Donna Takes Ridge to Dr. Colby, Who Confirms There is Nothing They Can do to Save Eric

Tuesday, Nov 7: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Eric settles back into his office, Bill reminds Liam that he’s in love with Steffy, and Finn and Steffy spend the evening with the kids.

Monday’s B&B recap: Steffy threatened Sheila, then punched her in the face.

In his office at Forrester Creations, Eric looks at sketches and picks up a photo of himself with Ridge.

eric reclaiming his office

He places it on the desk and starts polishing his stapler until he coughs up blood.

Eric takes a call and then RJ comes in. He gives his grandson a hug and tells him they beat Ridge.

eric tells rj they won

RJ flashes back to Ridge lying to Eric about winning the fashion challenge after learning he was dying.

Caressing his stapler, Eric commends Ridge for being gracious in defeat.

RJ says he loves him and would do anything for him.

rj thinks

At home, Ridge paces and tells Donna she didn’t tell him his dad is dying.

donna had to stay quiet

She wanted to tell him but Eric didn’t want his pity. He says this isn’t about pity; it’s about saving his dad.

He wants to talk to this doctor about the death sentence he’s given his dad.

ridge wants to talk to doctor

They go to meet Dr Colby in his office. Ridge asks how a force of nature like Eric is suddenly on his death bed.

ridge brooke donna meet doctor

The doctor gives them some stuff to read and starts explaining but Ridge doesn’t know what any of this means.

doctor explains how eric dying

The doctor adds he’s called everyone in he can already but there is no more that he can do.

All he can do is encourage them to be there for Eric.

colby says there's nothing to do

Ridge and Brooke go to Eric’s office, knocking after the enter.

ridge and brooke walk into eric's office

Eric tells him to get used to knocking. It’s his chair now and he’s not going anywhere.

He says he really need to win the competition. It’s like his life depended on it.

eric tells ridge how important it was to win

It’s impossible for him to explain how important it is to be back in the office with his stapler.

Ridge tells him the company needs him and so does he.

ridge tells eric he needs him

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At the cliff house, Steffy hopes to Finn that Sheila got the message. He’s sure she didn’t miss getting punched in the face.

steffy complains about deacon to finn

As she complains about Deacon being gullible.

The kids run in to tickle their parents and the babysitter takes off.

kids with steffy and finn

They order take out and eat. Kelly tells her mom that Liam says hi.

finn steffy and kids have teakout

The kids jog off to get ready for bed. Hugging her, he thanks his wife for coming home again.

finn happy steffy home

As they drink wine, he promises he will never call Sheila “mom” again and always protect the kids.

Steffy knows Sheila is a risk but she will not let her separate her from her family.

They make out in front of the fire.

finn and steffy kiss

When they get to the couch, he tells her she’s the most intelligent, sexy woman he knows. She’s changed his life and there’s no going back.

Today, she just proved how amazing she is by confronting Sheila.

Steffy doesn’t want to hear that name any more and just wants to be with him and his body.

steffy and finn making out

They pull off each other’s clothes and he carries her into the bedroom.

finn takes steffy to bed

Bill joins Liam at Il Giardino and asks him why he’s so intense.

bill asks why liam so serious

Liam explains that Steffy is home. His father asks what he will do about it.

liam tells bill steffy back

His son tells him about his concerns for the children’s safety now that they are living with a psycho’s son again.

Bill is sure that Liam is so upset by this because he still loves Steffy and tells him not to forget it.

bill asks liam what he will do

Although they both admire Deacon’s pizzas, they question his choices.

Liam doesn’t like Sheila having a reason to stick around. He’ll admit he’s past the point of denying his feelings for Steffy.

He says they are a family too and he can give her a better and safer life than Finn can.

liam says he's better for steffy

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