Liam Tries to Recruit Ridge Into Getting Steffy to Dump Finn, and Li Orders Poppy To Take Luna and Leave

Friday, Nov 10: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Liam tells Ridge Steffy should be with him, Luna urges her mom to step up to Li, and Steffy tells her mom she can live with danger.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Hope got in Steffy’s face — Taylor warned Sheila her day of reckoning was coming.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Taylor have breakfast.

She thanks her mom for all her support.

steffy and taylor have coffee

Taylor would do it all again in a heartbeat.

She explains she talked to Ridge and they are both worried about how safe LA is with Sheila around.

taylor wonders how safe la is

Steffy knows about all the worrying.

Her mom is sure Finn must have been happy to see him again.

She asks for some “real talk” about her marriage now that Liam is “expressing his feelings” for her.

taylor asks about liam

Steffy says that she and Finn had a romantic homecoming. Her mom is glad to hear that.

Taylor points out Sheila’s obsession likely won’t go away, so how does she feel about that? Being with Finn means living with a threat.

Steffy won’t forget what Sheila did but she can’t live in fear. Staying with Finn means knowing Sheila is in the shadows.

But she can live with that.

steffy tells mom can live with it

Taylor was angry when she thought he was letting Sheila back into his life. But she believes in the love and devotion of him for her

Ridge is in Liam’s office. The latter is shocked to hear that Steffy punched Sheila in the face.

ridge and liam discuss the punch

They both would have stopped her from doing that.

Liam resents that Sheila is not permanently in Steffy’s life because of Finn.

liam resents finn

Ridge is just happy his daughter is back.

Liam says the world doesn’t feel as good when she’s not around. He needs her.

ridge and liam talk steffy return

With some prodding, Liam admits a small part of him feels for Finn, but not much.

He thinks there’s nothing to do but convince Steffy to leave Finn.

finn thinks splitting up stefft and finn only way

He’s sure that this is the only way out.

Sheila will just worm her way in.

Ridge thinks that his daughter will make her own decision and no one will tell her what to do.

ridge says no one tells steffy what to do

Liam hopes she just makes the decision to leave Finn and come back to him.

liam thinks there's no other way

Liam goes to the cliff house to see Steffy.

liam on steffy's doorstep

She lets him in because he brought Kelly’s stuffed animal over.

liam brings kelly's toy

He also wanted to check up on her but she says there’s no reason to be concerned.

Steffy tells him not to worry.

She’s already put Sheila in her place.

steffy listens to liam attakc finn

He admits her dad told him.

She may be a “badass chick” but confronting Sheila is a mistake.

Liam insists she’ll never be safe with Finn.

She left him once and could do it again.

liam tells steffy she's not safe

He suggests she come back to safety and sanity.

That’s him.

liam tells steffy to come back

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Li stops by her son’s office and advises him not to give any kind of opening to Sheila, especially now that Liam is circling around.

li tells finn not to back down

If he weakens on this, he could lose his wife to Liam.

He assures her that he is being carful and then changes the subject to Luna. He can’t understand her hard line.

finn and li talk liam

Sighing, Li says it’s a problem having Luna there and claims she is just protecting his life with Steffy.

He doesn’t see why his cousin can’t be part of that life.

She’s sure that something is off about this and her sister must be playing some game.

li is sure her sister is plotting

Once she leaves, he thinks about having sex with his wife.

finn thinks of steffy

Poppy surprises Luna when she drops by the Forrester offices.

luna and her mom

Li keeps texting her and demanding that Luna leave Forrester. Luna insists everything will be fine.

“We’re talking about your aunt Li here,” Poppy says.

poppy tells luna her aunt doesn't want her there

She’s proud of Luna. Luna just wants to follow her dreams and won’t cower to her aunt.

She urges her mom to stand up for herself.

luna thanks mom for concern

That’s easier said than done.

Her daughter hugs her and has to get back to work. Poppy just wants her to be happy.

The second Luna leaves, Li leaps in and demands to know what her sister is doing there.

li catches poppy in office

She insists on calling her “Penelope,” even if her sister has told her not to a zillion times.

Li barks at her, sure she’s there to mess things up.

Poppy just wants to support her daughter and all her hard work. She thinks Li should be proud.

poppy argues with li

Li trashes her for her “tacky affair” with the chief surgeon at the hospital and wants her and her daughter out of there today.

li orders poppy to go

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