Bo Flashes Back to Life With Hope and Victor, and With Harris’ Help, Hope has a General Location of Megan’s Hideaway

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Bo struggles to find his true self, Harris decides to undergo a risky treatment to help Hope, and Chad and Abe discuss moving on from loved ones that have died, while Paulina calls Shawn to ask him to arrest Sloan for breaking into her office.

In the last Days recapPaulina received an unpleasant surprise, Xander and Alex came to blows over Gwen, and Leo double-crossed Chloe as Brady blackmailed Kristen.  

Bo snoops in the lab and stares at the orchid as he paces and remembers Kate asking who the real Bo was.

He rubs a scar on his head as he recalls Kate saying that Bo Brady hated following orders, especially not for Megan.

bo brady snoops in his  file

Bo winces hard, hearing the shot ring out.

He finds his own file in a drawer and reads about his parents, Caroline and Victor.

He remembers Victor saying he was proud to have Bo as a son and whispers, “Kiriakais.”

victor flashback

He reads information on Hope, his one true love and flashes to when they were younger and kissing and how he wanted a future with her but she said that they couldn’t change the past.

Bo reads the file about how hard it’d be to stop Bo from loving Hope.

He flashes to their younger years.

bo and hope kissing as teens

He recalls telling Hope he loves her and how it’d never change.

He told her to remember that and left her in his bed.

The file talks about Bo loving Megan if everything goes well.

bo brady youthful days of our lives

He remembers Victor again and how Rolf intended to tap into Bo’s dark side.

Bo remembers Hope crying when he was dying of the brain tumor and a montage of other scenes.

He remembers Stefano telling him he was good at taking orders, and sailing, being on his motorbike.

He recalls Kate reminding him of who he really is.

He reads more about Hope enjoying the danger of being with Bo and then Megan comes in with a syringe held behind her back.

young hope brady days of our lives

Dr. Rolf’s in the next lab talking to Skippy the female lab rat that he tried the youth serum on.

He watches Marlena and Kayla sleep in the cryo chambers, telling Skippy Megan put them back to sleep because they can’t afford to lose one of them before the serum is ready for testing.

dr. Rolf talks to skippy the lab rat

He’s manufactured a new batch in no time and calls Skippy an excellent test subject.

Megan appears. He tells her Skippy’s doing fine. Megan has a temper tantrum since Bo won’t speak to her after he killed Kate.

She blames Rolf and begins to cry. Rolf reminds her Bo’s strong-willed. He can’t change who he is.

She asks him to do something to ensure he’s hopelessly devoted to her. Then they can go back and relive their glory days.

megan throws a temper tantrum

He can only shape and mold them. Megan recalls Harris fancied himself a hero who did what he was told.

Rolf reminds her he wouldn’t shoot Hope on their wedding day. That pisses Megan off more.

She calls Hope catnip to men. What do they see in her? Rolf shrugs. “Beauty, brains, bravery.”

She screams. He reminds her she asked but the point is that Bo doesn’t see anything in her anymore.

She cries again. She doesn’t want to lose Bo after all she’s done. She finds a syringe in the cupboard and takes off.

meman meltdown

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In ISA Frederick, Maryland, Harris can’t remember anything from the day Megan took him.

Hope asks him to relax.

It’ll take time. Harris wants to find Megan for both their sakes.

Dr. Frankel (Helen Day) arrives.

Dr. Kimberley Donovan Brady suggests ECT (electroshock therapy) which could deprogram him.

hope wiht harris isa frederick maryland

There are side effects such as confusion, and memory loss and it could be fatal. Harris is in.

They hook him up and start the procedure and he remembers a map and Dr. Rolf when he was brainwashed the first time.

harris brainwashed

They stop the procedure and he gasps. “I remember.”

He recalls Megan asking Rolf if he had control and tells Hope and Frankel that he was in a lab with a guy in a ponytail.

He didn’t know Rolf’s name. He remembers the cylinder for a person and that there was a person inside.

Hope asks who it was. He says it was obscured but he identified a nautical map. He writes them down.

harris ECT on days of our lives recaps


At Brady pub, Chad tells Abe he is playing virtual chess against Theo and never wins.

Abe says to stick with it. He’s bound to mess up someday. Chad scoffs. “If you say so!”

They chuckle and talk about how fast the kids are growing up.

Theo was Thomas’ age when they lost Lexie.

Chad asks how he was when Abe dated. Chad’s kids adore Stephanie but he worries about how they’d react if it didn’t work out.

Abe says not to go there — no what ifs!

Talk turns to the job and how much Chad has helped Steph and that they’re grateful Paulina gave them another chance.

Steve strolls on in looking for Roman. Hope calls Steve with an update that they’ve a general location of the lab. They’ll text John

abe and chad brady pub

He’s not there so they talk about how he has an update about Megan Hathaway.

Chad’s not looking forward to meeting his long-lost sister. Unless she’s in cuffs.

Chad goes and Steve complains about having no leads on Megan and having to be at the mercy of Megan.

Abe thinks he’s letting the quest take over his life.

Steve knows he’s going to tell him this is no way to deal with his grief but it’s the only thing getting him out of bed in the morning. He can’t think of life without Kayla.

Abe argues that he has to, eventually. They’re all there for him.

steve with a be and chad

Paulina and Stephanie arrive at Paulina’s office, which is trashed.

The door was locked and she had to use a key, so Steph wonders how they got in.

paulina's office is tossed

Paulina assumes it was Sloan but Steph’s not sure about that.

Steph says to call the cops but Paulina worries Lady Lawnmower will post some gossip piece about it which will make her look like a magnet for disaster.

Chad appears and questions what happened. They explain they found it this way.

Shawn turns up and agrees it’s a strange case. He wants forensics in there but she asks him to arrest Sloan Peterson.

shawn with paulina working on case

Back in Maryland, Hope disconnects from Steve and Harris collapses.

harris collapses Days recap


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