Days of our Lives Spoilers May 17 – 21; Ben Gets Upsetting News From Ciara

Soaps Spoilers is back with all new Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of May 17 -21.

Last week refresher!

Chloe blasted both Sami and Lucas for their deception, Allie and Chanel had an awkward encounter with Tripp and Claire, Rafe and Ava went on a first date, Nicole got some upsetting news from Eric that had her reeling, Steve was stunned to learn Ava and Rafe were dating considering who she is, Nicole confided in Xander and it led to sex, Jake and Gabi admitted their love for one another and had sex, and Lucas and Sami had sex again. Meanwhile, Chloe learned the truth about Kristen and Kristen was horrified that she caused the car accident with Brady.

Days spoilers for May 10-14

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This week’s Days opinion – tired of all of the exhausting recycled storylines.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of Monday, May 17 to Friday, May 21.

Monday, May 17

Days recap – Kristen wants Xander to do her dirty work

Kristen reaches out to Xander for help. She wants him to kill Sami, Lucas and Chloe.
Jake and Gabi rush Kate to the hospital.
Allie thinks about those kisses.
Chanel reveals she kissed a girl to Lani.
Nicole loses her wedding ring.

gabi rushes kate hospital days of our lives
XJ Johnson/JPI

Tuesday, May 18

Days recap – Xander is ready to kill

Sami and Lucas try to find a way to escape.
Xander is tempted to return to his lethal ways.
Xander is about to kill Sami and Lucas.
Chanel walks in on Eli in the buff.
Nicole reveals she cheated on Eric with Ava.
Kristen learns that Kate’s in a coma because of her.
Lani runs into Kristen.

nicole admits eric not coming home days of our lives
XJ Johnson/JPI

Wednesday, May 19

Days recap – Marlena finds Xander with a gun

Brady and Marlena worry about Chloe who is still missing.
Chanel and Eli have an awkward encounter.
Kristen pleads with Lani to turn a blind eye.
EJ comes through with money to bail Lucas and Sami out of being killed.
Marlena goes looking for Chloe and finds Xandy with a gun.
Kristen is arrested but makes a threat.

xander about to kill sami lucas days of our lives

Thursday, May 20

Days recap – Abigail leaves Salem

Ben confides in Claire when he gets upsetting news from Ciara.
Jan is happy that Belle will be going to trial since the recorded evidence is admissible.
Shawn and Belle stage a fight for Jan.
Ben gets divorce papers.
Claire and Ben share a kiss.
Gabi and Julie agree on something.
Gwen comes clean to Jack – partially.
Gabi tries to get Abigail to stay in Salem.

ben and claire kiss days of our lives

Friday, May  21

Days recap – Jan pulls a gun

Dr. Snyder blackmails Gwen. He wants her to be a drug mule.
John worries Belle and Shawn are making a mistake.
Dr. Snyder ruins Belle and Shawn’s plans.
Jan turns the tables on Belle and Shawn and holds a gun at Claire.
Claire and Ben get really passionate and then Ben decides he can’t have sex with her.

jan gun on claire days

No dates.

Stacy Haiduk out at Days

Jan presses Melinda to get Belle sent to prison.
Shawn comes up with a scheme to entrap Jan. By playing mind games with her.
Abigail’s decision stuns Chad and Gabi.
Chad and Abigail share an emotional goodbye.
Gwen comes clean to Jack.

Coming up!

Belle, Shawn, Marlena and John try to clear Belle’s name. They learn Jan is the murderer and go after her while Jan is driven to desperate measures to keep her secret. She kidnaps one person and gets two in the process.

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