about how manipulative Hope is being.

It could get dangerous.

taylor looking for thomas

In their office, Hope reads reviews of the fashion challenge to Thomas.

thomas hope talk competition

He really thought his dad would win but is proud of Eric.

They’re glad RJ got the chance to work with him.

Thomas says now they can focus on what’s important: her dress and new haircut. They giggle.

hope and new hair

He knows his grandfather has always been at the forefront of the company but thinks her time has come.

She thinks there is room for all of them.

He says she’s extraordinary and intoxicating.

thomas tells hope it's her time

They keep talking about the competition and he says his granddad is the king of couture.

“You are my queen of everything,” he says.

He can’t stop wanting her.

thomas tells hope she's queen

They make out.

thomas and hope kiss with new hair

She starts unbuttoning him when Steffy walks in.

She’s shocked.

steffy walks in on thomas and hope

“What the hell are you doing? This is insane!” she blurts.

steffy in shock

She orders her brother to get his shirt on. Her brother tells her that he and Hope have gotten closer.

thomas buttoning up

He gets a text from Henry downstairs.

The ladies assure him it’s safe to leave them alone.

Steffy’s mom already warned her about this situation.

She can’t understand why Hope is doing this.

steffy not happy about this

It could jeopardize her line.

Hope claims she’s just following her heart and no one will stop that.

hope won't be stopped

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