Ben and Claire’s Surprisingly Hot Kiss Overshadowed the Offensive Fat Jokes

Our week in Salem was filled with highlights. There were a lot of scenes that I found interesting, funny, and very few I found infuriating this time around with the exception of some of the dialogue. My biggest hope of the week is that neither Sami, Gabi nor Nicole is pregnant. That’s all I want to say about that, now on to the rest of the week.

Shawn & Belle

I’ve enjoyed Shawn Douglas and Belle since the 90s when I started watching Days. This Gen X couple has been overlooked for years, which is no surprise but I know I’m not the only one who wants them to have a little more airtime. Shawn’s a great husband, just like Bo was, doing whatever he can to save Belle from having to go to prison, which includes kissing our favorite psycho, Jan Britney Spears. He’s the real hero of the week, and this couple is one that I’ve loved consistently. Even when they broke up and I began to love Belle with Philip, too. I’m grateful they’re sticking around in Salem, but not happy that the adorable, yet psycho Jan found out about their scheme and by the looks of it is about to kidnap Claire.

How many kidnappings has it been this year? Do they add one more each time I ask this question?

shawn belle back honeymoon days of our lives
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I can’t help it. I’m slightly shipping Chanel and Allie, Challie because they kept talking about their kiss all week. And Chanel was sweet to Allie, asking if she was okay with the kiss, and hugging her when she heard her grandma was in a coma. She even surprised me when she told Tripp she wasn’t going to try to ruin what he had with Allie. It showed a maturity that we hadn’t anticipated. I’m grateful that they’re writing a female with so many layers.

Lani and Chanel’s talk was good. But Lani wasn’t listening when Chanel said she liked men and women. Otherwise, why would she comment that Chanel wouldn’t be interested in seeing Eli naked?

Mom fail

Not only did Nicole get wasted and have sex with Xander of all people, but she slept over and didn’t call home. Allie wound up caring for Hollie for her. For someone who whined about not being able to have children for decades, this doesn’t ring true. One quick phone call to Allie, or even a text to ask her to cover for her would have been more in line with Nicole’s mothering.

Baby hippo?

Sami and Lucas’ scenes were fun and reminded viewers of their older friendship. Everything was perfect until Lucas had his second bout of bad dialogue. Last week he called EJ raping Sami ‘sleeping with EJ’, which was the absolute worst. This week he likened Sami’s weight to a baby hippopotamus. Note to whoever wrote this, it’s 2021. It’s not ever okay to make fat jokes and that Sami had bulimia back in 1993 made this so much worse. Nobody wants to hear this type of “banter.” I can’t even be upset with Lucas because that’s not him.

Gwen vs. Gabi and Julie

Gwen came slightly clean and admitted to Jack that Abigail didn’t throw her down the stairs. That was a nice surprise, but obviously, she should have come clean 100% and admitted she lied about when her baby died. I can’t feel bad for her that stupid Dr. Snyder blackmailed her with the information. He’s as shady as they come and she deserves to get a taste of her own medicine.

Highlight: Gabi defending Abigail and asking her to stay in Salem and fight for what’s hers, and then later, trashing Gwen with Julie and talking about the “cold war” ending was gold. I love when characters who can’t stand each other work together toward a cause.

Highlight #2: I worshiped Julie Thursday for saying that every man in her family is willing to believe every single lie that Gwen spews from her mouth. Do you know what that feeling was watching that? Pure validation.

julie angry gwen moving in days of our lives

Leaving Salem

I believe that Marci Miller worked until two weeks before her due date. It was sad to see her go but I have hopes that she’ll be back soon. I loved that Abby admitted to Chad that she said some vile things to Gwen. I mean we’ve all said a few vile things but Abigail took the cake. It wasn’t like her and I was happy that she realized that she needed a break to calm down and reassess her behavior. Just because Gwen’s terrible doesn’t mean she should follow suit.

For those who don’t know, Marci Miller had a baby girl recently. Check out the photos!

abby leaves salem days of our lives

Dumb Bae

I don’t feel sorry for Brady. He knew what he was getting into with Kristen and stuck by her. But I liked the scene with Marlena talking to him about his feelings. What I don’t like is that his feelings for Chloe will step up once she’s found and they’ll probably jump into a rebound relationship just like he always does. Oy!

The kiss that broke the internet

I predicted months ago, that Ben and Claire would wind up in bed. But they only shared a kiss and according to the powers that be, that’s all that’s supposed to happen. It’s shocking. It would have been the next logical step to take to write sex in, but I kind of like the way they wrote this.

We all saw the same scene, but the internet is all verklempt over a kiss. I’ve never seen anything like it. I saw Ben as vulnerable and in need of comfort but um, what was our Claire Bear’s reason to kiss Ben? Things just got interesting. The kiss itself – it was hot. I was surprised since I didn’t want them to go there in the first place.

ben claire kissing passionately days

Best lines:

Sami, “Do you realize the lengths I’m going to keep Kristen from finding out?”
Lucas, “Yeah, I realize that, Stan!”

Gabi to herself, “One of my dreams came true. I didn’t have to drug anyone to make it happen.”

Chanel to Eli, “I bet you’re glad Lani and her nun friend decided to stay celibate.”

Xander, “I guess she wanted a little something spicy instead of that snore Eric Brady.”