With Steve, Tony & Anna’s Help, John Identifies the Orchid Thief, While Kate, Kayla and Marlena Wake Up in Megan’s Secret Laboratory

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, February 24, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Paulina’s heavenly conversation with Kate gets cut short, John and Steve work with Tony and Anna to figure out who the orchid thief is and Jake uses Julie’s name to convince Nick to let the ladies leave.  

In the last Days recap, Sloan dumped Eric when she realized how he freed Dr. Rolf, who started working on fully deprogramming Stefan, while EJ and Nicole realized Stefan was drugging EJ.

Tony sits reading The Spectator in the DiMera living room when Anna comes in behind him and grabs the front section of the newspaper from him.

tony reads newspaper Days of our Lives recaps

Anna says she left him the sports section and Tony cracks that he’s going to go down to the schoolyard and shoot hoops with the bros, but Anna isn’t listening.

Anna looks through the paper for some mention of the death of Orpheus but can’t find it.

Tony asks why she thinks Orpheus is dead

anna looks for orpheus obituary Days of our Lives recaps


Paulina sits down at the bar of the Brady Pub. Roman pours her a cup of coffee and says business has been slow.

Paulina says people are thinking of Roman and praying for him during this difficult time.

She also wants to find out whether he and John and Steve went through with their plan to kill Orpheus.

roman and paulina talk about orpheus Days of our Lives recaps

When Roman asks how Paulina knows about that, she admits she overheard Anna talking about it.

Paulina worries that John, Roman and Steve will be in trouble, but Roman assures her they didn’t go through with their plan to off Orpheus.

Paulina is relieved because that’s not what Kate would have wanted.

Roman says he knows because Kate told him the same thing.

Paulina thinks Kate told Roman this on her deathbed, but Roman says the message came from Kate’s urn and sets the vessel on the bar in front of Paulina.

Just then, Roman gets word of a delivery out back, so he leaves Paulina looking uneasily at Kate’s urn.

“My, oh my Lord. Just when I thought life in Salem couldn’t get any stranger,” she says to herself.

paulina sees kate urn days recaps

John stands over Marlena’s grave when Steve walks up to him.

John thought if he was close to Marlena, he might be able to make sense of what Orpheus told them – that a DiMera was the orchid thief.

John says they need to find that son of a bitch and make them pay!

marlena's gravestone Days of our Lives recaps

Steve thinks this is just another one of Orpheus’s mind games, but John’s gut tells him the villain is telling the truth.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” Steve says.

John thinks it would make sense for a DiMera to be involved and he knows just where they need to start looking.

john and steve at marlena's grave Days of our Lives recaps

Kate is sipping a martini in Heaven while Kayla enjoys some ambrosia for breakfast and Marlena digs into a bowl of muesli. 

Kayla says the dessert is out of this world and Kate asks if she heard that old joke from Methuselah.

Marlena says Kate is usually in a good mood when there’s an open bar. 

Kayla tells Kate to lighten up for the love of God – literally.

kate drinks martini with kayla and marlena greata beyond Days of our Lives recaps

Kate can’t believe that neither of her friends are curious about Jake saying all three women are still alive.

Marlena says she and Kayla don’t believe Jake because, after their encounters with fake Jordan, fake Susan, and fake Adrienne, they’re not sure Jake is really Jake and not just another illusion conjured by the Devil.

“If this isn’t Earth,” Marlena says, “how can we still be alive?”

Kate admits she doesn’t have an answer to that, but she’s going to cling to the hope that what Jake said is true.

Marlena says they’ve got a bigger problem. What if John, Roman and Steve really killed Orpheus?

Kate thinks their husbands came to their senses in the nick of time. Marlena suggests trying to connect to John, but Kayla thinks Kate should try to reach Roman again since it worked last time.

kate considers talking to roman again in heaven Days recaps

Jake wanders through Hell, where he finds Nick playing a video game.

Jake says these games are a gateway to aggression and violence.

“Literally, that’s why Satan invented them,” Nick replies.

Jake tells Nick he made a mistake – he needs to send Kate, Kayla and Marlena back to Earth.

Nick says it’s a hard no on that and goes back to his game.

nick talks to jake hell DAYS recap

Jake reminds Nick that the women are still alive, and the Devil knows it.

Nick says it’s a technicality because all three of them will be sent to Hell and there’s nothing Jake can do about it.

Jake says there are rules, but Nick says not so “down here.”

Besides, Will Horton helped ruin his life, so it makes Nick happy to see Will mourning the women.

nick plays video games hell days of our lives recaps

Nick reminds Jake that Heaven made a mistake when the grabbed Bo Brady before he was dead. Jake points out that was corrected, so he wants the same for the women.

Jake invokes Julie’s name to a surprised Nick. Jake says Julie never gave up on him and still says a nightly prayer for his soul.

Nick is affected but waves it off as Julie being sentimental. Jake wonders what Julie will think when she comes to Heaven and learns Nick was still a nasty little man in the afterlife.

Nick is clearly affected by this but says he really is a bad person. Jake recounts what he read in Nick’s file about his rape and the downward spiral his life took.

Jake tells Nick it’s not too late. He can do a good thing by helping Kate, Kayla and Marlena.

“Do it for Julie,” Jake says.

nick thinks about julie who jake says lights a candle for him days recaps


Later, when Tony returns to the DiMera living room, Anna is looking at her phone. He asks if she’s looking for news of Orpheus.

