John is Startled Seeing Marlena, Kayla’s Shocked Bo’s Alive, and Ciara and Ben Celebrate her Pregnancy

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, March 24, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Ben and Ciara receive exciting news that she’s pregnant, and Rolf awakens Kayla to test out his newly finished serum as John finally lays eyes on Marlena.

In the last Days recap, Bo struggled to find his true self, Harris went through a risky treatment to help Hope, and Chad and Abe discussed moving on from loved ones that have died, while Paulina called Shawn to ask him to arrest Sloan for breaking into her office.

In Annapolis, Maryland Ben and Ciara look at baby Bo sleeping in their hotel room.

They’re back on land after 285 days at sea. She wants to go home to Salem.

Ben remembered Julie saying if they didn’t see their grandson, she’d be waterskiing to meet him.

Ben sighs. It won’t be the same without Dr. Evans being there.

ben and ciara with baby bo Days of our lives recaps

Ciara calls it terribly sad. They discuss Kayla and Kate and how unreal it is.

They missed the funerals and it’s making Ben wonder how it’s possible Dr. Evans is gone.

He never got closure. Ben doesn’t know how he’ll feel seeing her uncle Steve, John and her uncle Roman.

Ciara says they can just tell them how they feel, and that their hearts go out to them.

ben and ciara mourn marlena

Ben says he dreamed about Dr. Evans and trying to save her life.

She smiled at him and he knew she’d survive.

If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have her or baby Bo.

Ciara feels nauseous so Ben thinks she’s just hungry.

He tells her the menu has crabcakes and she runs to the washroom to throw up. “Was it something I said?”

Ciara pregnant

He asks. She returns and tells him she thinks she’s pregnant.

Her period was late. He races to get a pregnancy test and returns and she takes it. She holds it and tells him they’ve two minutes.

He’s nervous and happy. She looks at the test. She’s pregnant. They hug.

She needs to call Shawn to tell him they’re coming and will see if her mom will meet them in Salem.

She calls Shawn to see if they can visit. She misses him so much. 

ciara pregnant and happy

In Frederik, Maryland, Harris collapses.

Later, he’s in a hospital bed and awake. Hope tells him he collapsed. He’s grateful she stayed.

She says he scared her. He was so pale. He feels better.

harris hospital with hope

He wants to bring Megan down and says if it’ll give him his life back, it’ll be worth almost losing it.

He admits he’s not sure what to do with his life.

The Navy’s his life and doesn’t think they’ll take him back because of the brainwashing.

Hope might arrange it.

Harris says he does know he wants to spend more time with Hope.

hope wants to help harris get back on track

He knows he put her through hell and terrorized her family.

She wants to see him but needs to take it slow.

harris kisses hope

He kisses her and Ciaira bursts into the room demanding to know what the hell is going on.

ciara walks in on hope kissing harris

Back at the lab, Dr. Rolf looks over Marlena and Kayla’s tubes and wonders which woman will be his next guinea pig.

He giggles and plays Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Kayla’s his next subject.

He wakes her up from a strong sedative. He tells her he developed a new serum he thinks could win the Nobel Prize.

He needs her as a human trial.

rolf chooses kayla to test on

Kate was to be the first subject, but she destroyed the first batch and Megan eliminated her. Kayla gasps.

He tells her Kate’s now dead and Kayla might like the serum since it’s a fountain of youth.

He calls her very beautiful and desirable but he’ll make her nubile again.

If it doesn’t work, it won’t be pretty. Rolf admits that he made this batch better and his lab rat Skippy had great success with it.

He reveals that Kayla that Megan wants to recapture a lost love.

She knows Bo’s the love of her life and asks if it’s Bo. Rolf finds it hard not to admit it’s true but it’s written all over his face. “Oh God,” Kayla whispers.

kayla worries

Outside the pub, Steve calls John to meet at the airfield now.

Hope gave them a possible location on Megan.

steve calls john

Back in the lab, Megan drops the syringe on the counter and Bo tells her he is looking at Rolf’s notes on him which is thought-provoking.

Megan tells him not to focus on the past but on their future together.

She tries to take the file but he won’t give it up. She tells him to forget the file.

He asks if it’s an order but she denies it. 

megan and bo Days recaps

He reminds her she ordered him to kill and he thinks her agenda is sinister. She tries to call that a friendly suggestion. He tells her he’s leaving. He isn’t going to find what he’s looking for stuck there.

She says she gave him everything he could possibly want but he doesn’t know what he wants and he needs to find himself. “Such a cliche,” she says.

He yells not to mock him. She tells him she can’t let him leave.

She tells him about the serum that’ll make them recapture their past but he’s not interested.

She calls him an ingrate and then calms down and asks him to stay one more night.

He refuses so she tells him she has one last order for him. She picks up the syringe.

It’s a sedative she says but he doesn’t want it. She assures that once Rolf is finished, Bo will want her as much as she wants him.

bo wants to leave megan

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John and Steve get on the flight where Steve tells his friend that Hope got Harris to give up Megan’s location.

days plane

He recounts that Harris saw a nautical map and Hope sent him the coordinates.

There are about 30 islands in the location so John tells him to cross-reference them with any DiMera properties.

john and steve on a flight

Steve does that and it doesn’t look like Stefano bought anything in that region.

He eliminates a grouping that is hard to approach since they’re surrounded by rocky shore.

It would have to house a large facility and the islands are too small except for one.

A military base. It’s abandoned. It was active as a research facility in the 50s.

John says that’s the one. He goes to tell the pilot. 

john and steve on a plane

Steve and John arrive on the island guns at the ready. They see a building and go to it.

john and steve guns out

Back in the lab, Kayla reels over Bo being alive though Rolf refuses to say either way.

Kayla grabs Rolf’s hand and they struggle over the syringe and he falls, letting Kayla getaway.

rolf struggles with kayla

She goes one way while Steve and John arrive and Steve follows in her direction without having seen her.


John heads into the lab Kayla came from and finds the cylinders. He is astounded at what he sees. “Doc?”

john sees doc

In the other lab, Megan cries and Bo says what they had is gone and has been for years.

They struggle as she tries to inject him and she gets the injection and passes out.

megan and bo struggle syringe

Bo grabs a pack and takes off, running into Kayla.

“Oh my God. Bo!” She cries. Bo stares.

kayla sees brother bo brady alive


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