Days of Our Lives Spoilers March 13 – 17: Andrew and Paul Have Sex, Shawn and Belle Kiss and Bo’s Working With Megan

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, March 13 to Friday, March 17, 2023.

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Days of our Lives renewed for two more seasons!

Congratulations to Days of our Lives for being picked up for two more years by Peacock. This renewal is going to take the soap through it’s 60th season.

Great news for all Days fans. And in fact, the show has been consistently a top ten title since it moved there from NBC in 2021. 

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EJ and Nicole have to concoct a new scheme, Johnny tries to do the right thing, and John visits Paul.

Monday, March 13

Monday’s Days of our Lives recap for March 13 below!

Tripp tells Wendy about the stunt Johnny pulled and she’s furious.

With Wendy’s help, Johnny discovers that EJ lied to him about the drugs found in his office.

Tripp says he impersonated Tripp by “borrowing” Tripp’s ID badge at the hospital for a few minutes and stole lab results because he and his family always think they’re above the rules.

Wendy and Tripp get closer after she kicks Johnny out.

Li turns on the charm with Gabi.

Gabi finds Li annoying when he pulls all the stops to flirt.

Gabi not happy to dine with alex Days of our lives recap march 13, 2023

He reminds her of the night they had sex the entire night after two bottles of vino.

Li knows Tripp might be struggling to pay for bills and offers to give him money to trade his room for the sofa.

li and gabi arrive home after date Days recaps March 10,2023

Mr. Wen Shin visits the DiMera house.

EJ flashes back to playing musical glasses with the drugged martini glass.

musical martinis Days recaps

EJ and Nicole’s scheme falls apart when EJ gets the wrong martini and is drugged.

EJ tries to talk with Wen but the drug in his system makes him hot and confused.

EJ tries to cover up for the way he’s feeling but Nicole starts to worry. She thinks he’s insulting Shin.

EJ sweats and didn’t mean to insult Shin, making Nicole think that EJ got the drugged martini.

Stefan plays musical drinks with EJ during coffee while Stefan shows Wen the family art. Peacockej drugged DAYS recaps

EJ gets the wrong coffee once again and is drugged. Nicole tries to get EJ to leave the room with her and when Johnny arrives home, EJ has embarrassed himself.

He shoves Stefan and Nicole covers, saying that EJ was up working last night. “I switched it, I know it,” EJ whispers to Nicole, who with Johnny’s help, gets EJ up the stairs.

ej drugged with son days of our lives recaps

Johnny and Nicole get EJ into his room. Johnny reveals to his father he had the drug tested and thinks it’s his fault that Stefan drugged his father.

EJ thinks he’s ruined.

ej thinks he's ruined DAYS recaps

Gwen and Alex drink together at Small Bar and share their miseries.

Alex flirts with Gwen while chewing his glasses. They get loaded.

Alex is upset that Maggie got the CEO job instead of him, making Gwen wonder if he doesn’t like strong women.

He loves strong women but wanted his plans to be laid out for the future of CEO.

He tells her his uncle Vic learned about his sexual exploits and put an end to it. Gwen laughs her head off, knowing it was thanks to Lady Whistleblower.

alex glasses DAYS recaps

Gwen doesn’t have an issue with Alex romping with two beautiful women at once. 

Maggie and Xander discuss how Gwen’s so angry he’s not sure they have a relationship anymore.

Maggie councils Xander who complains about his job.

Maggie offers Xander a job at Titan, taking over for Alex.

maggie ceo titan Days of our lives recap march 13, 2023

Xander’s grateful to Maggie.

xander texts gwen days recaps

As Xander texts Gwen, sorry today was so hard and she reads his text while she and Alex are having drinks at Salem Inn and they have sex.

gwen and alex sex salem inn days recaps

Tuesday, March 14

Tuesday’s Days of our Lives recap:

Xander finds Leo asleep at the Spectator offices. He explains that he was giving him and Gwen privacy. 

Leo’s shocked at how Xander didn’t let Gwen down gently and wonders why she had a do not disturb sign on the door.

Gwen and Alex wake up in bed after a night of drunken sex.

gwen and alex sex days of our lives recaps march 14, 2023

Gwen can’t immediately recall sex with Alex and is horrified he’s in her bed until she realizes what happened.

Gwen and Alex decide to have sex again.

Leo is shocked by what he sees when he gets home. Alex butt naked.

leo sees alex half nude days of our lives recaps march 14, 2023

Sloan learns Trask is piling on the charges for Eric, including attempted murder of Stefan, though Eric wasn’t even in the room when Stefan was being zapped.

EJ has a hangover from the drugs and Nicole makes his meemaw’s special blend that almost makes him ill.

EJ and Nicole need a new plan to deal with Stefan.

