Days of our Lives Spoilers May 24 – 28; Ben Frantically Looks for Claire

Soaps Spoilers is back with all new Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of May 24 – 28.

Last week refresher!

Gabi and Jake brought Kate to the hospital after Kristen attacked her, Kristen needed Xander’s help in killing off Lucas and Sami but he decided not to when Sami offered to double his take. Chanel and Eli had an awkward encounter when she saw him naked, and Kristen met with Lani and asked her once again to turn a blind eye to her machinations. Ciara asked Ben for a divorce, and Dr. Snyder blackmailed Gwen, while John worried for Shawn and Belle.

Days spoilers for May 17-21

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Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of Monday, May 24 to Friday, May 28.

Monday, May 24

Days recap – Jan kidnaps Claire

Days column – Claire and Ben’s hot kiss overshadowed the offensive fat jokes

Steve and Kayla’s romantic evening is interrupted by Tripp.
Gwen’s disturbed by what Dr. Snyder wants of her.
Jan prepares to tell Claire what happened the night she murdered Charlie.
Ben gets a surprise visit from Jordan.
Xander tells Sami that EJ’s money disappeared from his bank account.

ben jordan claire kiss days of our lives

Tuesday, May 25

Tuesday’s Days recap – Sami is threatened

Ben frantically looks for Claire.
Belle tries to make a deal with Jan.
Xander threatens Sami.
Xander pulls a gun.
Philip strangles Kristen.
Lucas comes to Sami’s rescue.
Jan hears something in her trunk.
Brady gets Kristen to reveal where Chloe is.

kristen jail for good days of our lives

Wednesday, May 26

Days Recap – Xander blackmails Nicole

Jan is driven to desperate measures to keep her secret. She kidnaps one person and gets two in the process.
Philip asks Shawn for help.
Rafe questions Sami and Lucas about their involvement with Kristen.
Xander demands hush money from Nicole.

xander nicole argue days of our lives

Thursday, May 27

Days Recap – Kate wakes up from her coma

Jake is thrown by a new development in Kate’s medical condition. She’s blind.
Kristen begs Chad for a huge favor. Help her escape.
Chad gives Kristen hell for what she’s done to Chloe and Kate.
Rafe’s shocked to find Nicole with Xander at Salem Inn.
Stacy Haiduk out at Days

kristen leaves salem days

Friday, May  28

Days Recap – Dr. Snyder knows Kate’s faking

Sami questions Allie, hoping to get the goods on Nicole.
Rafe and Ava take their relationship to the next level.
Dr. Snyder pressures Gwen to get the job done.
Sami confronts Nicole about sleeping around.
Lucas comforts Kate.

kate and snyder days of our lives

No dates.

Lani’s surprised to hear that Chanel is into girls.
Jan presses Melinda to get Belle sent to prison.
Kayla’s concerned about Kate.
Philip searches for Chloe.
Shawn comes up with a scheme to entrap Jan. By playing mind games with her.
Abigail’s decision stuns Chad and Gabi.
Chad and Abigail share an emotional goodbye.
Allie questions a guilt-ridden Nicole.
Gwen comes clean to Jack.
Sami and Lucas attempt to strike a deal with their would-be assassin, Xander.
Ben gets a surprise visit from Jordan.
Gwen is thrown by what Dr. Snyder requests of her.
Kristen seeks reassurance from Brady.
Jan confesses everything.
Gwen and Xander get together.

May Sweeps!

Xander blackmails his way into a new job and a new environment for him that puts him in touch with people he’s clashed with in the past.

The walls start to close in on Kristen and she turns to Xander to help cover up a secret.

Sweeps courtesy Soap Opera Digest.

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