While Paulina and Chanel Celebrate Winning the Lawsuit, Sloan Loses Her Mind, and Nicole Offers to Get Gabi & Stefan Together

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Li tries to keep Stefan from Gabi; Chanel and Paulina score a victory over Sloan.

In the last Days recap, Megan ordered a hit on Kate and Marlena and Kayla grilled Dr. Rolf and John and Steve filled Roman in on the latest news with Hope going to see Commander Harris Michaels for help.

Paulina finds Chanel outside Sweet Bits, removing the help wanted sign.

She tells her mom she hired Talia.

Paulina says they can’t be spending money because of the frozen accounts.

chanel tells paulinaa hired someone Days recaps

Chanel needs help at the bakery so Paulina suggests she make her an unpaid intern. It’ll be a while until things are looking up.

Belle’s a lawyer, not a miracle worker. They hate the neverending war with Sloan.

Paulina gets a call from Belle that upsets her. “Lord, oh Lord,” she says, and reveals Belle got the case thrown out!

They’re thrilled and hug, then wonder how Sloan’s doing.

paulina is grateful they keep sweet bits

Jada and Talia eat muffins at the Brady pub.

Talia thinks it’s missing brown sugar but the rest is great. Jada tells her she needs her own room soon.

Talia mocks. Why not? It’s not like she’s sharing it with someone else.

Jada takes offense but her sister was only joking. Besides, she’s not with anyone.

talia at the pub

Rafe arrives at the DiMera mansion with papers to drop charges against Brady and Eric, though he disagrees with him doing so.

Rafe hopes Stefan hasn’t given up on getting is sister away from Li.

Stefan would never give up on Gabi and plans on blowing that son-of-a-bitch out of the water.

stefan with rafe dimera mansion

Gabi finds Li on a call with Mr. Saxton from Saxtons, getting a meeting set up for Gabi.

She’s a little put out that she didn’t even say she wanted the meeting, but she has no conviction.

Li offers to decline the meeting for her but she doesn’t like how that’d look. He’s glad.

He drops his towel, saying he’s going to get ready, giving her an eyeful.

She barks at him about it and goes to dress while her phone rings. Li gets it. “Hullo Stefan,” he drawls with a grin.

He tells Stefan to stay away from his wife. Gabi reappears, dressed and is not happy he took a call from Stefan.

He apologizes and they take off for the meeting.

li calls mr saxton for gabi

Eric and Sloan make out in bed and he gets an alert. He’s looking for photography jobs.

She doesn’t look happy and tells him he should work for himself.

Open a gallery. She looked through his photos and thinks it’d be easy to build a gallery.

He’s talented.

He asks where he’d find the money. She says, “Sweet Bits.”

sloan and eric make out bed

When she wins her case against Paulina, the space will be used for his gallery.

She offers to be an investor, too. Eric kind of likes the idea.

They make out until a call comes in. Sloan’s visibly upset.

She gets out of bed and tosses the whole room until Eric grabs her and holds her.

She yells that this was the last shot to get justice for her mother. Eric’s sorry. He embraces her.

Later, when he’s alone, he looks at photos he’s taken of scenery and sees one of Nicole.

sloan upset lawsuit didn't go her way


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EJ and Nicole make out in his bed at DiMera mansion.

EJ tells her he’s still committed to taking Stefan down, though his brother doesn’t know.

Nicole sighs, surprised he formed an ally with Li Shin.

He says the man cooked up a distraction for Gabi that she might fall for.

ej and nicole in bed sex days

EJ tells Nicole that Gabi will get his DiMera shares that their contract has a fidelity clause. Nicole’s shocked.

EJ wants to take advantage of it. Nicole calls it risky.

Nicole and EJ arrive at the living room where Stefan has thrown his phone in anger after Li disconnects on him.

He tells them about the call and Nicole says Saxons may be partnering with Gabi on a new fashion line.

They start discussing Li’s fidelity cause and Stefan asks how his brother knows about that. EJ covers.

Stefan complains about not being able to see Gabi so Nicole offers to act as a go-between and get them together. Stefan’s grateful. 

ej nicole and stefan


They drink to flying solo. They both admit they had recent breakups.

When Talia asks if there’s someone new, Jada clears her throat when Rafe arrives.

jada and talia sisters drinking

Talia says she’s got to get to work at Sweet Bits, which upsets Jada.

“What’s going on, T?” She asks why she’d work as a baker when it’s not her chosen field. Rafe questions her.

Jada says her sister is a doctor. She got her degree at Stanford and was in the top 5% of her class.

Talia says being a doctor was their father’s idea. Not hers.

She gets upset and tells them she needs to go.

rafe surprised talia a doctor

Jada’s bitter that she pursued her dream to become a doctor and now is baking.

Jada knows she can’t set her sister straight.

Rafe gets it. Dario and Gabi have made mistakes despite his excellent advice.

They joke about being ignored and disrespected by their siblings but they’ll never stop trying to help them from themselves. 

rafe and jada at the pub on days of our lives recaps

Talia meets Paulina outside Sweet Bits. They learn she’s Jada’s sister. Paulina says she knows of her. Her partner arrested her once.

Sloan arrives and says she should be in jail. Both of them.

Paulina starts yelling at her to get a  new hobby and Sloan comes up with an idea.

“Maybe I don’t need the court to get my revenge.” She walks away, smiling.

sloan has another idea to ruin paulina

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