Johnny confronts Stefan after learning he’s angling to get EJ fired as CEO.ej can't drink the hangover cure Days recaps march 14

Johnny learns that Stefan started the drugging of EJ, because he holds a grudge against EJ.

Brady and Belle have breakfast and he wants her to forgive Brady but when she learns “that horrible heartless bitch” Sloan is taking Eric’s case, she’s unhappy.

belle petulant about eric DAYS recaps

Belle and Sloan join forces to help Eric and Brady.

Stefan faces Sloan and Belle. He wants blood and they remind him the experiment was a success and he’s back to his normal self.

Stefan says it was done without his consent but he decides to drop the charges. 

sloan and belle work together DAYS recaps

Gwen rubs it in at work to Xander that she didn’t spend the night crying, that she had sex with Alex.

xander shocked gwen sex alex Days recaps

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Wednesday, March 15

Wednesday’s Days recap!

EJ and Stefan put their cards out on the table.

Stefan admits he lied all along and never forgave EJ.

Stefan says Vivan told him all about their father.

stefan and ej talk about what stefano would and wouldn't have done in business on days

EJ says Stefano would have understood what he did to Stefan. 

EJ argues that Stefano was all about family. Abigail’s name comes up.

Stefan says he’s not proud of what happened between him and Abigail. 

Stefan reveals to EJ he wants him and Gabi to run DiMera Enterprises, but they decide instead to join forces once again.

stefan dimera and ej dimera join forces but both are lying to each other days recaps

As soon as Stefan’s back is turned, EJ tells himself his brother won’t see what he has in store for him coming. He wasn’t taught by the best. He raises his glass to Stefano’s portrait.

Li tells Gabi that his friend at Saxtons is dying for her to pitch him. She panics. That’s a lot of work. She doesn’t even have a name. Li suggests Haus of Shin or Gabriella Shin Unlimited. 

Gabi thinks Li only wants to distract her from Stefan but Li says he can’t give her Gabi Shin back but he can help her reclaim herself as a designer.

Johnny tries to do what’s right but Li calls him a bad influence on his sister. 

Gabi thinks it’s ridiculous that Li is judging Johnny after all he’s done.

Appealing to Gabi’s ambitions helps Li make a little progress with her.

Li presents Gabi with papers. He thinks she should take over designing for Saxtons Department Store.

li offers gabi to buy saxtons department store on days of our lives

Gwen tells Xander she spent all last night shagging Alex Kiriakis.

He thinks she’s lying, and she assumes that means he thinks he’s God’s gift. He’s aghast when he realizes shes’ right.

Gwen and Xandy argue about her sleeping with Alex and he thinks Alex used her.

She mocks Xander. What should she do? Cry? She tells him to go and let her run Spectator.

gwen and xander arguing at the spectator on days

Tripp and Wendy eat together and she brushes away some food on his face as Johnny watches.

Johnny again apologizes to Tripp for messing up by using his medical ID.

Alex calls Leo “Lady blow my whistle.” Leo, “It’s Lady Whistleblower unless you’re extending an invitation.”

Alex tells Leo that will happen when pigs fly.

Leo is attacked by Alex, verbally, for telling Victor about his threesome, which cost him his job.

Both Leo and Alex were surprised Victor made Maggie CEO. 

Leo says, “I thought that Maggie Horton Kiriakis’ skillsets were baking cookies and butting into other people’s business.”

leo offers himself to alex at Salem inn on days of our lives

Leo thinks Gwen should try to make Xander jealous. 

Stefan finds Gabi at home and plants a passionate kiss on her.

He tells her that EJ wants to declare a truce and both him and Gabi think it sounds like “a bunch of crap.”

gabi kisses stefan at home when li isn't there on days

EJ summons Li to the DiMera mansion to form an alliance to help him deal with his wife and ensure they stay married. 

EJ wants Gabi’s grubby hands off his family fortune and his brother.

li summoned to work with EJ dimera at the dimera mansion on days

Thursday, March 16

Days recap: Bo Brady returns

Roman tries making peace with Lucas.

Marlena and Kayla start to worry when they notice Kate is missing.

John visits Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) in San Francisco.

Steve turns to Andrew Donovan (Colton Little) for help.

Megan’s hideaway has a surprise guest. Bo Brady.

John and Steve find Megan’s warehouse.

marlena and kayla kept by megan days recaps

Friday, March 17

Friday’s Days recap: Bo isn’t who he seems

While trying to escape, Marlena and Kayla bump into a familiar face. Dr. Rolf.

Marlena and Kayla demand to know who Rolf had in the standing cylinder. 

Steve and John’s search leads them to Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso).

Kate is shocked by who she encounters.

Andrew and Paul talk about their relationship.

Andrew and Paul have sex.

Steve and John get help from Hope who calls Andrew to get a hold of Harris.

Take a look at the Days March 20 – 24 spoilers.

bo wakes megan up days of our lives

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