Kate Attempts to Talk Bo Out of Shooting her, John Hears Doc’s Voice, and Hope goes to Harris to help Stop Megan

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, March 20, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Megan orders a hit on Kate and Marlena and Kayla grill Dr. Rolf.

In the last Days recap, Kate had a shocking encounter with Bo Brady, who is on Megan’s side and Steve and John’s search lead them to an old friend in Hope Brady, while Paul and Andrew got reacquainted and had sex.

In the lab with the cylinders, Kayla and Marlena demand Rolf tell them who he kept alive for a decade.

He admits he doesn’t mind bragging and doesn’t think it could hurt to say so.

dr rolf stops kayla and kate from exiting the lab

Megan orders Bo to kill Kate who asks her to call him off. She’ll do what Megan wants and asks for a second chance.

Bo admits he doesn’t want to kill Kate. It could get messy. She doesn’t want blood all over the lab.

He offers to take it outside. Megan’s thrilled. “Kill her outside and leave her to rot.” She laughs and leaves the room and Bo ushers Kate out.

bo almost kills kate DAYS recaps

Once outside, Bo tells Kate this is a good place to die. Kate says this is not him. Not the Bo she knows. Bo says, “Is he a sweetheart of a guy?”

She says yes and he’s no stone-cold assassin. She asks him to think of Hope. He loved her.

Bo brushes her off and she hands him her wedding ring and asks him to give it back to Roman.

Bo says Roman thinks she’s dead so there’s no point in that. Besides, he doesn’t care about Roman. Kate reminds him of all of his children, listing them off, including Chelsea.

She knows Chelsea would be hurt and the rest of his kids and grandkids if they know what he was about to do.

Bo tells her to shut up and reminds her that his relationship with Chelsea was complicated because she’s responsible for Zack’s death. Kate knows and he forgave her.

She tells him that Chelsea and Max are happy in London, Belle and Shawn are happy and Ciara and Ben are sailing around the world, but Hope’s miserable missing him.

kate asks bo to remember hope's love Days recaps

Megan goes to Rolf and stops him from telling the women about Bo.

They’re upset to learn Kate’s going to die.

They leave the women alone to ponder what’s coming.

Marlena’s been trying to reach out to John and her family but she can’t.

dr rolf with marlena and kayla talk to megan about kate going to die DAYS recaps

Back in the lab, Megan orders Rolf to get to work at making a new serum.

They’ll use Kayla and Marlena to test it. She hands him the orchid, though he’s against this. He plucks a petal from the plant as she tells him to stop procrastinating.

She flashes back to July when Bo was in the cryo chamber and had just woken up, how happy she was.

bo in cryo chamber days of our lives recaps

“Bo my love, it’s me, Megan,” she had said, through tears. All Bo said was, “Where’s Hope?”

She laments that it’s all Bo could think about was her.

In August, Bo was locked in a room but yelled for Megan to let him out of there to find Hope.

At the time, she ordered him to cure himself of thinking about Hope. Rolf reminds her he did that.

rolf plucks a petal from the orchid days recaps march 20, 2023

“Yes, but it didn’t turn out as I expected,” she says, remembering August after Bo woke up from a procedure on his brain.

She showed him a photo of Hope and asked how it made him feel. He crumpled it and threw it away, making Megan happy.

It didn’t make Bo fall for Megan. She tells Rolf this serum better work to make Bo have romantic feelings for her. Rolf says he can’t create romantic feelings from nothing but she insists they’re just dormant.

megan and rolf talk about lost spark with bo DAYS

Rolf recalls back in November when he made no promises and she remembers asking him to use that orchid she read about in The Spectator.

She thought he could use it to reverse the aging process.

bo brady stole the orchid Days

She laughs as she remembers telling Bo to steal the orchid. When they’re young again, she knows Bo will love her.

She admits he’s never questioned why he had to steal the orchid. She flashes back to that in December.

Later, she flashes back to January when she read about the virus killing Marlena.

january marlena died Days

And then February when Bo found Marlena, Kate and Kayla asleep in the cylinders.

Megan caught him staring at Kayla and he questioned why they were there.

She told him they would help them get back the time they lost and live happily ever after. 

february when bo found kayla, kate and marlena days


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Back in Salem, Roman talks to Kate’s urn, wondering if he’ll hear from her again.

“Do I have to plot another murder?”

He wonders if he’s crazy and imagined it all. He closes the pub just as Steve and John arrive.

roman missing kate at the pub days recaps

They tell him about running into Hope at the warehouse and that Harris Michaels could lead them to Megan.

Roman doubts he’ll tell them a thing but John says he was brainwashed by Megan. It means they could reach him.

They were both brainwashed by Rolf and someone got through to them. Roman wonders if Harris really loved Hope. They’ll see…Roman has concerns for her safety.

They discuss how Roman feels he’s going crazy listening to her urn talk. Steve reminds his brother-in-law that he saw Kayla.

John’s the only one who hasn’t heard from Doc. The men leave and it’s very windy.

Roman thinks they’re in for a storm. He goes inside and puts Kate’s urn behind the bar.

On his walk, John hears Marlena’s voice telling him not to give up on her. He wonders if it’s real.

john and steve talk about megan brainwashing days

In an ISA Facility in Frederick, Maryland, Agent Rose meets Hope. “Welcome to ISA Cyops.”

She’s honored and gives Hope condolences on Bo’s death. Hope misses him daily. Commander Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) is inside the room behind her.

hope meets agent rose isa faclity in maryland Days recaps

They lock eyes and Agent Rose says he’s been uncooperative.

Sent three agents to the hospital and is resistant to treatment. Hope reads a file and asks to be let into the room.

Agent Rose is concerned about leaving her there alone. When Hope insists, Rose hands over a panic button. Hope goes in and Harris says it’s been a long time.

commander harris michaels Days of our lives recaps

After what he did to her family, he wonders why she’d want to see him. Hope says she got him help because he seemed to think he was brainwashed.

She asks why he is now against getting help. She thinks he’s under Megan’s control and is why he wouldn’t open up to Kimberly.

It’s why she only sees the real him when they’re alone. He tells Hope that what they had was a con.

harris tells hope it was a con, they were never in love days

She asks why Megan hired Thomas Banks. He calls it a backup plan. She yells, “Why am I still alive?”

He says he failed but Hope says she’s alive because of him. He felt something for her. “You still do.” She thinks it’s real. She admits there were moments she felt something for him.

She touches his arm and when she tries to kiss him, he grabs her by the neck. he could snap it but she knows he won’t.

They are both victims of Megan and she reveals Megan killed three of her friends. Harris asks why he should care.

She knows he was a good and honorable man before Megan brainwashed him and thinks he has a chance to get back what’s real.

Then he can help ensure Megan can’t hurt anyone else.

Later, Hope tells Rose that Harris agreed to another session with Dr. Brady Donovan and will be cooperative this time.

harris grabs hope by the throat days recaps


Back outside the compound, Bo says it was over between him and Hope a long time ago. Kate calls Bo a rebel and asks where that man is. Not this errand boy for Megan.

She doesn’t think he wants her dead but Bo says he does. She urges him then to pull the trigger.

kate asks if bo is megan's lapdog days

Inside the lab, Marlena and Kate hear a gunshot. “What was that?!” When Megan hears it, she’s happy that the deed is done and tells Rolf to get the serum finished.

Bo returns to Megan and tells her it’s done. She’s proud of him but he’s not happy. She gives him another order and he refuses. “I don’t take orders from you, Lady. It’s over!”

bo walks away from megan days

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