Anna admits there’s nothing. Tony wonders if she’s taken her wishful thinking and turned it into a full-blown delusion.

Anna surprises Tony when she says she knows for a fact Orpheus was scheduled to be murdered at Statesville Prison.

Anna says Roman told her and since she hasn’t heard from him, Orpheus must be dead.

tony and anna talk about orpheus possible death days recaps

When Tony makes light of Kate speaking to Roman through an urn, Anna cautions him.

“Don’t you dare start making fun of urns,” Anna says. “You know how I feel about that.”

She knows Tony thinks he’s so droll and most of what he says goes over Anna’s head, but it’s not true.

“Well, I don’t think someone whose twin brother came back from the dead twice has any business scoffing at talking urns,” Anna tells him.

Anna goes to call the Brady Pub to see if Roman talked John and Steve out of killing Orpheus.

john and steve tell anna and tony they never killed orpheus days recaps

Just then, John and Steve walk into the room. They announce Orpheus is alive and they’re here to find out which DiMera stole the orchid.

John assures them that he and Steve don’t think they had anything to do with it. Steve says they know it was an act of revenge, which kind of runs in the DiMera family.

John asks for Tony’s help in figuring out which DiMera is the orchid thief, but Tony thinks Orpheus is just toying with them. John says again that he believes he’s telling the truth.

Tony says he doesn’t want to help them. Steve says that’s fine, but he and John are not leaving.

John says if Tony doesn’t help them, he’ll tear “this mausoleum you call home” right down to its foundations.

john and steve want answers from anna tony days of our lives recaps

In Heaven, Kate calls out to Roman.

At the same time, Paulina is leaving the Pub when Kate’s voice comes through the urn, pleading to talk to Roman.

A flabbergasted Paulina tells the urn that Roman stepped out, but she can take a message.

Kate recognizes Paulina’s voice and asks if the men went through with killing Orpheus.

The women are relieved when Paulina says Orpheus is still alive.

kate talks through her urn to paulina Days recaps

When Kate tells Paulina that she, Kayla and Marlena are still alive, Nick walks into Heaven and zaps the connection.

He says calls to Earth are not allowed.

Then Jake walks in and asks when the women are going to be allowed to go back to Earth.

Nick admits there was a “small slip-up,” and their souls were harvested prematurely.

The women are overjoyed when Nick says they will be sent back to Earth, but they won’t remember any of their time in the afterlife.

nick lets ladies go home from heaven days of our lives recaps

Nick cautions them that there are risks and he can’t guarantee their return to Earth will be successful.

The women confer and agree they all want to try to go home.

Jake points them in the direction of the exit, telling them when they walk through, their souls will re-enter their bodies.

kate kayla marlena and nick in heaven days of our lives

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As they leave, Nick says all’s well that ends well. Jake says this is a new beginning for the women.

Jake prays that they find their way back to their bodies and back to their families in Salem. 

Nick agrees and admits what Jake said got to him.

He says Jake was a worthy opponent and hopes the women don’t wake up to a fate worse than death.

jake lets kate kayla and marlena leave great beyond days recaps

Paulina is tapping on the urn trying to connect to Kate when Roman walks back into the pub.

Paulina tells Roman she was communicating with Kate, who had something important to tell Roman, but the line went down.

Roman tries to calm down Paulina, who is shocked and upset by her experience with a voice from the afterlife.

roman talks to paulina about kate contacting her from afterlife days recaps

Paulina takes a deep breath and recounts her conversation with Kate and that she told her Orpheus is still alive.

Paulina apologizes for not getting Kate’s full message but hopes Kate can now rest in peace.

Roman says he won’t rest until he finds out who did Kate in by stealing the orchid.

Roman tells Paulina that John and Steve are trying to figure out which DiMera stole the orchid.

paulina tells roman kate contacted her afterlife days recaps soapsspoilers

John and Steve return the DiMera living room after searching the mansion with Anna and Tony.

Steve thinks only EJ would have a motive to make sure the women didn’t get the serum from the orchid, but they just trashed his room and found nothing.

They speculate on EJ being the orchid thief and remember how Kate let him take the fall for Sami’s kidnapping.

John doesn’t think EJ would take Kate, Kayla and Marlena from his kids.

The group quickly rules out Johnny and Chad.

Steve brings up Stefan and what he did to Abigail as evidence the guy is sleazy, but Anna thinks Stefan has changed his ways since he died and was resurrected.

anna and tony dimera mansion DAYS recaps

John asks what other DiMeras are floating around out there.

They all agree Sydney, Theo and Benji’s son Steven couldn’t have done it.

“I know!” Anna shouts. “Peter Blake! He’s as lethal as he is dreamy.”

John doesn’t think Peter has a motive to kill the women.

Tony says they’ve run out of DiMeras unless someone has resurrected Stefano or Andre.

John and Steve exchange a look and Steve points out there’s one DiMera they haven’t talked about yet.

Tony demands to know who they’re talking about. Who is this new relation?

john steve tony and anna try to figure out who took the orchid days recaps

“This one isn’t new,” John says. “She’s been around for a while.”

As John speaks, Megan Hathaway walks into her secret laboratory where Kate, Kayla and Marlena are being kept in DiMera Enterprises’ cryogenic chambers.

megan hathaway days of our lives recaps

As Megan looks at each woman, they open their eyes.

“Well, finally,” Megan says. “The three sleeping beauties are awake.”

kayla kate and marlena awake cryogenic chamber days recaps

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