Days of Our Lives Spoilers March 20 – 24: Megan Gets a Taste of her Own Medicine and Ciara’s Pregnant

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, March 20 to Friday, March 24, 2023.

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What’s coming up on Days?

Chanel and Paulina out-maneuver Sloan, Brady gets underhanded with Kristen, and Harris agrees to risky treatment to help Hope.

Big news. Louise Sorel returns to Days as Vivian Alamain. Watch the video interview in the link!

Video promo for Days! Kayla comes across Bo at Megan’s facility while Hope grills Harris after his deprogramming to see who was in the facility with him.

Meanwhile, Ciara and Bo are back with news and Steve Burton’s starting as Harris on Monday.

Monday, March 20

Monday’s Days recap: A shot rings out

Megan orders Kate’s death.

Marlena and Kayla question Rolf who almost tells them Bo was in the cylinder. 

Kate tries to talk Bo down but shots ring out and Megan assumes Kate’s dead.

Marlena attempts to reach John.

Hope discovers something about Harris.

Harris and Hope talk about their true feelings.

Harris agrees to work with Hope.

Steve Burton starts his role as Harris.

harris grabs hope by the throat days recaps

Tuesday, March 21

Tuesday’s Days: Sloan tells Eric to open an art gallery

Li attempts to keep Stefan and Gabi apart.

Chanel and Paulina out-maneuver Sloan.

Talia’s change of career confuses Jada.

Stefan is manipulated by EJ and Nicole.

ej and nicole drug stefan days recaps

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Wednesday, March 22

Wednesday’s Days recap: Someone breaks into Paulina’s office

Paulina gets an unpleasant surprise.

Gwen and Alex have some naughty times in her room.

Leo overhears Chloe trashing Rachel.

Xander and Alex fistfight over Gwen.

Gwen stops the fight.

Alex and Gwen agree to keep seeing each other.

Brady gets underhanded to get what he wants from Kristen.

Brady blackmails Kristen.

Chloe sobs on Xander’s muscular chest.

gwen breaks up alex and xander fight

Thursday, March 23

Thursday’s Days recap: Bo remembers who he really is

Megan wants results from Rolf.

Bo struggles to discover his true self.

Bo remembers Victor, Stefano and Hope.

Harris agrees to risky treatment to help Hope.

Hope finds a general location of Megan’s hideaway.

Megan prepares to inject Bo with something.

Abe gives Chad advice about how to move on.

Stephanie urges Paulina to call the cops but she calls Shawn and asks him to arrest Sloan for the break-in and keep it discreet.

bo and hope kissing as teens

Friday, March 24

Friday’s Days recap – Ciara is pregnant

Ben and Ciara have exciting news.

Ben and Ciara are shocked at her pregnancy.

Rolf wakes Kayla up and uses her to test out his finished serum.

Kayla struggles with Rolf and runs for it.

Bo demands that Megan give him his freedom.

Megan gets accidentally injected.

Bo runs right into Kayla.

Steve and John get clues about where Megan is located. They arrive on the island.

John is stricken seeing Marlena.

john sees doc


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