Brady Dumps Kristen While Xander Blackmails Nicole For Something Surprising

In the Wednesday, May 26, 2020, full episode recap of  Days of our Lives, Jan finds a stowaway in Kate’s car, Xander blackmails Nicole, and Philip tries to find Chloe.

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At SPD, Philip yells at Kristen for lying about where she left her car. He worries they won’t get to Chloe in time. Kristen swears she left it at the park. Philip goes and Brady asks Kristen if she was planning on asking Xander to kill Chloe, too. She sobs and says she didn’t have a plan. Brady yells that she did things that could get people killed. She claims she’s sick to death that she did that. She asks him if he still loves her. He says nothing. She begs and tells him everything she did was because she loves him. He admits he loves her. He’ll always love her. “I still love you, but I can’t be with you anymore.” Kristen says she’s changed. Brady yells that she’s so paranoid that she broke out of prison twice. He yells at her for all of the crazy things she’s done. “Do you understand how nuts that is?” She claims it’s not nuts because she loves him. She asks what he needs. “It’s too much, you go to these lengths. This obsession you have…it’s still here. It’s never going to change.” Kristen blames Chloe. Brady says whether he feels something for Chloe doesn’t matter. Kristen pleads with him. As long as they’re together, she’ll always be a threat. For the sake of his family and friends, he has to end this. She begs and sobs but Brady’s sorry. “It’s over. It’s over for good this time.” He goes.

brady dumps kristen days of our lives

Claire and Jan hear pounding coming from the trunk of the car while driving. Jan holds a gun to Claire’s head and talks about how she can’t wait to be with Shawn. Claire doesn’t see that happening. Jan blames Belle for this predicament. Eventually, they stop the car and Jan gets out and checks the trunk. She finds Chloe tied up. Chloe starts to sob and Jan asks her to stop all the banging. Chloe starts screaming and yells at Jan to help her get out of there. Jan isn’t going to do that. She shuts her in and goes back to the front seat and tells Claire that they have a stowaway. Chloe Lane. Jan makes jokes about it, while Claire asks her to let Chloe go.

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At Salem Inn, Xander holds his arm. He’s in pain and thinks he should have shot Sami while he had the chance. He calls Nicole and tells her to get her ass over there. She refuses him and he tries to blackmail her.

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Rafe arrives at Marlena’s townhouse and Lucas and Sami sigh in relief that it’s not EJ. Rafe asks why they wound up in the DiMera wine cellar together. Sami makes a big deal about how they weren’t together. Rafe asks how they got in Kristen’s crosshairs. Sami thought something was up with Susan. Eventually, she figured it out and called Rafe. That’s when Kristen knocked her out and put her in the dungeon. Sami acts defensively, and Rafe calls her out on it. Rafe asks how Lucas got roped into this. Lucas says Kristen hit him over the head with a fire poker. They lie that they don’t know why. Rafe’s missing something. Rafe thinks Lucas knew that Kristen kidnapped his mother. He recalls Lucas telling him that he was trying not to betray someone. He thinks it was Sami and deduces that Kristen has something on them. Sami denies it as Lucas tries to get her to come clean. Sami tells him about Kristen paying Xander off to kill them but Sami offered him more money. Lucas hands over the gun and Rafe says he knows whatever they’re hiding will come out. Rafe goes and Lucas thinks it’s only a matter of time before he figures it out. Kristen will likely tell.

rafe accuses sami lying days of our lives

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Nicole stops by Xander’s. He tells her he’s broke, which shocks her. He had debts to pay off. She tells him he can start socking cash away and says, “Have a nice life,” before she tries to leave. He stops her and tells her Sami screwed him out of ten million dollars. “That bitch double-crossed me.” Nicole’s not surprised but it’s not her problem. Xander says it is. Sami saw them stumble into his room together. If Nicole doesn’t pay up… Nicole’s shocked. Xander tells her that someone overheard them talking about “making the beast with two backs.” He won’t tell her who and since she doesn’t have money to give him, he asks for a job. Nicole says she runs Basic Black with her partner, Brady. She refuses. Xander says he’ll call Sami. She’ll run right to Eric. Nicole eventually agrees to it and on her way out, she runs into Rafe.

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Philip goes to Shawn at SPD and tells him that Kristen put Chloe in the trunk of Kate’s car. They need to find her. Shawn has to find Claire, first. Philip learns Jan kidnapped her and worries about her and that Belle is sacrificing herself. He asks for access to the security footage of the park since his mom’s car was gone when he got there. Later, they look at the footage and see Claire and Jan going to Kate’s car.

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