Leo Eavesdrops on Chloe’s Fight With Kristen and Double Crosses Her After Promising Not to Print the Gossip, While Brady Blackmails Kristen

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Paulina receives an unpleasant surprise and Xander and Alex come to blows over Gwen.

In the last Days recap, Li tried to keep Stefan from Gabi; Chanel and Paulina score a victory over Sloan.

Leo rushes Xander in the square and grabs his coffee and drinks. Xander turns up his nose at Leo who starts to gloat about how well his column is doing and how many sources he has.

He wonders what to call his groupies. Little Ladies? Little Blowies? He winks.

“Spare me,” Xandy says but he’s glad that things are looking up.

They talk about Leo being kept up all night by Gwen having sex and Xander doesn’t like that.

He had to sleep on the sofa in the lobby. Xander blows a gasket. He warned Alex to stay clear of Gwen.

Leo says he can’t make two single hot people get together and besides, he had his chance.

xander jealous when leo tells him gwen is with alex

In her room at Salem Inn, Gwen and Alex have sex.

He thinks she’s incredible and she likes that trick he did with his tongue at 2 AM.

He goes under the covers. “You mean this trick?” She laughs.

alex and gwen sex in her bed salem inn

Brady visits Maggie with flowers at Titan. He’s happy Victor put her in charge but surprised he passed over Alex.

Still, the company is in good hands. She thanks him. They trash talk Kristen and how she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. To keep him and Chloe apart.

maggie flowers from brady at titan

Chad brings Stephanie breakfast in bed at the Horton house since it’s the first night she slept over.

They kiss and he thanks her for forgiving him for opening his big mouth to Leo.

He shouldn’t have brought up her mother to someone like Leo. Steph shouldn’t have been so hard on him and apologizes.

He kisses her and says at least they got to make up all night.

chad and stephanie in his bed at horton household

Chloe leaves her room at Salem Inn and gets a call from Kristen.

They discuss Stefan being reprogrammed and Chloe starts to get pissed at Kristen for this but decides she’s not worth it and yells, “Go to hell,” into the phone.

Kristen tells her not to hang up.

kristen rants at chloe to stay away from her brady

She needs to hear something. “You stay the hell away from Brady.” Chloe calls who she’s dating none of Kristen’s business.

She’d never do anything to hurt Rachel.

Leo appears and eavesdrops as she tells Kristen that Rachel is a little monster and if she and Brady aren’t careful, she’ll grow up to be just as deranged as her mother.

chloe on call with kristen dimera

Leo laughs to himself. Kristen yells at her for calling a little kid a monster and Chloe apologizes.

She lost her temper. Kristen loses her damn mind yelling at Chloe for how she’s acting and Chloe hangs up on her.

Leo approaches and he’s jotting down notes. It’s clear that Chloe hates the girl for ruining her relationship.

Chloe begs him not to print that but he’s giddy with excitement.

leo eavesdrops on chloe

Paulina hugs Abe at Brady’s pub. He ordered for them and she wants a huge breakfast on her because Belle got the whole case dismissed and her assets aren’t frozen.

They chuckle together. Stephanie and Chad are summoned and they discuss putting out a press release.

The women take off and the men talk about moving on after the love of their life. Abe didn’t think he’d move on after Chad’s sister but Paulina makes him happy. They agree they’re lucky old dogs.

abe and paulina enjoy breakfast

Alex and Gwen leave the Salem Inn and make out. They should do this again.

Xander approaches and calls her out for letting Salem’s notorious man slut into her bed. He asks what his sloppy seconds are like.

Alex and Gwen are disgusted with his behavior and Gwen wants to walk away but Xander keeps hurling insults so Ben shoves him.

Xander hauls off and beats on Alex.

alex kisses gwen goodbye

Gwen breaks things up fast but Alex has a shiner before Gwen forces him to go to work. He kisses Gwen before telling her he’ll call her later.

“This isn’t over,” he says to Xander who offers to even up that face of his.

Gwen yells at Xander who made it clear he doesn’t want him. Xandy says that “the playboy” isn’t good enough for her.

She gets it. His precious Sarah isn’t here so he’s settling for his “what did you call it? Sloppy seconds.”

She’s near tears when she tells him it’s fine if he doesn’t want a future with her but she won’t let his neanderthal antics into her life.

What she does with Alex is none of his business. She tells him to leave them alone.

gwen breaks up alex and xander fight

Brady arrives at Statesville to see Kristen. She thinks he’s there to tell her off for her spat with Chloe. He hasn’t heard about it.

That’s not why he’s there. Kristen starts babbling about what Chloe did and Brady tells her to save it.

Kristen calls Chloe names and Brady’s not sure why he tries with her. He has a picture for her from Rachel’s art class but before she gets it he wants her to write a letter to Rachel to tell her she’s fine with Daddy and Chloe being together.

If not, she won’t see Rachel ever again. She balks at first but agrees to it.

brady blackmails kristen

Chloe follows Leo back to his room at Salem Inn. He’s been finishing up his column. She asks him not to print it.

It’s one-sided and taken out of context. She’s desperate. He finds that interesting. “How desperate?”

She hands over some bills and he acts shocked. He’s not interested in cash but he likes Basic Black’s new mens’ line.

He wants one of everything in a medium.

She doesn’t work there anymore but will call Nicole. She yells, “Fine!” as she storms off.

chloe vs leo

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Chloe calls Nicole about the menswear for Leo from Horton square and then runs into Xander who is nursing a painful hand. She asks what happened and he tells her “my cousin Alex smashed his smug, pointy little face into my hand.”

He’s sleeping with his ex. Chloe’s annoyed that he’s fighting over Gwen. She starts in on Leo and she tells him he blackmailed her.

Xander asks what he’s holding over her.

She worries he’ll use it against her. He won’t.

chloe and xander at salem inn

She admits Leo overheard her say something about Brady’s daughter and he’s threatening to publish it unless she gives him thousands of dollars of Basic Black merchandise.

Nicole calls and tells Chloe that Leo got his delivery. Chloe thanks her friend profusely. 

While they talk, Xander’s online and tells her that Leo posted his column about what she said after all.

Chloe freaks out. Xander says to tell Brady it’s all lies. Chloe cries that she can’t.

She really said all of that. She sobs in his arms. Brady will dump her for sure.

xander hugs chloe as she cries


Alex arrives at Titan and Maggie’s in a state seeing Alex’s shiner and blood on his shirt.

She says he can’t go to the meeting with her.

When she returns, they’ll talk about his future.

maggie won't let alex work with a shiner

Later, Gwen appears to see how Alex is doing.

He tells her Maggie’s fed up with him as it is. Gwen blames herself but he says it’s on him. He started the fight. 

Gwen thinks they should call it quits. He refuses. A bump on the head won’t scare him off.

Gwen agrees to keep seeing each other. They kiss.

gwen and alex canoodle titan

Outside Paulina’s office, the women talk about Chad lighting up Stephanie’s days and nights.

Steph admits he is. They cackle.

stephanie and paulina talk about the men in their lives

Everything is coming up roses.

They walk into the office shocked to see it’s been tossed. 

paulina's office in a shambles days of our lives recaps march 22, 2023


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