General Hospital Spoilers March 20 – 24: Laura Gets Rid of Victor and Ashby’s in the Hot Seat

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, March 20 to Friday, March 24, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

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Coming up on GH includes Maxie making Cody an offer, Esme remaining skeptical, Lucy getting bold, and Laura having an unwelcome guest.

In the weekly spoiler video, Dex may have to expose himself to pay back his debt to Sonny, but what happens if Michael catches him with Joss?

And catch what comes first in the General Hospital Spoilers for March 13 – 17.

Monday, March 20

Valentin and Anna disagree.

Lucy makes a bold move.

Sonny makes a tough decision.

Willow issues a request.

Michael opens up to Brook Lynn.

michael listens willow GH recaps Friday March 10, 2023

Tuesday, March 21

Tuesday’s GH recap: Chase tells BLQ he misses her

Chase takes Willow’s advice.

BLQ tries to write a song about regret.

Chase goes to BLQ and tells her he misses her.

Maxie agrees to help a friend. Lucy.

Anna finds Lucy and tells her she can work with Maxie. But not in Port Charles.

Drew offers his expertise to Valentin to take Victor down.

Dante voices his concern to Sonny.

Michael makes a shocking discovery. Joss is dating Dex.

anna sorry

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Wednesday, March 22

Wednesday’s GH recap: BLQ confesses and Chase walks out

Liz is on pins and needles.

Nina questions Jordan.

Trina and Curtis have an awkward run-in.

Curtis tells Portia again that they can’t get back what they had.

Trina goes to Spencer to see if the baby’s settling in.

Spencer explains things with Esme didn’t go well. 

Trina’s shocked to see Esme with Spencer and Laura and Ace.

Esme weighs her options.

Brook Lynn comes clean.

Chase yells at BLQ.

finn liz wait for news

Thursday, March 23

Thursday’s GH recap: Curtis and Jordan almost kiss

Maxie makes Cody an offer.

Cody decides to join Magic Milo and the Magic Wands. 

Sasha surprises Gladys.

Alexis is shaken.

Marshall encourages Portia.

Spencer reassures Trina.

gladys and sasha dining the grill GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Friday, March 24

Friday’s GH recap – Esme takes off

Esme is skeptical when Laura says she wants to trust her.

Esme tries to run and runs into Cam.

Sonny doesn’t mince words when it comes to Joss or Miss Wu.

Spencer mulls over his strategy.

Spencer gets rid of Victor when he visits.

Victor is happy to get the “ice princess” and Ashby worries when he gets out a loupe to check if it’s real.

Laura receives an unwelcome visitor. Victor.

Cam runs into Joss. They decide to be friends.

Cam puts Dex on notice.

esme and ace


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